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Dr. Jolene Church

437 Autumn Gold Drive, Chico, CA, USA

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Hi! I’m Dr. Jolene Church. If you are ready to achieve results, you have come to the right place. With more than 20 years experience helping transform the lives of individuals and helping transform underperforming businesses, I help in the creation and realization of turning impossible into possible.

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4 customer reviews

11 October 2021

Dr. Church is an amazing coach. Jolene was able to provide me with the tools and incredible insight on discovering my authentic professional passion.

30 September 2021

Working with Church was truly awarding. I had been concerned that her being in a different state would interfere w/her assisting me. I am thankfully it didn’t. She took her time breaking things down to me & I really appreciated all of the effort she took to make certain all of my questions & concerns were addressed in a timely manner. I’d highly recommend her as a coach & a mentor More...

30 September 2021

Dr. Jolene Church and I met three years ago, rather by chance. A trip to the bank and the irresistible pull of the bookstore across the street set the scene for our paths to cross. A moment in time I will forever be greatful for. Just wanting to stroll the isle, I walked right into Dr. Jolene Church's book signing. (HOW TO WRITE AND PUBLISH A BOOK IN 30 DAYS/first addition) Naturally, I had to check it out. Within moments Dr. Jolene Church went from telling her story to inquiring about mine. She was there to promote her book, yet, she turned her full attention to me. Upon learning that I was writing novels, fourteen years and counting, she asked me if I was self-published or traditionally. When I informed her that all my books were collecting dust on my shelves at home and had never been seen by anyone, she gave me 'That Look', and asked me why? A long while later I went home with an entirely new attitude, and a signed copy of her book. It's sitting, next to all her other works, on my desk and I read the inscription every day before I begin my work. "Claudia Kohl - I am so looking forward to reading your soon to release book! #makeithappen - You Got This! - Dr. Church - (Heart) For three years now I have known that my dream can become reality. Hard work, lots of learning, countless revisions, and I'm only steps away from a different answer to her question. "You'll find my books in the Paranormal Romance section, next to..." What has Dr. Jolene Church done for me? She has done what she does best. She inspired me. She believed in me when I didn't. She believes we shape our own destiny, and that we can reach any goal if we truely want it, and truely believe it. Life is about choices. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to work hard and still not forget to live life. We can choose to be successful. - And, she leads every day by example. Thank you, Jolene! More...

28 September 2021

Dr. Jolene Church is an excellent coach who is able to help her clients discover their true potential!


I love helping people get to where they desire to be. It is so incredibly fulfilling to help someone identify what is needed to fill the gap between where they are right now and what they dream of achieving.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and I enjoy the ability to develop solutions for my customers. Starting my own business enabled me to do this without limitations.

I've been coaching transformation for both individuals and business organizations for more than 2 decades. I take a unique approach to developing unique, customized action plans for you to reach the results you desire.

I can provide services via zoom or telephonically.

I only see one client at a time, with no client waiting area. By spacing out my in-person clients, I am able to ensure proper sanitation in between clients.


If you desire to simply get clear on what you really want, have more energy and greater health, have deeper, more fulfilling relationships, reach a new level of business success, or prepare for or successfully transition change, my Coaching Program is for you.

To exceed at anything, you need preparation, commitment, persistence, support, and resources. In the same way a world-class athlete has a trainer and a coach, individuals benefit from the insight and counsel of a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you are wanting to train for a marathon, you currently run a major corporation, you are thinking about a start-up venture, you want to lose weight, or you simply want to optimize your life, a life coach can help you to reach your full potential and achieve your dreams.

Unlike psychotherapy, life coaches are not health care professionals – they do not diagnose, nor judge. Life coaching is, however, strategic planning that focuses on getting clients moving in the direction they desire. A life coach is beneficial for anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their work or personal life.

I can help you to:
Identifying and clarifying desires and goals,
Coming up with a game plan to achieve goals,
Optimizing productivity and outcomes,
Understanding of past actions and results through reflection and self-discovery,
Accountability for actions and goal achievement.

I have developed a unique coaching program that will help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I goes beyond pushing positive thinking at you - I help you the breakthrough boundaries that limit your ability to achieve the results that you want.

If you have ever wanted to write your own book and get it published, I can help you achieve your goal.
I am a published author of 5 books and an author coach and author incubator - I help authors hatch their projects.
My bestseller, How to Write and Publish a Book in 30 Days has helped authors around the world, achieve their dream of being a published author.

As a certified human resources professional, I LOVE helping people find their career path - it's like match-making your income source with your passion.

Take a poll of successful business executives and entrepreneurs and you will find that an overwhelming majority of these folks have both a mentor (or several) and a coach! Having a coach in your life will help you navigate your growing business by helping you refine ideas and gain focus and a plan. But what I have found is equally important is learning how to balance your personal life and relationships; these areas can often suffer as we become myopic toward our business.