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Are you feeling overwhelmed because your dogs behavior is stressing you out?

Are you ready to turn your dog into an attentive engaged family member?

What if your dog was a source of stress-relief instead of struggle?

What if training was fun AND fast for the entire family?

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25 June 2022

Pam was great to work with! She was very patient with our high energy leash pulling beagle. Tips she gave us to reduce her leash pulling were helpful. Would not hesitate to recommend again! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

24 June 2022

It was a pleasure working with Pam and I fully recommend her services for anyone seeking help with dog training. She is a great trainer and an even better teacher for us humans!

Reviewed on Facebook

22 February 2022

You might be able to find dog trainers everywhere, but it's rare that you find one like Pam from Down4Paws. Pam goes over and above for her 4-legged clients (and their humans! ). Her kindness, caring nature, and genuine love for dogs are obvious, and her professionalism is first class! I highly recommend Pam! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

22 February 2022

You might be able to find dog trainers everywhere, but it's rare that you find one like Pam from Down4Paws. Pam goes over and above for her 4-legged clients (and their humans! ). Her kindness, caring nature, and genuine love for dogs are obvious, and her professionalism is first class! I highly recommend Pam! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

27 January 2022

Pam is an amazing trainer. Pam help me to understand the needs and the basic  knowledge  to the training of my 4 month old puppy. Pam gave me the tools that I needed to ensure that I was going in the right direction with his training. I couldn't be any happier with our progress.I would highly recommend Pam at  Down 4 Paws  to anyone who needs some support in all training needs. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

14 January 2022

Having a puppy is fun. But having a trained, responsive , and manageable puppy is GREAT! We would not be as relaxed, confident and well-rested as we are without Down4Paws training. Pam is a pro, she makes quick progress and has patience for working with family members of all ages. We would very much use Down4Paws again! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

16 December 2021

We highly recommend Pamela, she was amazing with our puppy Lily! Pamela taught us her tricks and techniques, which Lily responded very well to. Pamela and how Lily responded to her was all very impressive. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

15 December 2021

Pam is an AMAZING person and dog trainer! She is extremely responsive and great at troubleshooting various solutions to issues that pop up during the training process. She is always patient with our puppy and with us and our kids. Pam involves the entire family in the training process, which we felt was unique when searching for a trainer. We have 3 young children, ranging in age from two to seven, and she was able to seamlessly differentiate instruction so everyone understood and could participate. After working with Pam for 5 weeks, our puppy is able to seamlessly perform all of the obedience tasks she taught in training. We have decided to go even further with our training because the results we have seen already have been met beyond our expectations. I would recommend Pam without ANY hesitation for anyone looking for a reliable trainer with proven results! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

17 October 2021

My 9 month old golden doodle puppy ‘Sailor’ and I had the pleasure of working with Pam to train my boy and he has made great progress with the the commands presented to him in five short weeks. Pam is awesome. She also helped train me on how to handle Sailor as he is a very high strung force. He has been trained to go to his mat, wait and leave it commands as well as training him to walk on the leash without pulling. I will be joking the puppy class later this month and I’m thrilled that Pam will be doing the training. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

13 October 2021

We hired Pam for basic training for our boxer. She is a true professional who actually cares about the dogs she trains.  Receiving a write up after each training was a great help. Pam always had plenty of tips for each subject of the training. It was great to have a trainer who was willing to adapt if we changed the training topics. if you are looking for a trainer who will provide exactly what you want she is the person for you!!!!!! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

23 September 2021

Pam is an amazing dog trainer! I’m so glad I found her to work with my two Frenchie’s! I was looking Into training for Ollie when he showed fear and lunging towards strangers. Pam was was patient, knowledgeable and made an instant connection with Ollie. She not only gained his trust she helped him gain the confidence he needed to be the dog we all know he is. He not only has confidence on walks, but he enjoys meeting new people and even does a happy dance in the halls. I’m so grateful for the time she has spent teaching Ollie. Ollie cannot wait for training part 2. 💜 More...

Reviewed on Facebook

10 August 2021

We sought out Pam after seeing some undesirable behavior with our 2 year old dog. In not much time, we saw drastic improvements! Pam is relaxed and kind and I think the dogs really picked up on that. She is so knowledgable and her approach is positive and fun. We couldn’t be happier with the results she helped us achieve! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

22 July 2021

💜 Delicious treats, cute pups, great training!

Reviewed on Facebook

2 June 2021

Pam was great to work with. She came to our house to train our pup Coco. With just 5 visits, Coco learned so much (including me and my family). We continue to use her teachings and Coco is doing fantastic! I highly recommend Pam! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

24 April 2021

Pam is so gifted, kind, knowledgeable, punctual, and professional! I reached out to her for behavior modification and basic training of our newly adopted 14-month-old dog. These are the teenage years when they test a lot and we were all acclimating to each other. From our first assessment session our dog (and we) learned a ton and Pam gave us plenty of tips for moving forward. We booked 5 more sessions and we saw our dog's behavior, and our ability to react appropriately to misbehavior, improve immensely. There were improvements with jumping, counter surfing, leash walking, recall, and "leave it," to name a few. Pam personalizes every session, provides really helpful session summaries and handouts, and is available always for questions. We're going to sign up for a group class with her this summer, too. 12/10 recommend Pam and Down4Paws! More...

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I love most about training dogs is being able yo help families. Seeing the end result and relief knowing they have a well mannered dog.

Volunteering to puppy sit dogs and I fell in love with the while idea of helping families train their dog.

I'm able to assess the problem with your dog. I'm able to work with the family as a while getting everyone on the same page with training. I customize each training plan according to the goals for your dog.

We provide virtual training from anywhere in the world using Google Meet, Duo, Zoom or any social platform that works for you

We wear mask to all appointments and wash hands before and after. We follow CDC most updated recommendations.


Private sessions are ideal for dog owners who cannot make it to a group class, or perfer dog training in the comfort of their own home.

60 minute with a Prossional Dog Trainer either in-person or through Zoom, Skype, Duo, Meet or any other virtual platform that works for you.

Session starts by observing your dogs behavior for better understanding

Explaination of the dog training techniques to be used and/or behavior modification plan and the uses in the real world

Demonstration of training technique and skills for your understanding

You will next be able to apply the technique through practice with your dog with my coaching

Final check for understanding through observation

We will answer those lingering questions. because want you to succeed when we're not there
Services Include:

Advice from a CPDT-KA Professional Dog Trainer
Customized training plan for you and your family
Step by Step exercises in an easy to follow format
Group Classes
Overview & Pricing
Privacy Policy
My Blog
Puppy Essential
Leash Walking Etiquette
Separation Anxiety

Virtual Training
Bored and stuck at home? Worried about leaving the house but tired of TV? Great news!

We’re offering at-home entertainment that isn’t Netflix! Virtual training is a way to train your dog online with results. Virtual dog training lessons are remarkably effective.

You'll learn how to communicate with your puppy using reward-based training techniques that get your dog to listen immediately.

We'll teach your dog the foundational skills needed, such as basic obedience, boundaries at home and in public, and good manners to make your life easier.

You'll become a more confident owner, understand your puppy better, and begin building a relationship that is optimal for training success.

Still unsure?
What if you could….

Learn techniques to eliminate your dog's behavior immediately through management, turning your home from chaotic to calm?

Walk your dog without worrying if your dog will react towards other dogs, allowing joyful frequent walks?

Take your dog everywhere and not feel the guilt of leaving your dog home alone?

Get assistance with preparing for the arrival of your new dog, taking away the new dog preparation anxiety and concerns?

We can meet you from anywhere in the world using any video platform that works for you. Such as Zoom, Google Meet, Duo, Skype and more. Allowing your whole family to join in from anywhere.

Once you have confirmed a virtual appointment, you will be sent a link for the time of your You just log in from your electronic device, and that's it!

Book a Discovery call to find out more!

Puppy Essential (8 weeks - 1 yrs)

This is a 5 week program for new puppy owners to get your family dog on the right path to becoming a well mannered dog. If your pup just came home, or your just starting training. Puppy Essential is where you want to start.

We'll help you by:

setting up your home to make it easier to manage your pup

showing you how to care for your puppy’s health and behavioral needs

getting your whole family engaged in basic manners training for your pup

addressing your pups unwanted behaviors, gearing your dog up to move onto the SociaLite training path once puppy essential is completed.

We want you to feel immediate relief from all the worries of being a new puppy owner. We want to give you the confidence that your pup will grow up into a well-mannered family dog!

You’ll learn a proven process that works effectively for training puppies. You'll receive a customized training plan for your puppy to get them off to a proper start to becoming a well mannered dog. You'll get:

Immediate relief from puppy behaviors such as nipping, jumping, chewing on things, counter surfing and all those other puppy behaviors

Confidence in what you’re doing and how you’re handling your puppy with our one on one private coaching with each session

A better understanding of how dogs learn, making it easier to communicate with your dog to identify and change your dog's unwanted behavior