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Zack Arp created Dottie Morris Studio after crashing a wedding 10 years ago and finding the grooms grandmas name tag : “Dottie Morris” . When he went into the wedding business with his photography talent, he remembered this name and adopted his fine art and vintage photographs to lend to classic heirloom quality memories shot on traditional 35mm film and super 8 videos in honor of Dottie.

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Being in the moment. Thinking ahead a little goes a long way to get the shot in a natural and candid way.

How many guests are you inviting?

Do you have a wedding planner?

Would you like me to be there all day or only for certain events?

Are you interested in photographs, a video, or both?

Are you serving pie or cake? ;) I’m partial to both haha.

Being able to travel in my Range Rover to meet so many couples locally or flying to different countries and meeting them around the world. It keeps me on my toes :))

My love for photography and the gentle encouragement of a few close friends.

I am extremely talented but more so I am consistent in my delivery of high quality photographs and have built a reputation for such by working over 250+ weddings over the past 7 years. Furthermore I am down to earth and enjoy smiling and making people feel welcome and at ease.

I offer my services worldwide and will fly, drive, train, boat, or paraglide myself to your destination. I have actually used all of these for transportation to work. All of your photographs and videos are made available online for easy and accessible delivery ?

I strictly follow all CDC and state regulated guidelines for every event I attend and work. Other than my work I am at home in New Market Alabama with my family full time.


Please email Zack to inquire about services :


Please email Zack to inquire about services :