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Our mission is to enrich our development and engineering to bring the rewards of technology securely to everybody. Do It Right Computers facilitates a personal customer experience with hardware and software products that simplify your life.

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27 May 2014

I went to Do it Right Computers when I stupidly left a pen in my laptop and closed it. After this unfortunate incident, I called HP ( the creators of my laptop), and was quoted for almost 400 dollars for the repair of my internal screen. I politely told the HP people that I will find someone to do the job locally. The technician at Do It Right Computers, Nicholas assured me that the job could be handled in a timely manner for a fraction of the cost. 3 days later I received a text message that my computer repair was completed and ready for pickup. They provided efficiency with the repair, quality service with me as the customer, and by the way he did for free because we go to the same college. More...

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Frequently Asked Questions
Customer Service FAQs

1. How can you increase revenue for a business?

We have figured out how to improve your business in a number of ways.

Web design - The final stage of building a business. We also offer to help with your social media.
Technology - Work with the latest and greatest. We solve any computer problem!
Data - We analyze data from your business to help you improve revenue.
Consulting - We can offer you consulting from business and technology experts.

2. How can I build a spectacular website?

We know from studying communications, web development, etiquette, viewer retention, and our other experience, you need to commit to a consistent look and feel, there needs to be a strictly monitored process for deciding how much formality to give to each webpage, but not only webpages, also documents, letters, electronic, verbal, and nonverbal communication, and public relations. We look to add restraint as much as possible, keep things simple, and never bury important details. We offer all of these ideas in our services.

Our customer processes are strictly monitored at Do It Right Computers. Each time a customer calls, emails, or visits our website we know what their experience is and how to properly handle each, so the processes are suited to customer preferences as much as possible. This is only one example of how we handle our communication processes. This and many more strictly monitored processes are how we keep customers satisfied.

We want to be a part of technology because it has helped increase the average lifespan of humans to almost 100 years old, helped close the inequality gaps around the world, helped people make better decisions, put services such as mobile devices and online shopping at our fingertips, improved our education systems, given us more control over our futures, and increased the standard of living and wealth for people worldwide.

Our Story
How It All Began
From the owner
I was trying to figure out how I would be able to manage all the potential customers I had. More than 50 calls came in virtually overnight, I couldn't believe how many people needed help with their computers and websites. I was only trying to make a little extra money to pay for college. I lived in Santa Cruz County, on Santa Cruz Avenue, in Aptos California. Sitting on the second floor of my house, overlooking the ocean from my computer desk, I didn't know if I would be able to handle all the incoming work. I literally thought that I had made a mistake from day one, starting the business, because I was feeling overwhelmed. Then I realized, it's not a bad problem to have. My clients were from Carmel, San Jose, and the rest of the Bay area and our beautiful beach town. About a year prior, I had lived on the Stanford University campus where I studied graphic design and programming. Telling people about my time spent at Stanford seemed surreal like almost even I couldn't believe I had such a great opportunity in life. It was because of opportunities like this in my life that it felt natural to want to treat people I worked with compassionately, help them without charging them. . . . in fact charging people for my service didn't feel right for many years. I couldn't bring myself to make a profit off someone else's needs. Especially students and my peers. . . . after all, I started the business to pay for college myself, to help support my own family, and to find purpose in life; my purpose was not to make a profit off of other people, it was to help people. I only spent two weeks at Stanford, but it felt like a lifetime. I'll never be able to express enough thanks to my uncle for sending me there to get a certification and ultimately a foundation to start my business with.
One thing I always had was support for my computer hobbies. As a kid, I remember at 13 years old living in Hawaii near Honolulu for a year, and even in the summertime on the island, I would spend all my time at my computer desk. For days I wouldn't sleep because all I could think about was the computer. It was during those crucial moments growing up in my life that I look back and realize that computers were my passion. I certainly had plenty of time to think and learn with machines. Coding bits and pieces of programs here and there, taking a typing class, writing a blog about the Hawaiian islands' ancient culture. Even at that young point in life, I knew computers were special to me. I can't thank my grandfather enough for letting those hobbies thrive.
When I was about 18 years old my grandfather gave me my first look into a real website business. He gave me a domain name that he bought and told me to make it into a business. He was the one who nurtured my computer skills all my life. His ultimate plan was to teach me computers from the time I was an infant growing up on the family farm, where each of my family members had grown up. We did other things too, as a two-year-old I remember playing computer games on his dad's lap, it is one of my fondest memories; we also caught fishes on our lake or at the local swimming holes, raised our cattle, and my great grandparents hung a climbing rope from the middle of their living room for me to swing on and jump from chair to table to sofa. My grandfather ended up also giving me my own house that year when I was 18. He bought a house for my family to retreat to, from the busy city life of California. The house is 15 miles from the nearest town but less than a half an hour from Duke University. The North Carolina country is where I usually find myself in the summer. I believe that it's important to know about hard work, mowing the lawn, growing food, and maintaining a property. . . . as well as your own professional endeavors. I have to give credit to the family and friends in my life who’ve made sacrifices for me.
I decided to move to Montana with some friends to start a new chapter in my life and in my business. The business has grown and survived throughout my transition. The California division has a healthy presence in Santa Cruz County. The Montana expansion was feasible and I felt that if I didn't do it, I would be crazy. I made the leap to grow my business beyond one state's borders, and beyond even my own original expectations. I successfully moved to one of the nicest parts of the world, the home of Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains. A place I now call home and wish to always have ties to, which is where I find myself now.

3. What separates you from the others?

We offer knowledgeable, reliable service; our company has been in operation for over 10 years.
We offer low prices because we have a low overhead, we cater to a wide audience with a low price strategy.
We offer all your IT services, under one roof (computers, media, and business solutions), get more done for less.
We offer web design, graphic design, and photography customers a range of pricing discounts on already low prices.
• Discounts on printing.
• Discounts on computer and device maintenance and installation.


We specialize in ALL aspects of technical support. We love our job because we get to work with smart people like you. Do It Right Computers will meet and exceed your Information Technology needs-we install new infrastructures for counties; work for the largest companies in the world, in highly secure data centers, and more. Customers are encouraged to request CUSTOM installations for their networks, internet, home theater, computers, as well as other devices; our technicians provide full maintenance. Should you require multiple upgrades, repair, or entire computer labs configured, Do It Right Computers has you covered.

Do you need to ask questions and talk to an expert? Do It Right Computers is the home of professional webmasters; we provide websites that are fully customizable... from the color scheme to the advanced features you see on award-winning websites. We deliver visitors for your site who become customers through advertising, marketing, search engine optimization, and more. Are you a master of your trade? Been in business for many years? Then why haven't you got a website?! Already have a website? We will build you ANOTHER one, which will accomplish the specific task of landing your business conversions!

Ask for access to our videographers' personal portfolios! If you're looking for a photographer who can capture that special moment that only comes once in a lifetime, before that moment is gone forever, look no further! Our photographers will shoot in film, regular digital cameras, or even with high-end equipment, including with lighting, full high-definition, over 50 megapixel cameras, top-of-the-line lenses, and more. We enhance footage, convert film to digital, improve audio, and add our creative touch! 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction!

Do you need marketing materials for your service, event, idea, or product? By using efficient techniques coupled with cutting edge technology, our services represent your organization from end to end. Learn how to get the most out of our design and print services by requesting a custom item or advertisement, today!

Are you in business? We help you sell your products and services online, and we also provide business counseling! Do It Right Computers can completely manage your virtual headquarters (i.e.; your website), AND help you manage your entire business or organization. We offer process improvement, business consulting, and project management. We also help you buy, not just sell! We accommodate organizational buyers and help increase downward pressure on costs. If you need to lower your costs of manufacturing, source suppliers, or learn how to become a reseller, we can assist you. We buy and sell anything from virtual products, to cars and trucks. Look no further, with Do It Right Computers consulting services, you can rest assured you are getting a good deal.