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I am a female DJ, so I listen to your needs. I'm personable, reliable, and truly want to do an amazing job for your events.. I really take the time to sit down with you to go over every detail of your event to make sure it's perfect and memorable!

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28 April 2021

Kelley’s skills are amazing, she plays a big role in making our event so successful. So easy to work with, she can change gears on the fly and no-one is the wiser. I have nothing to worry about at an event if we have Kelley as the DJ, she provides peace of mind and professionalism. She continues year after year supporting us at our Cat Caper 5K, making it a fun time, she creates a positive atmosphere by putting the crowd (runners, walkers, and those cheering them on) in high spirits. I would highly recommend, DJ for All Occasions, for any event large or small, she can handle it all! More...

24 March 2021

Kelley was recommended to me by a coworker that had used her for a resident event. We hired Kelley for my sons wedding reception and were not disappointed! She did a great job keeping the guests dancing all night! I will definitely use Kelley for future company functions as well as personal. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a DJ!! More...

24 March 2021

Kelley was a key part in making my wedding reception a success! She was so easy to work with, communicated with us throughout the whole planning process, and made sure that we heard the music we wanted to hear. During the reception itself, she ensured that events moved along in a timely manner and stayed on track. After the dance floor opened, it didn't empty until the lights came on and it was time for people to go home! Everyone had such a blast at the reception, and a HUGE part of that was the music and dancing. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night, nor could I have hoped for a more perfect DJ. More...

24 March 2021

On a 5 day notice Kelley was willing to take on the challenge of helping us (for our wedding). The website was so easy to put preferences in and specific songs. She was always reachable and responded almost instantly! The music itself was put together so well. We were so thankful we found her. More...


A good DJ knows how to read a crowd. You can't play banger after banger and expect to keep your floor filled, your guests will get tired! So you have to read your crowd and adjust the tempo up and down to keep them not only entertained all night, but also have some energy to stay on the floor. You also have to have some control if a guest comes up wanting to hear some obscure song that you know will clear the dance floor, you have to be able to say no politely.

I mix beat to beat, end to end. You will never hear me fade a track out and fade another track in. My energy is like that of a packed night club. I mix in all genres of music flawlessly. Because I have been a professional DJ for over 20 years, I have a vast library of music, and I love dropping in that "one song" that people forgot they loved, and I love to see my crowd go nuts.. It brings a huge smile to my face!

I love seeing happy clients, and a crowd with smiles on their face. DJ'ing weddings especially is a very high pressure position. I am a very organized person, so I nail down all the finest details with my clients prior to the event so everyone knows exactly what is happening when. This way, my clients can let their hair down and ENJOY their night, knowing that myself and my MC have taken care of every preparation. I just absolutely love to DJ. I have been DJ'ing internationally for 5 years at some of the top resorts in the Caribbean, And getting to interact both locally and abroad with some many different types of people, has made me into a very well rounded DJ.

To be completely honest, I was tired of bad wedding DJs. You know the ones, the cheeseballs on the mic, going way over the top for no reason other than to hear their own voice. The whole "Ladies and gentleman" sounding like a circus announcer. And I was sick of watching my friends get married having a bad wedding DJ who played music that the DJ wanted to play, and ignored the requests of the couple. Also, a wedding DJ shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. I pride myself on reasonable rates, but very high quality entertainment. I am not in this business to get rich, I just love to DJ, entertain, and make people's nights! :)

First of all, I am a female DJ, so I am very in tune to your needs. I am almost OCD in planning down the details, so your event runs smooth as silk. I also provide you at no cost, a portal where you can pick all your own music. You can pick what you want to hear, like must plays, and on the flip side, songs that you absolutely don't want played. It is very important to me that you hear what you want to hear. I also do not charge anything additional for setup/tear down like some other DJs do, and I will never nickel and dime you. Because I have been in this industry for so long, your wish is my desire. I can arrange photographers, videographers, photo booths, special lighting, etc. Also, my MC is 1 of the top MCs and DJs in the state. He is in such demand both here and in Tampa, FL that he routinely flies between both cities to MC events. He is a DJ for the Columbus Blue Jackets, and he also DJs most of Nationwide Arena's pre-show events on stage. We are experts as well in "herding cats". You don't want your guests to miss your cake cutting, or first dance. We make sure your guests are where they need to be so they don't take their eyes off you in the big moments of the night. I am also very personable, very laid back, very easy to work with. I work with all types of clients, and I play all genres of music seamlessly. Once you book with me, you have nearly 24/7 access to me, and exceptionally quick response times. I will meet with you in person prior to you booking me, to make sure that we click. I am not just seeing you as dollar signs. If I feel that I am not the best fit, I will provide you references of other DJs that I feel you will be a better match with. You can read all my reviews at www.djfao.com/testimonials. And any person who left a review, you are more than welcome to reach out and speak with. I also do not charge a deposit. In these uncertain times, I don't feel that it is right to charge a deposit. Once you sign a contract with me, your date is guaranteed.

It is very important to keep everyone safe with covid. When doing any mic work, my MC has Clorox wipes and thoroughly wipes down the entire mic before passing it to the next person. We also recommend designing seating charts to be by household and/or family unit since those individuals either live together or are likely to be in a pod. If dinner is buffet style, we stagger tables so that after each table gets food, if there is not wait staff, we sanitize the utensils before the next table. We recommend to have bottles of wine and/or carafes of signature cocktails at each of the tables in order to avoid guests needing to congregate at a bar. And finally, in lieu of a guest book, we recommend to leave an envelope, pen, and piece of paper at each guests’ seat for them to write a note and leave it in a designated box at the end of the night (the couple can read through them after letting them sit for a few days)


Included in your rate, is 2 speakers, 2 big powerful subwoofers, and industry standard light rig and a wireless mic. Additional features include an MC, special up lighting, cold fog (the type that makes you feel like you're dancing on a cloud) or a regular fog machine.