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DIgital Marketing is a Science and not magic!
If you want to compete or just want to be found on the (SERP) Search Engine Results Page, then you must play by Googles rules...they own the space and they control how the game is played.

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Implementing WSI's responsive web design solutions will empower you to cater your customer experience to your audience's behavioral and technological expectations. We can help you build and maintain future-proof, conversion-focused digital properties.

Responsive web design is a vital component of digital marketing strategies as it intersects with user experience, technology and conversion. Delivering consistent digital experiences will help you:
• Meet the expectations of current customers
• Attract and impress new web visitors
• Enhance the user experience on your digital properties
• Establish your company as a forward-thinking industry leader
• Operate on the cutting-edge of digital technology
• Increase customer Loyalty and brand advocacy
• Improve your web conversion rate and make more digital sales

Over the Last lo years, technology has advanced at an incredible rate. To the surprise of some in the business world, consumers have evolved just as quickly as mobile computing devices. This behavioral shift means that a customer's experience with your brand could span across multiple times and devices. A responsive web design solution enables you to build consistent digital properties that deliver a quality experience on every screen imaginable.
When your website's user experience and design is uniform on a desktop, tablet and smartphone, you prolong and encourage interaction with your digital properties, and will convert more visitors into customers. However, any discrepancy in the look, feel or usability of your digital properties will fall well below consumer expectation and potentially halt their experience with your brand.

1. Can you give us a brief history of your company?
2. What is the monetary value ($) of a newly qualified lead?
3. What makes a lead qualified?
4. What are your company's most profitable services/products (in order)?
5. What are your specific goals for an SEO/Digital Marketing strategy?
6. Is your target market local, regional, national or global?
7. Please describe your ideal customer:
8. What are some common traits or attitudes held by your customers (psychographics)?
9. Who are your top five competitors?
10. Can you tell us about any previous or current SEO work?
11. Can we see any reports? (This helps with cleaning up any bad links.)
12. What resources do you have that may be link-worthy? Data? Content? Cash? Product?
13. Can you tell us about any previous or current PR work?
14. If you could choose any websites/publications to be featured on what would they be?
15. What are the 5 keywords you would like to rank well for in search:
16. List all conferences or events that are relevant to your business, service, or product:
17. Do you notice any service related behaviors that re-occur? Is someone more likely to purchase ‘X’ after they’ve purchased ‘Y’?
18. Where do you get most of your current customers?
19. What percent of your customer base are repeat customers?
20. Are you currently running any paid advertising?
21. What keeps you up at night?

Interacting with customers and transforming business's into growth mode!

As a retired Psychological Operations Soldier wanted to use my online analysis and research knowledge to help business's thrive and succeed through proven stategies just like in battle.

WSI is your Digital Marketing Partner
Our network of digital marketers around the world is the new breed of business consultants. Our unique approach and value-based consulting helps companies leverage proven digital marketing strategies to boost their bottom-line. Think of WSI as an extension to your marketing department – a digital media expert readily available to provide consulting services custom – tailored to suit your company and industry.