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I support highly successful people stop striving for the life of their dreams and start living that life instead. Does this sound like you?:

• You work so hard and yet it feels like it’s not enough.
• You’ve achieved so much and yet something is missing.

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What do you want? What results do you intend to create?

Those are the things that will determine how the coaching will go. I'm not here with some prescription for what you need to do--because no one knows you better than you do! We'll partner to get clear about where you're headed and co-create a plan for you to fulfill on.

We'll also look at personal narratives and unconscious habits that might be getting in the way of the life and results you intend.

We'll coach for an hour once a week, 3 or 4 times a month, and beyond that, we'll tailor a program for your specific needs. I do my coaching over the phone or video platform, so geography won't get in the way of our sessions.

This works much the same way as my one-on-one coaching, only with up to four people in a group. If you have a need for a larger group, we can create an engagement tailored for your particular situation.