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Denis Batuev. A Graphic Designer and Photographer. logo

Denis Batuev. A Graphic Designer and Photographer.

North Miami, North Miami Beach



Graphic designer and photographer. For many years I make design and photography for catalogs and calendars.
My specialization is design and layouts catalogs and brochures, web design.
I am a photographer. Fashion and advertising photography. Headshots and psychological portraits.

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17 May 2019

Looking at Den's pictures you become able to see the time between past and future. His pictures it's like a Delorean car which takes you away to the places you dreamed about. That is beautiful. Thank you Den.

17 May 2019

I'm happy with Den!!! He is photographer of my school. Parents of my kids and me happy with his job)))
He has personality and harizma also his own special creative style.
I recomend him like a good professional!

16 May 2019

I follow Denis's works with a great interest.
His pictures are not just sum of objects, colors, lights and shadows properly composed. They really have something magnetic. Something that makes you feel. Something that makes you watch them again and again.


16 May 2019

I have been working with Den in Miami since January 2019. He doing the excellent photoshoots! I can say that he is the best photographer which I ever met! He has his own unique vision, portraits from him have a soul no meter for how pro is model or if it’s just a regular person. I definitely recommend for everyone to have opportunities for work with Dan Batuev! And have historical pictures for a long memory via his talent! More...


The secret of any photo is the right light. Photography is like surfing. You have to slide between light and shadow. On the thinnest line between light and shadow. That's where all the genius shots are.

We always start from examples. There are billions of photos in the world. You can talk a lot, explain, argue. But it is better to show what inspires you. And try to do better.

I love the final retouching and processing. Those imperceptible for anybody touches in the shadows or contrasts, which for me make the image outstanding. This is rarely noticed, this mood, emotions, accents.

I like to see the result of my work. It's inspiring, it's motivating. That's my reason for running my own business.

I just do my job very well. In my pictures there is no rough plastic retouching.
I know publishing and layout very well, so I often help the client to formulate the task better and avoid many difficulties later.