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We are born to seek satisfaction, be productive and optimistic. Yet somehow, life tends to get in the way. Or so it seems.

That’s because we’re largely unaware of our own psychology. Of how it’s shaped by our upbringing. Or how profoundly that influences our thinking, our choices, our actions and their outcomes.

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Seeing people transform their lives through action that leads to real-world satisfaction. What's going on in your head often makes life mind-numbing, and ends up holding you back. I can help you can flip the script, and successfully step up your relationship to the world. Then, you can get to be your authentic self, and reap real rewards for your efforts.

Twenty years ago, I decided I wanted to help people who are suffer mentally achieve a more rewarding and satisfying life. So I attended grad school to qualify as a licensed therapist. That may seem far from advertising work, but it's not. In creating ads, I applied psychology in the interest of my clients. Now, I do so in the best interests of my patients.

Because I'm not into being a remote, all-knowing clinician. I'm simply a person who's been well-trained, well-mentored and experienced in practice. I don't have any secret sauce, but do focus on helping you feel better about yourself. We'll work seriously but have a good time at it, because taking yourself too seriously is often part of the problem.

Although in-person sessions are the traditional treatment setting, I've discovered we can often do better work and make more progress over the phone. That can take some of the self-consciousness out of our relatedness, and the dialogue and work flow more freely. As for relationship counseling and therapy, online sessions can often work better.

During this continuing CoVID-19 crisis, I am offering phone and online remote therapy to safeguard your ongoing health and mine. I am still accepting new clients and currently have openings for those looking to start therapy now. Do contact me for more information, or to schedule an appointment or initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.


Individual counseling; Interactive; Insight-oriented; Reality-based; Psychoactive; Cognitive; Cognitive Behavioural; Eclectic

Marital Counseling;
Relationship Counseling;
Pre-nuptual Counseling;
Parenting Counseling;
Separation Counseling;
Divorce Counseling

Social Phobia; Specific Phobias; Anxiety Disorders; Sleep Disorders; Acute Stress Disorder; Panic Disorder; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Insomnia

Depressive Disorder; Dysthymia; Cyclothymic Disorder; Bipolar Disorder

Work-related Stress; Job Retention; Job Advancement; Job Acquisition; Career Counseling; Career Change.

Dependence-related; Remission-related; Depression-related; Mood-related; Anxiety related; Sleep Disorder Related; Sexual Dysfunction-related

Posttraumatic Distress Disorder (PTSD); Delayed Onset PTSD; Chronic PTSD; Childhood Trauma; Familial Trauma; Sexual Trauma

Parent-Child Relational Counseling; Sibling Relational Counseling; Child or Adolescent Behaviour Counseling, Academic Counseling; Identity Counseling; Acculturation Counseling

Parental Bereavement; Spousal Bereavement; Traumatic Bereavement; Child Bereavement; Prenatal Loss; Perinatal Loss; Extended Mourning; Complicated Mourning