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9 August 2018

Kalen is wonderful. One of the best massages I've ever received. I'll be back.

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9 August 2018

I have known Kalen for many years and have experienced first hand the amazing healer she is. Her practice and love of both massage and naturopathy are a given. What makes her a remarkable practitioner is that she truly loves to promote wellness on every level with a spirit of joy and compassion. She is brilliant, intuitive and insightful. Good on you Dr. Kalen Garr. And great for all of us! More...

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6 August 2016

I discovered Kalen Garr inadvertently as I was given a gift for my birthday for a free massage. I am completely happy on every level that not only was the massage relaxing, but medicinal. I have seen maybe twenty massage therapists in my life and Kalen far surpasses all of them. She is intuitive and approaches massage on a spiritual and physical level. I didn’t even realize that my neck was out of alignment. She gently aligned it, and I walked out of her clinic, feeling like a new person. I also came to find out Kalen is a naturopath. Because her massage was so stellar, I felt I should see her since I was having a few physical issues. Her naturopathic appointment with me was incredible as well. She listens, takes notes and just has an extremely high intuitive sense on helping others. For instance, she prescribed a lavender oil to take with Tri-magnesium, this was to replace my ‘western’ prescription anxiety medication. Usually on a flight or if I can not sleep, I take my ‘western’ anxiety pharmaceutical. I recently took a flight and instead of taking that ‘western’ medication that I feel is addictive and maybe not the best approach , I took what she prescribed for anxiety. I have to say, I was and still am completely shocked at how well her prescription of lavender and tri-magnesium worked. I was less anxious on the flight than normal, and once landed I wasn’t all ‘out of it’ like I am with my ‘western’ anxiety medication. I think Kalen is the best masseur and naturopath in Portland. This is saying a lot because Portland is copiously over-run with healers. I strongly recommend her. She is superbly intelligent when it comes to physical and spiritual healing. As well, her bed side manner is warm and empathetic. Go see her! More...

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20 November 2014

Kalen's deep knowledge of healing comes from several years of training in virtually every type of massage technique, which led her curious mind into medical school, where she became a naturopath so she could learn even more. She is such a deep well of information and insight, and her holistic approach to health allows her to apply this knowledge in unique and targeted ways to every question/complaint I've ever posed to her. Also, her patient and giving communication style has always helped me feel understood and more informed as a result of our conversation, which helps me take care of myself better in the future. More...

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