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Bea Faulkner, CEG M.S.

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Hi, I'm Bea, and I specialize in Self-Mastery.

Your quality of Life, Career, and Relationships depend on how well you navigate your thoughts, emotions, and actions.


Self-Mastery will equip you with a solid foundation from which to build.

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16 July 2021

Business & Career Coaching

There is so much I can say about Ms. Faulknor. Her professionalism and knowledge are amazing!! With her help, I was able to secure a major position. She was there every step of the way and encouraged me through it all. I am forever grateful to her. She is so talented. More...

22 January 2021

I wish I could select all of the above for the reasons why I love working with Bea.

2020 was a rough year for me. (For everyone! ) When I reached out to Bea I was at the lowest point of my life. Laid off from work, searching for meaning, dealing with bills I had no idea how I was going to pay.

When I say Beatrice pulled me out of my darkness, it's more than that. She restored my faith, and gave me hope and direction. I went from feeling hopeless to working on two certifications that are elevating my career! Her calm soothing demeanor automatically puts you at ease. There is nothing that can shock her so please be open and honest. She pours her heart into her clients. She really has your back!!

Even when I tried to run and hide, getting a detailed email or communication from her brings me back to a hopeful place. You're not her client, you're family and she cares very much about you!

Her wisdom oozes with love and guidance. She is always on your side.

Thank you for seeing the good in me when I forgot there was any good left. Thank you for your guidance, understanding and moments of clarity.

Even if you're time with Bea is brief, she will leave a positive imprint that lasts a lifetime.

I can't thank you enough beautiful soul. The light in the world shines brighter because of you 💜

21 December 2020

Life Coaching

Bea is thoughtful and encouraging as an empowering sounding board who listens deeply and asks the questions that really move a self-aware client into action! ! I’ve gained crucial insight on life issues with a clear way forward! Thank you! More...

29 November 2020

Creative Solutions Coaching has been such an impactful, driving force for myself during this year of loss and immense grief. Beatrice Faulkner's approach is guided with compassion and directness. She will help you unpack your stuff, affirm you and encourage you to your highest good. More...

29 November 2020

I was going through a difficult time after the loss of my mother. I was uncertain about my future and felt stuck. I never realized how important having a life coach would be until I met Beatrice Faulknor. Her words of wisdom and kindness gave me a new perspective on life and the push I needed at the right time. She’s brilliant, insightful, and keeps me accountable with grace. Bea has helped me rediscover the best parts of who I am. She has given me tools to master personal goals and to think outside of the box, and that's a beautiful thing! Seeking help from Bea is one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. I not only gained an AMAZING life coach; I gained a friend. More...

4 June 2020

Beatrice Noel helped me develop a personal career goal with a concise design. She utilized a broad range of communication skills to help me penetrate and execute my personal achievement process. She has helicopter vision which really helped me pinpoint the obstacles that prevented me from progressing as well as realistic solutions to overcome them. She is an objective, positive supporter. Her delivery is naturally motivating so clients will not stsy mired in the past. She allows proper time between sessions so as to allow individuals time to integrate new ways of thinking in the interim. She is uplifting and motivates clients to take action at the end of each coaching call/session. Most importantly, the sessions do not feel like counseling, as it isn't and should not be. Beatrice Noel encourages real life chance and forward motion. She is a courage catalyst. More...

3 June 2020

I started working with Creative Solutions just to try something new. I didn't think I really needed such services, but now I'm glad I did seize the opportunity, because it enhanced me. Beatrice has helped me to reprioritize my life, so that my time and efforts align with my short-term and long-term goals. All to often, we tend to lose sight of our means vs our ends. Through her coaching, Beatrice guided my thoughts and feelings into balance and overall tranquility. I highly recommend her fulfilling services... Thanks Beatrice! More...

2 June 2020

Mrs. Faulkner is a true professional. Our sessions were easy flowing and reciprocal . She is a great listener and ask the questions needed to get a great understanding of my particular situation. I felt comfortable and relaxed given my apprehension to trust people. Her personality and soft spoken tone made the sessions feel like quick conversations. I would recommend her to anyone. More...


I love coaching clients on developing new mental models and skillsets that create mindset shifts and even lead to subconscious re-wiring. Watching a client transform session to session and powerfully execute on the next best steps for them is an absolute honor to be a part of. It has brought me infinite fulfillment in my work and the value that I add to my clients.

An insatiable appetite for personal development and the realization that coaching was a strength of mine laid the foundation for the launch of Creative Solutions Hub Coaching LLC.

To make lasting change in any area of your life, you will have to make a decision with such firm intentions that it overpowers any hard-wired programs in your brain or subconscious mind. I support my clients through shifts, transformations, and I stand for their greatness and power.

Coaching sessions are over the phone and by video conference.