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“Executive coaches are not for the meek. They’re for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common; it’s that they are ruthlessly results-oriented.” – FAST COMPANY

Our team has years of experience, diverse skills, real world knowledge, and we use these assets to coach leaders and leadership teams to achieve desired results.

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Hello, I am Dr. Maria Church, CEO of Government Leadership Solutions and Corporate Leadership Solutions, but please call me Maria. My goal, purpose, and mission in life is to help leaders lead in powerful and authentic ways, influencing others toward a goal.

My job is to help you influence others with confidence and ease, increasing your leadership effectiveness.

I love working with leaders, creating and designing authentic leadership qualities, leadership traits, and approaches that are reconstructed into holistic de-compartmentalized ways into a leadership style that is true to you.

The old leadership model that taught us to compartmentalize our lives, checking our soul at the door, doesn’t work for us now – and never really did!

We are multifaceted people, living multifaceted lives. Why should that change when we go to work?

We lead and live our lives on many dimensions including personal, professional, and spiritual. I like to look at leadership holistically, or in other words, leading with all aspects of our lives – mind, body, and spirit.

Today, I help leaders around the world influence others with confidence and ease, discovering leadership success in personally satisfying, authentic, abundant ways—and getting results!

In my early twenties, I made the conscious decision to develop my leadership abilities and skills, so I earned a master’s degree in organizational management. I was hooked! I loved expanding my mind, learning theory, and discovering ways it could apply to my day-to-day activities. I continued moving up the ladder with many hits and misses in my leadership effectiveness.

I had some great teachers along the way, also known as my bosses, and I learned a great deal about leadership from many of them. Some of them showed me ways to motivate and inspire others, but perhaps the greatest teachers showed me what not to do—ever.

One day, on my back patio after a long day at work, with a martini in one hand and a cigarette in the other, I had a thought – I have a place at the table. I have earned respect for my hard work and knowledge. I have an awesome six-figure income. I have everything the successful men have had for decades. I have 30 pounds of extra weight. I have a high-level position. I have a stressful job. I have a beautiful home. I have high blood pressure. I have a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Oh my god… I do have it all! I have arrived…

But just exactly where am I going?

I was bound and determined to answer that question. And when I did, it was too good not to share!

I specialize in leadership development based upon my more than 25-year career in corporate America, government, non-profits, and academia.

My primary focus is aligning leadership teams that build momentum and move clients into action. We do this by employing targeted assessments, establishing clear goals, and implementing tailored solutions. I leverage a variety of methods, analytics, and frameworks to optimize our strategy in a holistic approach that never sacrifices quality or wastes your time.