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Wallingford, CT

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We Help People 35+ Get Strong, Lose Fat, Move With Confidence And Have All Day Energy Even If They Struggle To Put On Their Socks In The Morning Or Need Coffee Just To Get Through The Day.

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Hardwork, and a good attitude! The secret to the body of your dreams is confidence in yourself and the ability execute the plan each day!

I love people! Working with and helping people is so incredibly rewarding. I'm convinced I'm only where I am in life because of my clients. You develop real relationships and get to help people who also want to help you. It's an incredible symbiosis when a trainer and client really click. At heart, I'm an educator! Getting to teach people how to live a healthier pain free life will never get old!

I tried to look at the pandemic as an opportunity to do what I love and stand out better than ever before. I feel strongly about the quality of training and service a client should receive. Opening a business have me the opportunity to be sure clients get what they deserve and need.


We offer 30 min, 50 min and tandem training