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Frederick, Maryland, Frederick County, MD


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I'm here to help you reach every goal you set and then reach beyond what you thought was possible.  I believe every day should be a step closer to your goal and to being the person you want to become.  I will walk with you every step of the way and together we will turn you into the healthiest, best version of yourself.

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7 customer reviews

31 December 2020

THE BEST! He's great at what he does and I love the fact that he is willing to listen to all my problems lol. He's like my trainer and therapist all in one! Thanks Derek!

31 December 2020

Derek has been a pleasure to work with to achieve my fitness goals. He really knows his stuff and has been helpful when looking to adjust exercises to compensate for injuries.

20 December 2020

This trainer helped educate and demonstrate a safe and correct way to use equipment and create a daily work out that is modifiable and obtainable. I highly recommend this trainer to people looking to improve their overall fitness and gain knowdge about healthy lifestyles! Keep up the good work Coach Embly and Thanks for all the help! More...

19 December 2020

He is wonderful! He has helped me overcome my poor eating habits and even got my 6 year old daughter involved with my workouts. He’s so patient with us both. He’s a great trainer and a great guy. More...

17 December 2020

After six months he has helped me lose over 80 pounds and I am looking forward to losing a lot more with his help. He has developed an excellent workout plan for me. I am happy to recommend him to anyone. More...

17 December 2020

He is FANTASTIC! I haven’t even done 10 sessions with him yet and I’m already seeing results. He is so friendly and knowledgeable. I told him specific areas I wanted to work on before my wedding and he has created a work out that targets those areas. I highly recommend him!!! More...

12 January 2018

Coach Embly is professional and laid-back in all the right ways. His work out programs are well thought out, and designed perfectly to fit one's goals. He is committed to his work AND having a bit of fun while doing it! Definitely recommended! More...


Everyone that I work with has different goals and therefore the process is a little different for everyone. Everyone I work with receives a free consultation with me so we can get to know each other, and it will allow me to fully understand your goals and needs so I can create a custom workout and diet plan so you can get from point A to B as quickly as possible.

A little hard work and determination. It takes commitment both through exercise and a good diet to achieve your "dream body."

I love the fact that my job helps people live their best lives! I get to help and watch you reach goals that will make you a healthier and happier person. It's so cool!

To be completely honest, my drive to have my own business is the fact that I absolutely hate working for someone else. For the reasons I listed above, about what I love about my job, is the reason I chose this business... and the fact that I have a passion for health & fitness of course.

I am a nationally certified personal fitness coach with training in nutrition as well. I am committed to my clients 100% and I give my clients full access to myself even when we are not working together face to face. Anytime you have a question or need advice throughout the week, I'm always on call to help you!

I customize a workout video for you for every workout. I talk to you about the workout and then demonstrate the exercise in your video. You can also send me a video of your form and I'll help you correct it if necessary. I'm here for you around the clock - contact me anytime with questions or if you need health & fitness advice. Live video sessions are also available!


Starting at just $14 per session! Nutrition coaching is included.