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Clevinger & Co. offers clients a wide portfolio of digital marketing services that increase brand awareness, website traffic and search engine ranking. Each project is customized to our clients, needs, wants and goals. With on-going support and management in all our services we differ from other firms by becoming part of your marketing team and working hand in hand with your staff to accomplish and maintain your goals.


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Clevinger & Co. specializes in custom website designs. Our team designs websites using a variety of development platforms such as BootStrap 4, CSS3, AMP, HTML 5, JavaScript, WordPress and much more to give your website the speed, look and feel it needs to succeed.

Whether your a seasoned marketing professional or starting your first website or mobile app, you know there will be areas for improvement. There always is. With Clevinger & Co. by your side you have at your disposal website and app development specialists who have been developing websites since the world wide webs introduction. We develop custom websites with sleek user interfaces, easy to find content and excellent user experiences that will engage your visitors and funnel them through effective conversion points.

Search Engine Optimization is a necessity if your going to grow your business online. The fact is 90% of all consumers begin searching for a product or service online. Where you are positioned on a search engine can either make or break your company. At Clevinger & Co. we take an intuitive and strategic approach to SEO. The fact is whatever your product, service or cause - someone is searching for it. We understand that and begin with first an extensive competitor analysis and product or service overview. This is simply put, knowing what makes your company unique and capitalizing upon this.

We then perform an SEO audit and then move forward with an extensive SEO plan that focuses upon many factors such as content keyword relevance and density, strong title and description tags, page loading speed, responsive framework, third party linking and much more. If your interested in a report for your website performance simply give your website a checkup. It doesn't cost you a cent and will even supply you with needed information to improve your sites rankings.

Social Media Marketing with Clevinger & Co. at the helm will reach your target audience at the right moment to elevate your brand's presence, drive traffic to your website, build your audience and increase sales. Our social media marketing campaigns will help your company get more likes, follows, and leads, while helping more people who need your products or services find you online.

Paid social ads are a competitive terrain and it takes a professional team with proven expertise to drive the results you desire. Boosting or sharing your own posts is not an effective social media strategy. It takes a carefully designed campaign with customized ads and posts that quickly and effectively show users why your company is the right choice. To drive visitors to your website and increase sales or conversion.

Branding your company is of the utmost importance. The problem most company's face is the how to, why to and where do I start. At Clevinger & Co. we focus upon Brand Identity Design, the Brands Story, Brand Positioning, Brand Messaging Architecture and Brand Delivery. This simple yet effective approach has yielded major success for many corporations.

Our view of empowering a brand is one that takes into account the nature of your business, the behavior and demographics of your client and positioning your brand with the visual appeal and content needed to succeed. It's not just about the logo, slogan or tagline. It's about technologies and data that combine with these elements to drive long lasting exposure and success.

Digital Marketing is driven by many components and trying to navigate its complex landscape requires experience and expertise. Clevinger & Co. has over 20 years of success in promoting brands via digital marketing and advertisements. Pinpointed to reach the right market at the right time.

Your company's digital marketing efforts are the force that drives new business and client retention. Reaching through an ever-noisier digital marketplace your company must deliver content that is unique and proprietary to get your message heard and gain brand awareness. At Clevinger & Co. we drive these marketing decisions with data driven methods that result in higher conversions, brand identity and product promotions.

Managing a website is a must. All to often we have seen sites that once created remain the same over years without any thought to new content, security, browser changes, script changes and conversion funneling. This not only loses a users interest but poses serious losses in search engine rankings.

Clevinger & Co. believes is committed to providing on-going support and value for our clients by managing your websites content, security, browser changes and analytics. To hire an in-house webmaster costs serious dollars and overhead. We take that out of the equation by becoming a part of your tech and marketing team with a pre-paid maintenance plan that is quite affordable. Don't let your source of income and exposure be laid to rest but use us to keep your site up to date and up to speed with regular updates and back end technical work.