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Clark cleaning company

5460 Dutton Avenue, North Charleston, SC, USA


I am a newly established company but i have been cleaning houses for 5+ years but recently started doing it independently . I would love the opportunity to take some of the burden of cleaning your home off of you . Please let me make your home spotless and cozy

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I have been cleaning houses for 5+ years but only 2 independently. Im trying to build a buisness that hopefully my daughters can one day take over

Yes i provide my own equipment and supplies unless you have special cleaning supplies you would like used in your home

What i love most is the fact that i can take the worries of having a clean home off of my clients so they can enjoy their time at home without the hassel of cleaning it

I was working for 12.00 an hour cleaning houses and i would clean the entire house i aometimes would make 26.00 and my boss would make 250. So i figured of i was able to clean the houses myself i should start my own busisness and make the money i was making my boss


I offer basic cleaning as well as deep clean , move in/move out cleans . Oven, refrigerator,and more whatever you cleaning needs i can get it done