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Christopher Chiropractic Center LLP

Williamsville, New York


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26 November 2019

Dr. Mike does a super job with the chiropractic adjustments. I'm profound deaf and I always leave being able to hear a little better. It's a miracle that he is able to do this. More...

21 November 2019

Dr Mike is a wonderful chiropractor ,not only does he know what hes doing he also listens to patients and tries to help them !

26 April 2019

I started going here for chiropractic treatments with Dr. Michael's Christopher for years and he does an excellent job. I was born completely deaf and need to wear hearing aids to hear. With the chiropractic adjustments he made, they have enabled me to hear things I have never heard before. In other words my hearing is always better after each visit. I never knew this would be possible and it's amazing. Without these treatments my hearing loss would of gotten worst. It's exciting that I am able to hear sounds I've never heard before in my life. I will definitely keep going back. More...

28 January 2019

Dr. Mike is wonderful. He's the only one who has ever been able to help me with my back pain. Highly recommend.

29 August 2018

Dr Nick is excellent to work with and always goes above and beyond to make sure you are pain free throughout your entire body before you leave the office. In addition to the general chiropractic work he does soft tissue work, active release, guasha (AKA graston/scraping) and has used a percussion tool on me in the past. A true head to toe expert for relieving pain and keeping you walking straight! More...

5 June 2018

I have been coming here for 2-3 years now and it is rare to find a chiropractic professional as knowledgable, friendly, and willing to help as doctor Mike. I not only trust him with my treatment plan but have recommended him to a variety of family and friends... all with great success! I had been to multiple other chiropractic offices in the amherst/williamsville previous and they do not stack up. More...

17 January 2017

I met Dr. Mike when he bought the practice from Dr. Andolina, Cant remember how long ago it was, but then again I cant remember if I had Breakfast this morning! With out Dr. Mike I would not be able to work. With all my serious injuries most others would be disabled, but I am Blessed with more ABILITIES to be dissing them. I LOVE my work , live in pain Every day but he keeps me Mobile and working which keeps me off pain pills and disability rolls! I'd give him a HIGH FIVE but that might cause another issue! More...

5 April 2016

Been seeing Dr mike for.10+ years! Very welcoming atmosphere and Dr mike is awesome.!

9 December 2015

Been going here my whole life... Dr. Mike is always friendly, social, and extremely knowledgable. Always been able to help relieve any ailments my family has brought to him! Highly recommend him to anyone in need of a chiropractor. More...

24 May 2015

His throughness of care for his patients is outstanding. The advance consultation is designed specifically for each patient individually using the latest techniques and testing that is available. This consultation enables the maximized ultimate holistic approach to comprehensive wellness for his patients. More...

28 June 2014

The Best:)

14 August 2013

I recommend Doc Mike to anyone and everyone I meet. He, and his wife, are great healers who share wisdom and health. They don't just 'crack your back' and send you on your way.

12 May 2013

Thank you Dr.Michael for being so helpful with suggestions for making pinched nerve pain manageable even during weekend.