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I aim to bring a balance and health back into peoples lives. Everyone gets a plan personalized for them, their schedule and their interests. You can come to me and make use of the gym I work out of, or I can come to you and provide a great workout at your house, or a location of your choosing.

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20 December 2021

Charlie is an excellent personal trainer. I initially consulted Charlie for health reasons. He first did a thorough examination of my physical fitness before introducing me to the equipment, and he also customized a program with targeted goals. He ensured that I was not getting overwhelmed or exhausted after the workout, but still remained focused on helping me achieve my goals. He focuses on technique, takes things step by step, and makes sure I have the right posture while using machines. He is accredited in Sports Nutrition, and has also guided me with my diet. He is always encouraging, and greets me whenever I go to gym. Thanks to him, I have gained endurance and strength, and I look healthier. More...

24 November 2021

Charlie is an incredible personal trainer! When I started working out, I was eager to train with free weights and had a goal of gaining muscle. I expected my first visit to the gym to be filled with heavy squats, barbell presses, and deadlifts, as I had seen on Youtube, but I am very glad that I had Charlie to guide me and take my fitness journey step-by-step. If I had gone to the gym alone, then I would have most likely injured myself and grown unmotivated quickly. Charlie initially helped me gain basic strength first by showing me how to complete bodyweight exercises and do reps on machines correctly, and over time, he introduced weightlifting to me. He always checks to make sure that I am lifting correctly and focuses on technique. He has continued to encourage the spark that initially made me interested in going to the gym by pushing me to maintain my form while completing reps and always introducing new workouts to contribute to muscle growth. He has also initiated a workout plan to accommodate my busy schedule and has always been extremely flexible if something ever came up and I needed to cancel and reschedule. He has even given me real advice about how I can change my diet to focus on eating healthily. One aspect I enjoy while working out is that Charlie always greets me and converses whenever I walk in the door— the gym had always seemed like an unfamiliar place before, but Charlie was able to make it feel less intimidating by not only making sure I was weightlifting correctly but also by making the experience more personalized towards my goals. Nowadays, I always look forward to working out, and it is all thanks to Charlie. I started about half a year ago, and I have gained a significant amount of muscle and have been able to lift heavier weights since then. I appreciate all of the help Charlie has given me; without him, I would have never made it this far with working out. More...

23 November 2021

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Charlie is an amazing trainer! He pays extreme attention to detail and will not let you hurt yourself while training. He is constantly checking in to make sure that
you are feeling healthy and OK. I highly recommend Charlie to anyone who is looking for a good trainer. More...


Provide personalized workouts tailored to each individuals goals and needs.

Provide nutritional guidelines and tips for each individual, accounting for preference and allergies.