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Brighton, New York, Monroe


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Carrie is a business coach and energy healer for coaches and healers. Her clientele struggle with getting enough clients and are afraid that if they can't get this business thing to work they will have to go back to a soulless job that's not aligned with their purpose.

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6 May 2019

I have been working with Carrie for the last 6 months. I have been transformed! She literally saved me from a nervous breakdown. I have learned how to remove anxiety from my mind, body and soul. I have leaned into fear in such a powerful way that I no longer have a debilitating life-long fear anymore, rather it is now a beautiful part of my journey. Carrie has taught me how to set goals, to meditate, to find my grounding center, and has set me on a path of healing. Her methods are calm, precise, and honor the beauty of our hearts. I want to tell everyone about Carrie and her healing. More...

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22 March 2019

I have been working as an intuitive healer for years and although my clients think I'm amazing, and consciously I know I'm good at what I do, I still felt an inexplicable nervousness every time I was going to give a session, afraid that I wouldn’t get clear information. This is turn led me to constantly be working on myself to release more and more blocks, without ever feeling like I was good enough and could feel proud of what I was doing. More...

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8 March 2019

I had an emotion code session with Carrie to help me build my business quicker and with ease. I was feeling a block around being visible in my business that showed up as fear of judgement and being seen. I’ve taken all of the personal development and business training workshops and while I was getting clients it was not at the rate I had desired it to be. After just one session with Carrie I became more confident putting myself, and my work, out there. I used to hem and haw over social posts or sales pitches. I am now able to do these things without a second thought. A veil has been lifted and I am in the flow of who I am, authentically. It feels amazing and liberating. I continued to work with Carrie to remove a heart wall, something didn't even know I had - until it was GONE! I now feel more joyful and free. Lighter and clearer. Carrie is intuitive and insightful. I would recommend a session with Carrie to anyone experiencing a glass ceiling or insecurities around being visible in business. I’m confident the work Carrie offers is energetically life changing. In gratitude, Leah More...

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6 March 2019

I had an AMAZING Emotional Code Session with Carrie! She helped me release emotions as long as 38 years ago! She guided me and let those heavy emotions be released and now I feel lighter! I'm open for new, positive energy and outcomes going forward. Carrie had a tremendous sense about my emotional blocks and created a beautiful and calm space to let them go! Thank you Carrie! More...

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4 March 2019

I had an amazing session with Carrie... She was clearly intuitive and knew so much about me than it even made sense for her to know. We did an Emotion Code Session first and she was able to pinpoint so many experiences from my past, down to when they occurred and how they affected me. I also had a Heart Wall session with her, which was also liberating. This is what I notice now: When I think about that traumatic experience I had 2 years ago where I experienced workplace harassment, I no longer get those waves of anxiety or bitterness. In fact, I feel like I could go back and face those people like it was nothing. I don’t even hate them anymore! There are more feelings similar to this, but that is what Carrie does. She clears you of these trapped emotions and helps you let go of them with ease and it happens pretty fast!! I highly recommend Carrie if you are holding onto some trapped emotions, and most likely you are... We all are! Thank you soooo much Carrie!! ❤️ More...

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4 March 2019

I had a powerful Emotion Code session with Carrie that helped me release deeply trapped emotions from my energy field that I had been carrying around, in some cases, for as long as 20+ years! I feel lighter and like space has been created to put the good stuff in! And I get to choose that. Carrie is an amazing healer and I would recommend her to anyone. With her calming energy and intuitive sense, Carrie held perfect, blessed space for me to do my deep work. So grateful! More...

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12 November 2018

I first experienced Carrie's dynamic spirit at a retreat she ran last June. Since then I have been working with her in a group setting and recently on an individual bases. Without exaggerating it has been life changing for me in my career. I am a self employed person, working in the field of complimentary medicine and the arts. Anything to do with the goal setting seemed overwhelming and confusing and quite honestly, I didn't know how to do it in a way that would bring great success in my life. So of course I plodded along hoping for the best ! Now thanks to Carrie, I have a direction, a plan of action, tasks and goals to keep and to have accomplished by a certain date. Carrie has such clarity and experience of how to break things down into steps, so there isn't any feeling of being overwhelmed. She encourages you through each step, and has terrific suggestions on different ways to approach a stumbling block or problem you are facing in your business. With Carrie's direction and vast knowledge of the business world, I now have a greater clarity and confidence in myself and my business future and how it will unfold, in an exciting and successful way. I highly recommend having Carrie to guide you through to success in you life. More...

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2 November 2018

I know her personally . She is amazing !!!

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31 October 2018

Carrie is an amazing coach!! I have accomplished so much and made tremendous progress towards my goals with her help!!

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I love helping people push past their boundaries and evolve in the very best version of themselves. Watching people grow their businesses and transform personally into super confident business owners gets me up every morning.

Freedom. Being able to create the exact life I want each and every day is the best feeling you could imagine. And it allows me to serve my clients in the best way possible without any constraints that often come with being part of a larger organization.

I get results. I also create a very safe space that makes people feel comfortable, supported and never judged.