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Bradenton, Florida, USA

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Carol Forden has spent the last 8+ years in Digital Marketing and additional 10+ in the Healthcare and CPG Markets.

Carol has worked with notable Fortune 100 companies ranging from American Express, First Data Corp, Abbott Labs, Novartis, Astra Zeneca, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

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22 August 2017

Carol definitely knows her stuff, we were introduced to her by a mutual friend who she worked with in the past to develop their go to market strategy.

Carol rolled up her sleeves and got right to work. She analyzed our market, developed our target market persona and our brand messaging.

Carol then researched where our customer resides online and came up with a complete cost effective marketing plan. We implemented the plan in October 2016,

To date, our sales are up over 200% and our marketing costs are down over 50%.

We highly recommend Carol Forden. You will not be disappointed.

16 August 2017

Carol helped us define our marketing strategy, target marget and personas. She also developed our content strategy. To date, our website traffic is up over 1500% and sales over 180% YOY.

She has strong strategic skills and is able to take complex markets and break them down into manageable pieces. Her storytelling skillscare top notch,


In a toy store sits a shiny new battery operated black jeep. It’s an affordable toy, and oh, man, does it look awesome…. In walks a grandfather and his toddler grandchild. Of all the toys in the store, the black jeep catches the eye of both grandfather and grandchild. Some minutes pass as they circle the jeep - like piranha ...

Does your brand connect with your customers and potential clients? Is your brand interchangeable with other products or services its market? Does it feel like you are just producing another commodity? A great brand is a necessity – not a luxury. Alternatively, does your brand stand out and above the competition?

This is where I come in, the ability to take your brand story and craft a compelling emotional connection is what makes brands stand out and become a neccessity.

One of the best ways for any startup or business can get a leg up in today's competitive climate and set yourself from the pack is to tell your brand story.

Storytelling is how we connect with each other. Wonder why social media sites are so popular? The answer is because people crave the emotional and powerful connection that comes through telling a story.

The best brand stories are irresistible, compelling and provocative in a way that your target audience is going to hear, seamlessly and effortlessly. Telling that kind of brand story will position you and your company as a leader in the marketplace and make your brand a necessity versus a luxury.

The most memorable brand stories tell the unexpected, speak directly from and to the heart or dare you to live life to the fullest.

Take Nike, for example. It's brand story challenges people to be empowered, to adopt a maverick spirit in life and "just do it." That story inspires, continues to be popular and provocative, and consistently strikes an emotional chord with Nike's fans and customers around the globe.

Why is storytelling so important to your business?

An authentic brand story makes you memorable.
It differentiates you as desirable.
It brings your brand to life.
It gives you a distinct competitive advantage.
Your target market becomes hugely responsive.
It positions you as a visionary in your field.

Take the role of brand guardian seriously.

This role is critical.

Like the captain of a ship, you're steering your brand through stormy seas.

Be mindful of your brand's behavior, intention, tone and attitude. Right now, your brand story may be transmitting subliminal messages and telling a story all its own.

As brand guardian of your business, you need to pay attention to every kind of signal your brand is conveying to your target audience.


Need Content that Drives the Sales Funnel?

Exceptional brands aren’t born, they’re made. Content is how businesses separate themselves from their competition and become thought leaders.

Thought leaders never hurt for business.

How do you make the leap from a run of the mill business to be a thought leader?
Enter content marketing.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing engages, educates and entertains your target market.

The ability to position your brand and use storytelling skills is critical. Customers need to be the center of your brand, and you need to tell their story, making them the hero of the story.

You need to know what your audience wants and demands (and is urgently seeking a solution to). The more you answer that, the more you become relevant to your target audience.

And the more relevant, the more valuable. The more commonplace and average your offering, the less valuable.
Your sweet spot is their pain point, that place where they are truly seeking a solution to something. It’s your job to find out what that something is, and then become the answer to solve that.

Real experts know that it’s in simplicity where the true power is to affect change exists and success awaits.

Anyone trying to sell you how complex it all is full of it and you should walk away from.

Stand for Something:

Authenticity is a must today; consumers can smell bs a mile away. The reality is for someone or something you care about they must be

The reality is for someone or something you care about they must be authentic.

People don’t follow trends just because they’re trends; they follow trends because their friends do and they solve a need.

Find out WHY those trends are coming into play and find the undelivered need that is driving all of that adoption. Then you can lead with something that is real and true.

Discovering WHY these trends are coming into play and find the undelivered need that is driving that adoption. Then you can lead with something that is real and true.

Your job is to find out WHY those trends are coming into play and fill the undelivered need that is driving all of that adoption. Then you can lead with something that is authentic.

Carol Forden Content Writing Carol Forden Content Writing Content marketing is to branding what goal pasts are to pro football. It gets us anticipating what we have yet to experience.

A good marketing plan uses content marketing to bridge that expectation factor—not just to “inform” but instead “to engage.”

One way to capture your target audiences attention is to publish such high-quality blog posts, e-books, and content that educates and entertains the consumer and they can’t help but take notice.

What was much easier to do a few short years ago, is now much more difficult. There is a glut of content available today, with an estimated 2 million additional pieces of content published daily.

Much of this content is of a high quality.

What separates the good from the great is publishing great content that is magnified and cuts through the clutter.

That means content that is written by someone with a history of developing companies and marketing plans that know how to engage the customer.

That is where I come in.

I offer a number of single article, articles series and retainer content writing engagements, which include custom visuals and if required original quotes from thought leaders in their fields.

Since I am a firm believer in customer experience, our engagement begins the process directly with you to understand your target audience and the types of content form, focus and language that engages your target market. This sets the stage for the customer experience with your brand.
Working as a team, we can:
Build a phenomenal brand that

1) knows its sweet spot and refine your target audience and target market persona

2) simplifies the brand messaging and complexity

3) stands for something real and

4) uses content marketing to maximize differentiation and produce maximum customer engagement.

Interested in discussing how Carol can assist you?