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7 customer reviews

16 November 2020

I don’t know how I haven’t reviewed this page yet! Michael is great. There’s no other way to put it. He knows his stuff! He helped my dog become more comfortable around other dogs and other people. I am forever grateful! More...

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23 October 2020

Our two boys started getting into fights on a constant basis. We were at our wits end, luckily my husband found Michael's page. He is tough and straightforward, he isn't going to sugar coat anything, which is what we needed. He taught us to be more assertive pack leaders, commands to make leash walking better, and while one of our boys didn't quite finish the program, everyone who knows them has commented on how much they've grown. Michael has been nothing but kind and gentle with our dogs. I highly recommend him! More...

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9 October 2020

Michael Holland is an excellent trainer and behaviorist. I brought in my 3.5 year old rescue dog Roxy. She had leash discipline issues including pulling and refusing to listen to basic commands, and she was severely reactive towards other dogs. After completing the behavioral modification and canine leadership program at COACA LLC, my Roxy girl is responsive, well behaved, and far more tolerant of other dogs. I'm no longer nervous and embarrassed by her behavior when we go on walks. She is comfortably able to walk past other dogs without any reactivity, and I have far more confidence in introducing her to other dogs while on the leash. Michael built such a strong bond with Roxy and showed me how to be an effective pack leader for her. This training drastically improved our life together and was worth every penny. Michael was such a pleasure to work with. I am so grateful to have found COACA LLC! More...

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22 September 2020

I highly recommend COACA. We are only 4 private sessions in and I have seen a major difference in my dog's behavior. Michael is patient, knowledgeable and a true behaviorist! My dog is now able to follow commands without receiving treats and walk without pulling. Thank you COACA! More...

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18 June 2020

I adopted my two and a half pit bull mix, Lilly, in January of 2019. She is full of love and A LOTTT of energy, which resulted in her being surrendered back to the shelter on multiple occasions. My boyfriend has an Australian Blue Heeler, Bayley, and we decided to introduce the dogs in October of last year. When we introduced them at my home, Lilly attacked Bayley, de-gloving Bayley’s ear. After the incident, I was completely distraught thinking I would not be able to keep Lilly or god forbid have to put her down due to her aggression. She is full of nothing but love, but can be reactive towards other dogs. A co-worker recommended COACA to me and after meeting Michael I felt immediately at ease. Michael had a way of explaining Lilly’s behavior and not just characterizing her as “aggressive” which every other vet and person did. He assessed Lilly and developed a behavioral modification plan for us that was tailored for me as a pack leader and Lilly as a part of my pack. We were combatting her high energy coupled with her poor socialization skills (which she probably got from her momma lol) and high anxiety. And most importantly he helped me with a plan for training and showed me proper techniques to be a more effective leader for my pack. After Lilly’s board and train, she came back as a completely different dog. He said she was never aggressive towards any of his dogs or anyone else, she just has extremely high energy. He helped me with a plan to ensure she didn’t lose her training and it would only progress. He even conducted a session where we brought both Bayley and Lilly together and properly introduced them. They were even in the backyard playing together at the end of the training session. I highly recommend this company because Michael cares for every animal that he takes in. It was because of these reviews on his site that I decided to contact Michael, so I hope this helps if anyone who is reading this might have a pet that is similar to my Lilly. I always say that I might have rescued Lilly, but she saved my life. Thanks to Michaels help and a few behavioral modification techniques, Lilly is happy, healthy and listens to her mom a lot better now. ☺️ More...

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28 May 2020

The owner Michael has a special talent interacting with the dogs He shows them love, compassion, respect, and loyalty and they in turn return it to him. Great Dog Man

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17 May 2020

they lied to me when they told me their abusive methods don't cause significant damage when the scientific community and legitimate experts prove otherwise. they will lie to you too and say prong and other aversives are okay. Many of this "trainers" good reviews seem to be from friend's or fellow abusive trainers.The amount of ignorance and lies they spew about canine behavior and training would be funny if it wasn't for countless dogs being hurt because of it. It doesn't take a rocket science to know you can get a behavior to stop if you hurt or scare them enough. That's why you find a real trainer with a credible background in behavior that can teach them everything without hurting and threatening them. unfortunately anyone can call themselves a dog trainer More...

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