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At Campbell Investigating Group LLC, our investigators have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a product to our clients that is surpassed by none. With experience in surveillance, locates, information retrieval, subterfuges, corporate and personal espionage, matrimonial investigations etc.

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23 May 2024

Greetings to everyone who gets to read this, I promised I was going to post a review about them & well I have always used Kalfjohnson424 @gmail com for any Private online investigations. Have you ever needed an expert when it comes to hacking? Have you ever wanted to hack someone’s email account? Recover lost accounts, school grades, boost credit score? Do you need to find a person’s sensitive information? Do you want to invade a person’s PayPal, Skrill, Amazon, Facebook, or any other site account? Upgrade of University Grades, Password, and email Retrieval, phone Lines monitoring, Skype Accounts, Hack Social Network, Trace calls on real-time conversations, Remove Criminal Records, Credit Fixing, cyber-crime investigation., Identification of Cheating Partner or employee, Search no more because Kalfjohnson424 @ gmail . Com is your go to contact. More...

7 May 2024

After reading some of the positive reviews. reached out to him via his mail at "spyinc95 @gmail. co.m" and he requested for info such as my spouses phone number and phone model. Within hrs. I got a notification on my phone it was from him. he gave me a spy link which I accessed with my phone browser and i was able to see all of her texts, call logs, WhatsApp, Snapchat, deleted conversation, social media shared pictures and videos etc. as if I got her phone in my palms. It’s really a great opportunity to use the services of this tech genius So many obviously great generated reviews. Nice platform to try, I know the truth about my spouse. More...

2 February 2024

I was having some uncertainties with my wife of 8 years. She had a break and went to stay with her mom in Minnesota, We always having conversations at night and I noticed that she started to be faraway with me; I didn't know what was going on. I stumbled upon a customer positive review about a tech guy named Rafael, I sent him a message via PremiumSpyGlobal @ Gmail.
He really showed me the clear road. He was able to access her phone remotely and I got to see everything she was doing without her noticing a thing. I was able to move on after this, if there is anyone who has any issues regarding disloyalty, Why can't you write mr Rafael, he's a super legit investigatory expert. I mean in just a couple of hours after I processed this service, he was able to open my wife's phone. Such a life changer and saver! I'm really grateful to Kevin for availing me out of doubts... All these other apps are a waste of money.. don't even bother I put forward that you write to him at PremiumSpyGlobal @ gMail. I can tell you I am glad to hired this beneficial service.

6 December 2023

One of the common advantages and also issues in marriages and relationships is TRUST. I was a victim of this dilemma not until | took a bold step about some weeks ago. Back then I suspected my partner till it got to the extent whereby he starts to keep late nights and sleep out. I just knew there was something going on with him and I was really bothered and uncomfortable. My colleague at work noticed my mood and she made me open up to her. She recommend a mobile tech expert that has the ability to monitor, detect and spy a partner successfully. Yes I quickly wrote to the expert email at PREMIUMSPYGLOBAL @ GMAIL COM and explained to the expert what i needed. He was transparent, assured me and gave me instant access to confirm my fears and doubts by spying on my Joshua’s phone for me. He acted on the details, in no time, I had full access to my partners phone. I saw unbelievable conversations reeked of cheating, call logs, to tracking his location and seeing those deleted messages and monitoring his calls without my partner’s knowledge. I'm thankful that I took that bold step, he did a very great job and I'm glad to recommend Rafael because he catches cheaters to tracking anyone without any alert. Why not reach out to Rafael? You'd be grateful truly for his intelligence and smart spying methods. More...

2 November 2023

I needed a private investigator that could help me keep track of my cheating partner and access her phone remotely. The other private investigators apps made it easy to some extent but it was not want i wanted . I wanted to know more about a certain contact that communicates with my partner every hour. She was always on the phone with this "person". I figured i had to go the extra mile so I sought for a private investigator named Jeff through an IT guy in my workplace. I wrote to his mail at SHERLOCKSTORM @ YAHOO dot com where I explained my plight in details. We conversed extensively while I explained how she talks to this 'unknown' person at odd hours and how I felt that she was cheating. I explained to him that I wanted to see her pictures, deleted or not, her call conversations, emails and her GPS location. I doubted his services at first but the urge to find out what was going on in my relationship was a booster. I speedily paid for his services and within few hours, through a link, I had complete access to her phone. I saw all her call history as well as messages from all social media apps on her phone, It was like magic. I found out why she was acting suspicions without having physical access to her phone. I do not regret using the services of jeff and I am glad that i took that huge step. It was so worth it. Also, CONTACT the best private investigator on SHERLOCKSTORM(dot)US or SHERLOCKSTORM@yahoo(DOT)com More...

10 October 2022

Working with Jeff from SHERLOCKSTORM INVESTIGATIONS was an amazing experience. I felt like I was working with a friend. He seemed to take a personal interest in my infidelity case and never gave up until we came to a conclusion. Sadly I noticed a drastic change in my husband behavior, I needed to have him followed up and checked because I am home with the boys and also 6 months pregnant. He keeps driving me crazy, going to work at odd hours, making several secret calls, he goes out late at night, the height of it all is that he wouldn’t let me touch his phone, that was when I knew something was wrong. Thanks to SHERLOCKSTORM@yahoocom, who kept my sanity in check. With the help of SHERLOCKSTORM@yahoocom I found out that this man had been cheating on me with our neighbor, Jeff was very helpful I was able to gain access to my husband phone, I read all his text messages(including deleted ones) I listened to his live conversations, I had access to all his social media accounts and emails, I had access to his photos and videos, I also monitored and tracked his locations trying to cross reference it with the timeline. What I saw broke my heart into a million pieces.
If I knew of someone needing this kind of service I would not hesitate to recommend jeff and his Company.

30 November 2021

Very reliable company delivered what they promised,They did a investigation for me ,prices was reasonable.

10 November 2021

Recommend monitoring and track suspected cheating wive and activities at work. However this great app couldn’t grant all access I needed to detect and catch my wife red handed in her deceptive ways. It all started when I had a suspicion on her with some recently inherited behavior like staying out late nights after work, being clingy to her phones and so on. I came to the internet to find a lasting solution to solve my marital problems. Thank God, faz came my way after checking through positive reviews , how he helped a woman catch her cheating husband red handed. I reached him via his mail at targetspytech (@) gmailcom and he requested for certain info such as my spouses phone number and phone model. Within hrs I got a notification popped up on my phone it was from Faz. he gave me a spy link which I accessed with my phone web browser there I was able to see all of his texts, call logs, WhatsApp, deleted conversation, social media shared pictures and videos etc as if I got his phone in my palms. It’s really a great opportunity to use the services of targetspytech (@) gmailcom, if you got similar issues right now I’ll strongly advice you write him for an excellent spying and tracking services. This is the most highly recommended and genuine services that works efficiently than the spy apps. You can tex him on WhatsApp at (plus one eight five six five seven five one zero seven nine) More...

7 November 2021

Fast , friendly and efficient.

Delivered the results we needed

Clint is a gentleman, I would highly recommend their professional services

Thank you!

22 October 2021

Mr.Campbell was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. He didn't waste any time informing me of the options available to me and very transparent with their pricing for services. Thanks for your great service!

18 October 2021

Would definitely recommend Campbell Investigating. Mr. Campbell was the first person in contact with me. He was very professional, honest and helpful from beginning to end. The way he handled my case definitely had a personal touch. He always tried to make time for my case and gave me an instant play by play of everything that was happening. Amazing company. Would use again More...

24 May 2021

Clinton has amazing customer service skills. I would choose this firm over any. The level of customer service is second to none. I would recommend this place over any other. Clinton thanks for everything, and I appreciate your hardwork and dedication. More...

11 May 2021

Absolute great work! Mr.Campbell is extremely professional. The work conducted was excellent and followed every instruction given. Will use again in the future if needed. Very pleased! Keep up the great work ! More...

11 May 2021

Working with Campbell Investigating Group was such a pleasant experience. Very knowledgeable and helpful and swift with results! I hope I won’t need their services again but if I do, I know where to come! More...

10 May 2021

Private Investigators

It was a pleasure working with the Campbell investigation.
Mr. Campbell was the first investigator to contact me from "Bark. " He was extremely professional from the beginning to the end. Mr. Campbell kept me informed during the entire investigation (even while he was on a business trip). On several occasions, he updated me on the details of the investigation, while it was unfolding with my husband.

I highly recommend the "Campbell Investigating Group" to anyone searching for experienced investigators because they got the job done.


5 May 2021

Campbell Investigation Group was simply phenomenal to the say the least ! Professional, kept communication and updated me throughout the entire process friendly and prompt . Any questions I had where addressed swiftly ! Would highly recommend!! Thank you so much for your services . More...

5 May 2021

Absolute thorough work! Mr.Campbell met my every need & went above & beyond with the handling of my case. Very pleased .

5 May 2021

Excellent customer service, great communication skills and keeping me posted from start to end. Got full information that I need it. Quality of their work is unbelievable. I highly recommend this company for any kind of private investigations. More...

5 May 2021

Outstanding experience working with this company

5 May 2021

Professional, helpful, honest, reasonable rates and understanding. Mr. Campbell stayed in contact with me through the surveillance. Best Investigation company in New York. Highly recommend. More...

21 October 2020

Private Investigators

The court system had us wait for more than a year for no results. Mr. Campbell gave us all the info to move forward with finding our kidnapped daughter.

1 August 2020

A friend of mine was in her marriage for almost 4 years. Their marriage was a happy and covetable one because I always saw them as a happy couple. From the outset, my friend was living her best life, I was happy for her. However, after few months, she started posting sad quotes about infidelity and later on deactivated all her social media accounts. I made my move to know what was going on. She confessed her struggles to me. I talked to a phone expert named Jim on google mail, I got his recommendation online about a few smart ways to catch a cheating partner. Many thanks to Jim from januscloudhack @ gmailcom for helping out with valid evidence from text messages, to photos and videos from Social Media Accounts deleted and kept from her. Jim dug it all up and in less than 2 hours, she knew who her husband really was and who he has been with discreetly without having physical access. My friend could monitor conversations and location accurately till she filed for a divorce. For New Hacks, Softwares, Hacking Tools, Call/GPS Tracking, Spoof Call, iPhone/Samsung hacking, phone cloning, Gaining Full Access To Any Mobile Device, Whatsapp, Email, iMessage, dating apps or Any Other Social Media Accounts, contact januscloudhack @ gmailcom, his services are affordable. He has surveillance experience and a good idea of all the relevant privacy laws and hacking solutions. I saw all the positive recommendations and I decided to make inquiries too and got what i needed urgently. I have no regrets giving this recommendation More...


What I love the most about my job is knowing that we are making a difference in someone's life. Whether its revealing the secrets hidden in an unfaithful relationship or uncovering massive insurance fraud, we know that the work we provide is greatly needed and appreciated.

Personally, I've wanted to be a Private Investigator since I was a child and saw my first episode of Magnim P.I. After having several years of experience under my belt with other firms, starting my own firm just seemed like the next natural step. We noticed that the "average Joe" did not access to the type of investigators that the wealthy and corporate giants had....and weYes.re decided to fill that void.

The moment you retain the services of Campbell Investigating Group, you become part of our family. We strive to ensure that each client feels like they are sitting right there in the office or in the field with the investigator every step of the way. While other firms can only associate their clients with their file numbers, we pride ourselves on being on a first name basis with our highly appreciated, repeat customers. With daily phone updates, and prompt detailed reports, our clients are never left wondering about their case’s progression. Our extensive knowledge of investigative tactics and new-age technology, ensures that your case will be worked in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. Additionally, our investigators are always ready to communicate our efforts with your attorneys and testify in court if need be.

Yes, all of our services are offered online and remotely...with the exception of surviellance which requires actual boots on the ground.

The biggest changes we've made to keep our customers safe are that we offer free 15 minute phone consultations to do away with them having to travel to our office. Also, we now accept digital payment so that our customers can pay for our services from the comfort and safety of their homes.


Background/Identity Checks
GPS Tracking
Matrimonial Investigations
Bugsweeping (Home & Vehicle)
Account Location
Activity Checks
Child Custody
Courtroom Testimony
Database Searches
Alive and Wellness Verifications
Sexual Harassment Cases
Employee Theft
Credit Card Fraud
Information Retrieval
Insurance Fraud
Landlord/Tenant Investigations
Criminal/Civil Investigations
Locates/Skip Tracing
Recorded/Written Statements
Asset Protection
Personal Security
Address Verification
Undercover Investigations
Video Surveillance
Auto Accident Investigations
Employment verification
Social Media Searches
Courthouse Research
Counterfeit Investigations
Trademark Infringement Cases