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California logo design delivers exceptional and customized logo designs. We create custom logos, whether it’s word-mark, letterhead or mascot we give the best creative concepts for the logo designs. A logo is the first impression of any brand!

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34 customer reviews

8 October 2021

The logo was fantastic. Everything was fantastic. In addition, the typography is appealing to me. My brand is something with which I can identify.
I'm looking forward to collaborating with you and your team again.

5 October 2021

They created a fantastic 2D logo for my company. I don't know how to express my gratitude for their logo design services.

30 September 2021

The logo was fantastic. Everything was fantastic. In addition, the typography is appealing to me. My brand is something with which I can identify. I'm looking forward to collaborating with you and your team again. More...

27 September 2021

The logo was fantastic. Everything was fantastic. In addition, the typography is appealing to me. My brand is something with which I can identify. I'm looking forward to collaborating with you and your team again. More...

23 September 2021

They were paid to create a custom logo for my packaging business. The logo design was fantastic, and my entire staff is fascinated with it. Excellent customer service.

16 September 2021

I'm stunned by California Logo Designs' complete logo design skills. The procedure of recruiting a logo specialist was straightforward, but the outcome is copious. Fifteen high and stars.

13 September 2021

Exceptional multimedia services, responsive WP website themes, excellent web building services that even provide marketing services. A full 100 percent bundle.

9 September 2021

I started working with California Logo Designs, after looking at portfolios of other logo design businesses. I'm happy that I took the proper choice. They designed my brand with a unique 3D logo. More...

6 September 2021

They are highly professional and in only one day have produced a logo for my brand. The logo was really attractive and attractive

2 September 2021

They're excellent!! My five logo designs have just been sent to me and they have done an incredible job. It was much tougher than I ever expected to select my favorite. They're a gifted band. Thank you

1 September 2021

For months we tried to upload and operate our website. In the following 48 hours, if we don't have anything, we involve our lawyer. Jonathan and Liza have been working with us. More...

27 August 2021

Love my logo design for the overall look and text ratios. Unbelievably successful! Your team has 5 stars.

24 August 2021

All of the web designs I received were elegant and arrived ahead of schedule. I'll use them again for a different firm.

20 August 2021

One of the greatest logo design firms on the internet. Unrivaled logo designers with great finishing touches for your virtual insignia. You have been recommended.

17 August 2021

I'm really pleased with the mobile app they created for my company. I'll contact them again for a future job.

13 August 2021

I'm blown away by how well the logo turned out. All I did was give them a quick introduction. I'd be happy to tell my friends about them as well. Thank you, team.

11 August 2021

They're fantastic!! I just got my ten logo designs, and wow, they did an incredible job. It's been a lot more difficult than I expected to choose my favorite. They have a lot of talent. Thank you!! More...

30 July 2021

I was hesitant to do this online, but I'm very glad I did; fantastic service. For design work, I would absolutely employ their services again.

27 July 2021

Whatever your business needs or budget, they will assist you and complete the task on time. They did an excellent job for me; thank you, team. They listened to my concerns and fixed the problem quickly. I highly recommend California Logo Designs because they provide excellent service and produce high-quality work. I will return to them for any future projects. More...

23 July 2021

They will assist you and complete your project on schedule, regardless of your business needs or budget. They performed admirably for me; thank you, team. They complied with my demands and immediately resolved the issue. I definitely suggest California Logo Designs because of their excellent service and high-quality work. I'll return to them for any future projects. More...

20 July 2021

I got a 2D logo designed from them. Great design and service. I was thrilled with the final product. Loved the experience.

16 July 2021

Will and his colleagues are extremely responsive and accommodating. I went to Will for a logo at first, but after seeing the quality of his work and how easy it was to communicate with him, I now outsource many of my agency's tasks to him. I definitely suggest him for whatever marketing needs you may have! More...

14 July 2021

Very simple procedure, with fantastic submissions from a variety of designers. I was apprehensive to test it out at first, but I'm pleased we did! It was difficult to chose because we had a lot more excellent options than we anticipated. I would strongly advise anyone in need of artwork for their business or organization to contact California Logo Designs. Definitely worth the money! More...

12 July 2021

I had the basic logo design, which was practically complete, in less than a day! It was perfect after a couple of tweaks. They provide a competent service and have a pleasant crew . They are also dedicated in their delivery and, most importantly, deliver on time and on budget. More...

9 July 2021

Excellent show of imaginativeness and advanced inventiveness by the web planning experts here. I'm surprised and recognize their very good quality aptitude. 5 stars!

7 July 2021

I was overwhelmed by looking at CLD’s portfolio filled with assorted themes for logo designs. It felt like a mix of signature truffles dotted in a chocolate box. Impressed and will return for future projects. More...

5 July 2021

One of the best logo designer companies online. Unrivaled brand-worthy logo makers with excellent touches to your virtual insignia. Recommended to you.

1 July 2021

I really appreciate your professionalism and expertise. The designs were very nice. I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

29 June 2021

They are very professional and made a logo for my brand in just a single day. The logo was very appealing and attention-grabbing

21 June 2021

Love the overall design and text ratio in my logo design. Tremendously accomplished! 5 stars for your team.

16 June 2021

What in the world?! These guys just widened by creative brainpower. Amazing logo design and themes available for all types of e-commerce businesses. I even nicknamed Mr Garry as Sir Perfectionist owing to his logo designing skills. More...

2 June 2021

We have been trying, for months, to get our site up and running. If we don’t have something in the next forty-eight hours, we are involving our attorney. We have worked with Jonathan and Liza. More...

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13 November 2020

They are outstanding!! I just received my 10 logo concepts and wow they did an amazing job. It has been way harder to pick my favorite than I ever imagined. They are a talented group. Thanks ???? More...

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11 November 2020

I’ve been working with Jonathan D’Souza on a simple logo for about a month now. I gave a few concepts for him to pick from and none looked professional enough for me. I asked for a refund instead he said I owed more money for the work he did! Granted all the samples looked the same except the font. I can pull up an app and throw a picture on words myself. We hire companies to make a simple logo stand out. I do not recommend using this company at all! Very unprofessional, took weeks just to get something made off of a flyer app. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.. You will be disappointed! More...

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