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Services include weight/fat loss, bootcamp training, HIIT, kettlebell training, bodybuilding, strength training, core conditioning, senior training, post-rehab, sports-specific training, and nutrition counseling.

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5 October 2015

Brian is a very dedicated and motivated trainer who will design a plan for you to follow given your goals and (possible) physical limitations. He is very attentive as you perform exercises and will change them if you have difficulties with some. He pays a lot of attention to your form. Not to forget his great sense of humor. More...

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2 October 2015

I saw Brian for about 8 months when he was at Stanford.  He did a great job of focusing in on my specific issues and targeting them, as well as working on fundamental moves like squats and deadlifts. I always felt like he pushed me to my limit while still making sure that my form remained correct. And his sense of humor and motivating attitude is great so training was always fun. More...

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By utilizing a comprehensive consultation procedure to ascertain your health history and fitness goals, I can readily design a customized, beneficial personal training program just for you. After assessing your body composition, aerobic capacity, flexibility, posture, and strength, I will prepare your training program designed to achieve your fitness goal such as lose bodyweight, increase strength or gain muscle mass. I will periodically reassess your fitness parameters to ensure you remain accountable and continually progress toward achieving your short-term as well as long-term fitness goals. ​​My training style emphasizes proper movement form and efficient technique accompanied by constructive, immediate feedback. Learning how to let your muscles control the weight and not the other way around is of the utmost importance during the performance of resistance training. Your training program will consist of concise individualized and professional instruction, attentive supervision, appropriate assistance, motivational support, and positive reinforcement. A good quality workout session should consist of movements which are FUN and EFFECTIVE.

My approach to training is to have you push or pull more resistance for each movement from one workout to the next. Parameters such as number of sets, number of repetitions, rest period lengths, etc. are relative to your fitness goal (i.e., losing bodyfat, increasing muscle mass, increasing core strength, etc.). The weight lifted for each movement is based on your performance. If you can perform more reps than the targeted goal reps, then the loading for the movement will increase by about five percent in a linear periodized fashion. You will gain strength and muscle mass as result of this style of training.

Undoubtedly it's the thrill of seeing the look on clients' faces as they achieve and even surpass the goals they never thought possible!

Knowing that I can be successful working independently doing what I love doing!

I have over 10 years experience training clients like you and I continually stay abreast of the latest fitness trends and research that exists today. I take the business of personal training very seriously and recognize the important health benefits this service provides. I recognize a good amount of trust is involved in deciding whom to hire for this invaluable service. Just be aware that when you hire me, rest assured that I will provide the best service possible. Expect the most customized exercise and/or nutrition program tailored to meet your fitness goal. It is my job to utilize the knowledge and expertise that I have to help you achieve your fitness goal as quickly and as safely as possible.


BENEFITS: Determines your fitness level; results used to design a customized training program for you
COST: FREE when signing up for a personal training package!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Busy motivated people who need a training program to work out at home, work or while traveling
BENEFITS: Convenient, time-efficient, professional guidance, accountability

RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who want to get lean and muscular
BENEFITS: Lean muscular physique

RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who are experiencing joint stiffness
BENEFITS: Increased joint flexibility and mobility

RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who want to get lean and toned
BENEFITS: Lean physique

RECOMMENDED FOR: Athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts
BENEFITS: Increase strength and power for your particular sport

RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who want to get stronger and increase their stamina level
BENEFITS: Increased strength and endurance

RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who want to learn proper stabilization techniques and progressive resistance that influences torso and overall body alignment.
BENEFITS: Core conditioning will increase your abdominal, gluteal, lower back, and hamstring strength.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Middle-age adults who want to maintain/increase their strength and live a pain-free lifestyle
BENEFITS: Increased strength and functionality

RECOMMENDED FOR: Older adults who want to maintain/increase functional ability to perform the activities of daily living
BENEFITS: Independent lifestyle

RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who are recovering from an injury
BENEFITS: Injury rehab training will hasten your recovery time by increasing your strength and endurance