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And when it's Fun, You wanna make sure to capture it.
That's where we come in! Booth Of Us takes away the long wait for that perfect photo.
No more post-processing and editing —You get what you see. Natural, Good Ol’ Fun!



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We're a fun-loving bunch who want to make your parties just as awesome! Here's why we think you'll love Us—BOOTH OF US!

We love having fun just as much as you do! Sure, we have a nifty little gadget—our photo booth—that takes great pictures, but it’s more than just a simple point-and-shoot. When you get our photo booth for your events, you give guests something fun to do. We’ve got backgrounds that set the mood, silly props and accessories to play around with, and other great little knickknacks to keep everyone busy! Strike the pose (or more!) and just let the camera click away for lasting memories that guests can proudly show off.

Get us for weddings, corporate events, birthdays and more, and trust me, we can make things special for you. Aside from our wide range of beautiful backdrops, we can create customized ones featuring your brand colors, your kid’s favorite color, or even something that goes with your theme! Elegant baby blues and whites, earthy reds and oranges… the sky’s the limit! But wait, there’s more! We can even create witty signboards, toys, headbands and a ton of fun stuff you can play with. And best of all, our social media sharing station, prints, and online gallery are great souvenirs that guests can fondly look back to time and time again.

We do all the nitty-gritty for you— from booth setup to creating custom backgrounds and props, uploading the photos on social media and more! That way, you can rest easy knowing that a capable bunch like us can handle things for you. And on the event itself, our capable team are always on standby to help! Just focus on the important stuff and chill. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Tons of fun stuff! We have silly glasses, mustaches, and masks! You can even hold up fun signs with puns and tons of witty one-liners. But feel free to bring your own props to fit the theme. And you can always just let us know what kind of stuff you want to have, and we can customize it for you (extra fees may apply).

The secret to taking great photographs is making sure that your subject is as comfortable as possible.
See to it that they're having fun as well because when they are you're definitely gonna get the best shots there is.
The perfect smiles, you can get it when they're really having fun.

• What type of event you're organizing?
• When is the event gonna be?
• Where will the event be?
• How long would you need the photobooth set up for?
• Any prop/backdrop requirements?

What I love most is when I see the guests having so much fun, hearing their laughter seeing their smiles. I mean it's priceless!

I used to take pictures of parties, mostly kiddie ones. Then one time I thought of creating a makeshift photo booth set up with an iPad and a small photo printer, and it was a hit! Not just with kids, but also with the kids at heart.
I used to run after the kids at parties to be able to take their pictures but when I put up the makeshift photo booth, they would just stop what they're doing and actually pose and put on some wacky props and they just look so good!

We aim to please.

But aside from having state-of-the-art equipment, our team always aim to provide quality service our clients deserve.