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Being around for as long as we have, we've seen the web grow and change over the years. We've kept up with the changes, and bring that knowledge to the table to help you get your business on the web, and ensure you can grow quickly. We love good design, fast loading websites, and helping the end-user find what they are looking for.

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This is not a one-size-fits-all question, but, at the core, the things that make a great website are:
* Ease of use - User Experience through the User Interface is important because people want to instantly understand how to navigate, and be able to find what they are looking for quickly.
* Good design - text that is large enough to read, line height that allows the eye to flow over the text, white space to give things breathing room, et al.
* Quality content - in the end, the user needs to be able to find what they are looking for.

I love seeing if the client has done research on their competition, so I usually ask what competitors' sites they like, and what their competitors are doing that they think is smart. I also try to find out more about the industry they are a part of and do some research of my own. I also like to hear why they are passionate about their business, and what they think helps them stand out in the crowd.

Working with people and creating something together that will help them move their business forward.

At first it was something fun to do, where I could continually learn while creating. Then it grew into wanting to help people, and especially small businesses, to compete with the big companies. I still love it, and I still love learning about new technology or methods, and I still love building something from the ground up.

We're a small business, so we understand small business needs. We've been around for a long time, so we know what works, and we are happy to share our knowledge. And finally, we do good work that is effective.

Absolutely. We have several options for virtual meetings so we can still have a collaborative get-together.

We conduct most business virtually through online meeting platforms.


"Guaranteed Right-Brain Satisfaction" is what I used to say when asked for a tagline. It still holds true, but it's so much more than that. Not only do you need work that looks good, but it also has to perform good, so while yes, I focus on making it look nice and professional, I also work on making sure that it's fast, efficient, and meets all needs across the board. It’s never been more important to have an online presence, but with a vast selection of web and graphic designers offering their services, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. At Blue Fish Designs in Westminster, I offer completely custom web and graphic design to make your website stand out from the crowd, bringing my professional, aesthetically-attuned design sensibilities to your personal or company website. If you’re interested in working with me on your project, please get in touch with me via my contact form.

There is very little point in a creative project if it is not going to contribute to what the client needs. I understand this and work closely with my clients to ensure I deliver exactly what they want. With years of experience, I simply love what I do and am constantly striving to create designs that are fresh and eye-catching.

Whether it's a logo, a business card, brochure, flyer, letterhead, eBook, or other marketing materials, I am ready to help you move that needle.