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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Marketing is powerful when it is understood as an opportunity to start conversations, instead of a channel to magnify one-way statements. That is how more and more people become part of that conversation and companies gain momentum.

We believe that Marketing more than featuring products and services is a philosophy of building communities based on purpose, passion, vision, and trust.

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19 April 2020

Social Media Marketing

Juan contacted us at Holistic Ministries Inc within minutes following our referrals from BARK. He pinpointed our needs and started the project right away. We're a church facing the challenge of creating a virtual presence through social media. BIM went above and beyond our request. We recommend that anyone who needs a social media consultant cut the chase and go straight to BIM. Thanks to BARK and BIM! Pastor Cheryl Dozier, Holistic Ministries Inc More...

16 April 2020

We have been working with BIM Agency since around two years ago. Working with them has been just fantastic. They are not only professional and creative, but also very kind, hardworking, they are always there for you, and they really care that the outcome of their work satisfies the customer. That’s the kind of agency we were looking for!. We highly recommend them!. WiserBroker, Miami, FL USA More...


A great website does three things particularly well:

1) It provides our clients the opportunity to address their customers' needs in many cases before they have made their mind to reach out for the first time by promoting educated choices and designing a simple way in which they can connect with our client.

2) It guides our clients' users to explore the essential aspects of their businesses, rewarding them with an engaging and responsive design.

3) It is designed so that potential users can learn about our clients' why and not only about the product/services they offer.

Regardless of the purpose of your website, those three things will serve as a general framework that will allow designers, copywriters, and associates the possibility of building an incredible experience together.

Why are you in Business? Why do you wake up every morning and why do you think that others should care?

This allows us to identify the purpose of our clients and build a connection with the cause they have set to champion with their companies.

These short questions allow us to learn from our clients, the culture of their organization, the people they work with and for and subsequently understand the underlying principles motivating the goals of their organizations.

This is the kind of closure that makes partnership strategic, effective, and positive for all.

Every decision we make is a statement. In the case of purchase decisions, those statements become a physical representation of our values and beliefs.

These concepts make Marketing unique, it is the place of science and art, and we love being part of it.

The sentiment of all of us being connected, the prosperity and wonder inherent to those connections, a sense of urgency to strengthen those bonds hoping for a better world, and a vision that beyond designing looks we can build valuable companies and meaningful brands together.

Six months ago we were not the same as we are today, and nor will we be in six months from now because we are committed to excellence in everything we do both personally and in business.

As we build our road to fulfillment we hope that those in the search for it would eventually connect with us and find it for them and their customers.


If you have an idea at hand and you have already been through the Branding process, we will help you establish your Digital Presence and represent your brand the way it should be.

Since creating a website will give you the opportunity of expanding your business and get more attention on the internet, we approach this process from the SEO perspective.

We will create a website with an SEO friendly architecture and a responsive design. Modern in functionality and that fits your needs and requirements.

Having experience in website development, design and SEO gives us a privileged position because we have control over all areas and aspects in regard to this service in particular.

If you have a vision and a need to make that idea come true, then you've come to the right place.

Here, we will focus on two different processes, the first one of them will be dedicated to helping you discover your brand and amplify those aspects through visual and illustrative resources.

We will shape your Brand Identity together and we will make sure that you come up with the brand that resonates with your cause and the vision you wish to pursue.

After the Brand Ideation process, we will precise the Brand Awareness through different Brand Building techniques to make sure that people know about you and the cause you've set to champion.

We will implement the systems necessary to build your megaphone and establish effective communication with your target audience.

If there is something about your audience that you can be certain about is that they use at least one Social Media platform.

Besides having implications in the SEO landscape, having an active Social Media profile will help you connect with your audience and engage with them in a more casual context.

The context in which social relationships emerge and endure. Also, it will revolutionize how you conduct your advertising efforts and besides increasing your exposure, it will help you re-define and adjust different aspects of your strategy.

We provide a monthly service that includes guidance, content creation, technical reports, advertising, and even content marketing.

Marketing is the discipline of researching a certain target to identify and satisfy their specific wants and needs.

Target Audiences have different characteristics, preferences, and ways of being. That is why there are different ways of doing Marketing.

We will figure out who your audience is, what your customers look like, and dig deeper into different aspects of your business to guarantee that you have the most appropriate Marketing Strategy.

Beyond designing a tailored and specific Marketing Strategy, we will implement the systems to make it actionable and effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing websites for search. In doing so, one must also adapt and improve other areas related to the Digital Presence of that Company/Brand/Business.

SEO is important because it puts your business on the map. It increases your exposure, your probability of being found by users in organic searches, and it influences how Google and other search engines interpret your website.

Since 71% of all clicks in the Search Engine Results Page occur on the 1st page, having your business rank on that page will increase the performance of your digital business place.

There are different ways to get there, but here at BIM we follow best practices to ensure that you:

1.- Have an optimal Ranking Position in Searches
2.- Build a Backlink profile according to your industry
3.- Gain Exposure in front of new audiences

AND, we keep your digital presence intact. White Hat SEO only.

We work with MOZ, Buzzsumo, and other tools to plan, manage, and track progress.