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BGS Services, Inc.

Forest Hills, NY, Queens

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BGS Services has been providing accounting and bookkeeping services for over 25 years, to both small and medium-sized businesses. When we partner with a client, we become their accounting department - the same accounts payable and receivable departments all the big guys have - so their company can grow without limitations.

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We're not like other accounting firms. In addition to everyday accounting and bookkeeping functions, we help you in areas not normally covered by others. With us, you get expert advice in everything from suggestions on marketing your business inexpensively, to how to cut your expenses and increase your cash flow. And, if you have a new business or are thinking of starting one, you'll want to take advantage of our start-up consulting, keeping you from making costly beginners' mistakes.

New-Business Set Up
Management Consulting
Financial Statements
Procedures Development and Documentation
Sales Tax Return Preparation
Corporate & Partnership Tax Return Preparation
Checkbook/Account Balancing
Bank Statement Reconciliation
Client Invoicing and Receivables
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Bill Processing
Payroll Processing
Payroll Tax Returns
Sales Tax Returns
Corporate/Partnership Returns
Personal Income Tax Preparation

Is your business growing? Can you afford to hire another person? Is it expanding or losing money? How much are you really spending, and on what? Are you making a profit or are you operating at a loss? Do you know where your company is strong and where it is weak?

We can help you answer these questions. Accurate record keeping is the backbone of your financial health.

All records are prepared and maintained according to accounting standards. We work hand-in-hand with your existing accountant to make sure all records are set up according to their specs; this saves you time and money at end of the year.

We learn your business from the inside out and customize our procedures to your needs. Should your needs change, we will grow with you, because all work is performed on our premises. We can even supply our services through remote access, using your system.

We provide you with the freedom to do what you do best - to use your talents and skills to build something special; a business that you can be proud of, strong, innovative and with endless possibilities.