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Barbell Therapy is a strength training gym in Orem. We offer affordable, evidence based coaching tailored to your needs.

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Evidence based training, nutrition, accountability, and behavior change are all part of the process. We won't just teach you how to lift weights, we will help you find things that you enjoy so that you will want to stick with them. That leads to consistency, and then the results become a byproduct of something you enjoy doing.

No secrets! Anyone talking about secrets is likely trying to sell you snake oil. We focus on evidence of what works. That means helping you to have the knowledge base of how to train and eat, and help you with accountability. If those three things in place, results are guaranteed.

Resistance training has improved every aspect of my life. Improved physical capability is only a small part of that, it helps me with my mental health (depression specifically) and makes me happy, my favorite part about what I do is sharing that with other people and seeing them reap the same benefits.

COVID, actually. I got laid off during the pandemic and it gave me the excuse to start my business, which had always been something in the back of my mind that I wanted to do, but the circumstances of the pandemic gave me the push and the opportunity to get started.

I don't know of any training service that is teaching centered like Barbell Therapy. We will teach you everything we can, in the hopes that it will help you like training. This means we run the risk of you becoming self sufficient, and you may not need us. If that happens, we will consider it a success! That is why we offer a discount if you pay for 10 sessions upfront, because then we treat those 10 sessions as a crash course and teach you everything we can so that at the end of 10 sessions you could potentially train on your own, we will also be excited to have you stay for more. :)

Yes! We do offer online coaching services as well. It includes programming specific to your goals, weekly check-ins, form checks and full-time email access to your coach.


We offer personal training and small group coaching for all levels. Coaching includes program, movement/technique coaching, nutrition guidelines and education. Our goal is to help you enjoy training and feel confident enough to get you on your way to doing it on your own!