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Axis Accounting Services

San Rafael, California

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Axis Accounting Services was created by two individuals who are passionate about helping small businesses get a leg up with their accounting and finance departments. Small businesses often start with a business professional who are passionate about their trade but not as passionate about accounting and finance. We fill that void for them and provide peace of mind.

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5 customer reviews

13 May 2019

Keith and Alissa are a great team! Both are very responsive via phone and email when we need it. Our previous bookkeeper was ok, but had no where near the knowledge and skill that these two possess. In a few short months, we updated all our records and were able to grasp a much better understanding of our finances and growth potential. Our meetings with Keith provide the opportunity to collaborate and discover new earning potential. Keith is very knowledgable and skilled in the small business arena! We are very excited to see where our business goes from here. More...

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12 November 2018

My books were a disaster. My previous bookkeeper completely messed all my records up and to be frank: had no idea what he was doing. I had 55k in uncategorized expenses...what And then, the stars aligned. I had previously worked with Keith and Alissa in my past life. They were highly regarded throughout the company and were known to get it done. Keith randomly reached out to me asking if I needed help with my books. I jumped out of my chair and said I needed him 6 months ago!! I would hire him as my CFO if I could afford him (I still plan on doing so when I can ;)). I now actually have books that are properly categorized and inventory that is actually booked properly! It's freaking amazing. I can not recommend this firm more to people that are in need of accounting/bookkeeping services! More...

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16 September 2018

Worked with Keith & Alissa for 4 years. Both Keith and Alissa were always showing dedication, professionalism and were always able to give me guidance that helped me become a better manager.

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15 September 2018

I have personally worked with Keith for several years. He is trustworthy, patient and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his bookkeeping services to any person or business.

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11 June 2016

Glad to see this guy has put a sign up and is open for the rest of you to hire him. He's going to save you a TON of headaches and the good stuff $$$$ MOOLA I was lucky to find Keith, many years ago. I run my own business and he set me up to create and distribute invoices, collections, and everything that it takes to get my billing done. I mean it was a revelation for me to get everything in order and know where it's all going - and More Importantly - where it's coming in from!! Right. They did my taxes and saved me a bunch of money - and listen, I have an undergrad in accounting with a concentration in taxes (4.0 in this area) but I gotta admit - it is / it was and always will be CONFUSING! (Confucius say use Axis to save yourself aches and pains). Okay, maybe too corny. A HUGE Blessing to have these guys really take the time - be extremely patient (I wouldn't be that patient) and take me through the steps of doing my own day to day accounting. At first they did it for me - and then they weaned me out of it by helping me through the steps numerous times. I wanted to do it after a few years when my business became easier. Point is - Contact Axis with Keith - you will Love this guy. He's too easy to deal with and he has a personality. Some accountants you don't know what they're thinking like it's some kind of mystery. Not so with these guys - straight up, reliable, and get the job done by knowing all the angles. INTEGRITY More...

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