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If you are experiencing a major life transition, feeling “stuck” and unsure of how to move forward, or want to become more confident and self-assured, I can help.

My name is Glenda M. Francis. I’m a professional life coach, educator, and founder of Audacious Inner Works Institute for personal development.

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3 July 2021

It was a pleasure working with Glenda . Even though our sessions were not face to face and through video I could still feel her warm welcoming energy. Glenda takes her time and listens very well. She also ask you thought provoking questions. So be prepared and open to the process. She has helped me with lowering my anxiety, self appreciation and focus. It felt so good to have the support of Glenda. I also much appreciated her summary of our sessions. It helps you to remember and see the areas your doing well and the areas you can work on. Glenda was always prepared and I had an Excellent experience. Thank you More...

9 June 2021

Meeting Glenda was a divine connection. She is warm and very pleasant to speak with. I truly look forward to our conversations every week. She was there in my moments of anxiousness and despair. There were many times I felt I did not have the answer, but her patience and questions helped me reflect, emerging answers that were within me all the time. One of my favorite words from her sessions was excavating. When I first met with her, I kept saying I felt stuck with no direction. In excavating, she helped me to dive into my life experiences discovering where most of my traumas began. This was a huge aid in my healing process. She was also very instrumental in me discovering my strengths and lesser strengths creating balance that serves and empowers me. Glenda was very influential in offering me tools that support me when I am having internal battles with myself. Again, I have to say I looked forward to my sessions. It did not matter what mindset I came into the session with. I always left feeling empowered, laughing, and smiling.
Thank you Glenda for sharing your time with me. I have made so many positive changes in my life. I excitedly look forward to starting our new session.

31 January 2021

I cannot describe the words how much I appreciate Miss Glenda's session. She made me dig deep within myself to understand my own worth. that was laying deep inside me. Ms. Glenda makes sure that you do the work. she does not give you the answer so easily. but once you start doing the work, you really discovered your best quality about yourself. Once, Ms. Glenda, guides and helps you through the process, you honestly get gratification from these sessions. This was the best session I had in years. I am so honored to be a part of this journey and cannot wait for more sessions in the future. More...

24 January 2021

Life Coaching

Glenda is very soft spoken, makes you feel heard and really tries to get to know you. Her technique helps you figure out what you need to do. She doesn’t tell you what to do, she asks you questions and as you think of the answers, you get those “aha” moments and realize what your next step is. She’s very patient and explains things thoroughly. You start seeing yourself in a different and better light. She’s a joy to work with. More like a professional friend that wants the best for you More...

20 January 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed my session and look forward to my future sessions. Glenda made me feel comfortable and safe enough to disclose my feelings and emotions. She gave me so much clarity and guidance, that i would not have had otherwise. Before speaking to Glenda, i was so stressed and worried it had even taken a toll on my health. After our session our for clarity and growth, it was almost as is a weight had been lifted from my chest. I look forward to speaking to my dear friend Glenda again. More...

21 September 2020

Life Coaching

Glenda and I have been working together for the last couple of months and she has been brining such positive energy into my life and has inspired me to be a better version of myself.

Her peaceful, strong, and powerful energy drives great sessions and awesome outcomes!

7 July 2020

Glenda is a wonderful example of human love and positivity. She embodies care and concern for others in a manner that motivates as well as educates and empowers healing. Attending her vitual sip encouraged me to connect with my self and others in a ways that I had never experienced. Positively worth my time and energy! More...

4 July 2020

Glenda is dynamic! She asks the right questions to extract information to set you up on your path. Through her excellent coaching, she empowers the real you and as a result, I now stand taller, more confident, more aware, and more daring. Qualities that I possessed, but were hidden are now powerfully alive. Glenda skillfully taps into the many levels of you to build a whole new you. I am powerful. I am grateful and thankful to Glenda for her excellent skills and true authentic talent.
I now ask questions to myself to remind me to keep my intentions clear and in alignment with my goals.

3 July 2020

I have never met a woman like Glenda, she really is such an empathetic, intelligent and influential person. When she invited me to the Virtual Power Sip, I knew that I was going to get much more out of it than I expected. She brought together a group of intelligent women who shared their stories of being resilient in difficult times when trying to reach life goals and growing into their authentic self. I learned so much about how to overcome fear and how to grow into a confident woman. More...

31 December 2019

Glenda was a pleasure to work with a godsend. She was very professional. I left her way better than I arrived and for that I would definitely recommend her services.

30 December 2019

Glenda will help you to wade through the murkiness of your hopes, fears, and hurts to create a viable plan for living the life that you desire.

She is a well-trained and compassionate listener. Her vast experience as an educator and facilitator makes her incredibly proficient at helping individuals to articulate their goals and to create intuitive road maps for manifesting them.

Finally, I must add that Glenda is truly a gifted communicator. She is as adept at making statistical research data meaningful as she is at making esoteric spiritual concepts accessible.

30 December 2019

It was joyful working with Glenda on the road of discovering-becoming who I was meant to be. Today, I’m embracing all of me towards the future that will, also reflect my authentic self.

7 December 2019

For years I’ve always wanted to be part of a group of women who are taking to time to grow and empower themselves. With Coach Glenda’s Sip and Conversation, I got that and soo much more! This event provided the safe space to be yourself, discuss your strengths and areas of growth, and even greater things I’ve never taken the time to think about. I left out feeling elevated and ready to make adjustments in my life for the better. Coach Glenda is an amazing listener and highly motivational. She is able to activate your critical thinking for self to help you be the best possible you. I’d recommend her a 1,000 times again. This is a woman filled with soo much knowledge and warmth, anyone who has yet to meet or engage with her is truly missing out. More...

6 December 2019

Glenda is a light on this Earth! She’s been a mentor, a friend, and most importantly someone who I can turn to during tough times. She’s one of the most influential people in my life and has helped mold me (a project raised, Brooklyn born sista) into a SELF RESPECTING woman-prenuer. Incredibly intuitive, extremely humble, extremely intelligent, and tenacious all describe Ms.G.
I hope she continues to shine her light on this Earth because every woman in our community could use it during these dark times. Highly HIGHLY recommended!

4 December 2019

I have known Glenda Francis since college, well over 25 years. She is and has always been a gifted, thoughtful, authentic, and amazing teacher and woman. Her life’s mission has always been to improve the lives of others. Back then, she worked with school kids; today, she works with adults as a Life Coach. Glenda is serious about what she commits herself to and passionate about helping others evolve and improve their lives.

On a personal level, Glenda has pushed me in looking at my patterns, supported me in dissecting what they mean, and recognizing when they negatively influence my life. These have been my biggest revelations to date, and Glenda has been and continues to be a huge support to me in my evolution.

If you are SERIOUS about doing this work, Glenda is the person you need in your corner. She will push you to dig deeper, help with the difficult work of discovering what you don’t know about yourself, and develop the necessary tools to change your life. What else can I say—she’s amazing and awesome!!!

27 November 2019

Glenda is AMAZING!!!!!! She has blessed my life in the most serious way. I recently got divorced after 17 years of marriage and for the first time in my adult life operating out of my roles as a wife, mom and professional. My normal for the past 17 years of my life has been completely stripped away. Prior to Glenda, I was feeling stuck, unsure of myself with my roles stripped away and deeply unsatisfied with my life because I knew there was more for me...I just didn't know how to get there.

I am so thankful and grateful that I have Glenda to help through this transitional period in my life. She has been so insightful and exceptional during this major transition. The tools and processes she has provided me with have been essential yet practical as I venture on this journey of not only understanding myself but also becoming me and acquiring clarity on the direction I want to move forward in my life.

There have been subconscious roadblocks and wounds in my life that she has helped uncover which has helped me drastically as I blossom to be the woman I was created to be. I don't think I realized how much I needed Glenda and the services she offers until I began to experience freedom from my past and began seeing monumental results where I am now no longer holding myself back because I now feel so empowered to go full force ahead. If you don't realize it yet, I HIGHLY recommend Glenda M. Francis for your life coaching needs!!

23 November 2019

I was going through a major career transition after moving to New York. Glenda guided me through when I felt really stuck and discouraged in life. She introduced to me the concept of "critical moment in learning" (I believe it is education theory) which allowed me to accept and evaluate my own experiences to further develop and solidify my foundation. She is an incredibly active listener who is open and compassionate. She will also give you practical guidances to move forward with. I absolutely recommend Glenda and her coaching service to anyone who is seeking to grow in their own directions for success. More...


I love facilitating, that is, helping others self-discover, learn, and grow. The heart of what I do--and have done much of my life--is equipping others to recognize and stand firm in their own greatness and power. Seeing others achieve "aha" moments and moving forward with a reinvigorated spirit, purpose, and power are priceless!

It was time! Something in my spirit was seeking expression and as I explored what was trying to emerge, I was led full circle to the work I did as a college student and in fact, underpinned the work in which I later engaged as an educator and math consultant--empowerment. My life experiences had brought me to a new evolved phase in my life and I was more than ready to own it!

My mission is to equip people who are willing to achieve more mindful, powerful living. Whether it's growing their confidence, getting clear about their life purpose, discovering/re-discovering themselves, or being the best human they can be, I can support you in your journey. I am transparent, highly skilled, powerful, and inspiring. And, I'll hold you accountable! If you're REALLY ready to do the work and looking for a collaborative partner with these qualities, allow me to congratulate you. You've just found your empowerment coach! I can't wait to meet you!

Yes, absolutely! All my services are offered remotely during this era of COVID.

I offer virtual services only so clients can experience coaching from the comfort and safety of their own homes.


Along with the coaching and public engagement services, I sponsor programs as a vital component of my overall approach to facilitating personal growth and wellness. As a participant, you’ll be immersed in powerful learning communities governed by norms of engagement where you will be supported—and challenged—to define yourself, own your power, relinquish grievances, and design a new vision for your life. With sustained immersion, you’ll begin to notice a heightened self-awareness and shifting mindset. Similarly, your engagement with the various paradigms, tools, and ways of being will result in greater self-actualization and mindful living.

Programs and institutes include:

Sip with Conversation: Who Are You (Becoming)?:
A complimentary one night social event that occurs several times per year, A Sip is designed to connect, in real time, millennial women for an amazing evening as they sip and chat about their aspirations, obstacles and struggles, and what matters most to them.

Who are You (BEcoming)?: A 6-Week Developmental Series:
This 6-week series, facilitated twice per year, is designed for women, especially women of color, who are ready to take a deeper dive into the landscape of themselves and emerge more powerfully as the truth of who they are!

Something Beautiful: Self-Awareness and Self-Discovery for Teen Girls (13 – 17), A 6-Week Developmental Series:
Our teenage girls are beautiful and worthy exactly as they are! This 6-week series enables teens to connect with their peers in community circles and bonding activities to self-discover and create something beautiful!

For more information or to register for upcoming events, visit glendaempowers.com and select “Programs” from the menu option. I hope to see you at a future event!