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Appture is a merry band of thinkers, dreamers and doers that specializes in integrated branding, marketing, digital and public relations services. Our core strength and key value to clients is the ability to turn deep insights into marketing with greater stopping power & relevance, leading to greater results.

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23 March 2019

We had originally hired another website designer, but he never finished the project. Then we were referred to Appture Software, and we LOVE our site. www.dorseysunlimitedconstruction.com More...

23 March 2019

Thank you, Team Awesome. The design of my site is so much more than just beautiful I simply have no words. To say I’m pleased would be an understatement!

23 March 2019

The video looks great . . . I appreciate your professionalism, great direction and the work . . ."

23 March 2019

I really enjoyed meeting everyone and being a part of such an impressive event. I think this is going to be a great year . . . ."

23 March 2019

"Thanks for a great day! You’re terrific!"


We use design to turn concepts into cash registers, impressions into engagement and campaigns into concrete results. Hundreds of projects delivered over nearly two decades has shown us ways to make efficient use of technology and budgets.
That efficiency means flexible designs, stable code, and reliable servers and secured content without headache or hassle.

No one website is the same and Our Small Business Websites are built to meet your specific needs and requirements while adhering to industry standards.

Today’s media is all about perception. And if your company is not well branded, or if that brand perception is unfocused, getting higher click throughs and conversion is much tougher.

Marketers always have a wide variety of marketing strategies to work on: social media, SEO and PPC, content marketing and local and email marketing. And in every case, getting more bang for the buck is a constant demand. However, an incredibly vital magnifier of marketing is branding.

Often, the current brand used for a business may not work effectively on social media and could an adverse effect on sales.

We research to show how the business is actually perceived in the market, not how you think it is perceived.
Then we weaponize your brand message to make hitting your goals a near certainty.

In our 35 years of experience, we've created a methodology that permits us to define and focus on core issues. Goals, history, reputation, competitors, industry specialties and changing trends are all part of that interview.

We call it the InteloGenesis, or, the beginning of the big idea.

The InteloGenesis is designed to give Appture the background information needed to assess your current marketing programs. It should take just a few minutes of your time to complete and will enable us to provide you detailed feedback regarding the suitability of your marketing programs to your prospective market, as well as how your efforts compare to that of similarly situated companies.
Any information you provide will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Bringing our client’s stories to life is the passion of our creative team. We make beautiful ads, eBooks, videos, and infographics that sell.

Simply knowing digital inside and out doesn’t cut it. We invest time and energy into understanding our clients, their industries, their unique challenges and their audiences. We work across categories, channels and mediums so that wherever the brand lives, it’s brought to life as a unified, inspiring and connected experience.

We provide monthly PPC reports that includes ad performances, click-through-rates (CTR), engagements, follows, likes, plus more. Furthermore, after you review your report, if you have any questions or concerns, we’ll book a call with you so we can answer your questions, address your concerns and explain the report to you. This is included in your Small Business PPC Package and of no-charge to you.

The InteloGenesis asks questions such as:

Briefly describe your product/service: ________________

What is the average dollar value of an individual sale?

What might a “key account” customer be worth in total annual sales dollars? ______________________________

Approximately what percentage of your total business is derived from the top 20% of your account base? ________

What are the primary advantages/disadvantages of your product/service? __________________________________

Has anything newsworthy been done for your product, your industry, or your company and its principals?

Describe secondary product or service information:

Please list primary markets/industries to which your company currently sells: __________________________________

Please list possible secondary markets in which your product/service is not currently well-established:

What are the primary marketing challenges your company faces? __________________________________________

Does your product/service have a season? Please describe:

Please identify the job titles of those who influence the decision to buy or specify your product (CEO, Purchasing Agent, Design Engineer, etc.)

List the primary publications used for advertising and
public relations (attach media schedule if possible):

If you use direct mail, indicate the following:

List Type # Names # Times/Year
Customer ______________ ______________
Past Inquiry ______________ ______________
Rented ______________ ______________
Other ______________ ______________

Indicate the type of mailings you use:

 Catalogue .
 Lead Generation .
 Technical Updates .

List the trade shows you attend: ____________________

List the directories you use: ________________________

Indicate the approximate amount of monthly leads:

How are your leads processed? ______________________

Are your leads entered into a database? .
 yes .

If entered into a database, for which of the following activities is the database used?

 Lead tracking
 Territory activity and performance reporting
 Media effectiveness tracking
 List creation for niche mailings
Do you pre-qualify leads prior to sending them to your field representatives? .
 yes .
If yes, please describe the process: __________________

Years in business: ________

Annual Sales Volume: __________

How are sales trending?

 Up .
 Down .

Is this a subsidiary/division of another company?

 yes .
If yes, name of parent company:
Describe any other circumstances affecting your marketing/sales effort that feel are relevant:

You may find it helpful to include some of the items listed below in order to provide additional background on your company and to complement the information provided:

_____ General company literature
_____ Product data sheets/catalogues
_____ Ad samples
_____ Direct mail samples
_____ Media/public relations schedule
_____ Customer Evaluation Report

Over the past three decades of design, production, copywriting, photography, we’ve produced literally hundreds and hundreds of projects for our clients. Here’s just a sampling of some of our most recent works. Our offices are a museum of prior works, photos, awards, guitars and goofy bits of history. It's who we are.

My father was a creative director all his life. I grew up in the ad agency business from the time I was two years old. It's never been far from my heart.

Our reputation for honesty and integrity is impeccable
Our reputation for increasing our clients sales by 200%-300% within 1 month
Our reputation for “zero-hassle” services, meaning after our initial onboarding process to setup your campaigns, we leave you alone to do what you do while we go about doing what we do, driving fresh leads and sales to your small business
Our reputation for providing services at competitive rates due to our personal connections with the world’s best service providers which allows us to negotiate rates lower than advertised to the general public