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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I have been a life coach for over 12 years now assisting,
many people with their lives.
I'm also a author of a book about PTSD.
Called little girl lost a real story of PTSD.
now available on Amazon. Com I wrote this book about my life with severe PTSD .

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13 customer reviews

26 October 2019

Angel is super sweet and very intuitive. I got really good vibes from her and definitely didn't feel like I was getting played (from past experiences of other psychics). I felt she was truthful and most of all very compassionate. Bc for me the truth hurt like a B****. She confirmed what I already knew hence why I knew she was the real deal. She gave me the push to move forward in my situation. Thank you for that. You helped a broken woman come closer to closure. She's so down to earth she made it feel like your were talking to your bestie. I definitely recommend her! More...

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3 October 2019

Angels readings have been encouraging and uplifting when I need clarification and an outside perspective, she is REAL who cares about her clients situations and speaks to you with sincerity and truth. Highly recommend her and have called on her a few times, thank you Angel you are a blessing More...

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1 August 2019

This is my first time having a reading done. I walked in not really knowing to expect. It was a great experience. Angel was very sweet and funny. She not only opened my eyes but also taught me along the way. I felt i was in good hands. I felt she read me like a book. Im definitely going back. I feel she can help me achieve a better me. Also I'm about to read her book. More...

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27 September 2018

If you need a reading done, it should be done by Angel. She hit it right on the spot!  Kind hearted woman who takes her time.  Thank you!

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10 March 2017

Angel truly has a gift where she is able to see and understand people so clearly. I was genuinely amazed about all she could see in me and she gave me very specific advice that will genuinely make a huge impact in my life. As a coach, she is caring, motivating, and open. I'm so thankful for her support. Go see her today! If you have ever doubted mystic readings or life coaching- that will change after you work with Angel!!! More...

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15 May 2016

Angel is an Amazing woman! I have seen her several times, and every time I see her I leave with strength and clarity. I don't know what path I'd be on if it wasn't for her truth. If you need guidance please see Angel. She will steer you in the right direction for your own good. You can count on her for support. She truly is an Angel! More...

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16 December 2015

I saw Angel regularly for a few months this year. Without her I don't know what kind of mess I would be right now. She helped me heal from the horrible experience of verbal & physical abuse, divorce, and coping with my new life as a single mom. She's amazing, to say the very least. Extremely intuitive, loving, and hard-ass when she needs to be (love u, Angel!). If you are going through some hard times and need to talk to someone that can speak to you on a spiritual level as well as a psychological level, go to Angel. I personally didn't feel a therapist could do/say anything to help me, which is why I sought out other options. Going to Angel might have been the best decision I made all year. Thanks Angel, you literally changed my life :) More...

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13 October 2015

Angel was so very helpful and spot on in her reading . I love her bluntness its kind of a wake up call and sometimes that's what we need in life

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7 July 2015

I first met Angel when I went to see her for a reading about 3 or so years ago. I have had my cards read to me since I was 12 years old so I avoid dubious readings and take on face value very seriously. I have gone to Angel several times for guidance and reassurance in my path since our first meeting, I have always felt comfortable and non skeptical every time I have gone back to her, not to mention the clarity once I leave.Recently I have decided to do some self work and address certain aspects of my life. I have been working with Angel as my life coach for a little over 4 months now and the difference in my perspective has been astonishing. I was ready to tie some loose ends and continue in my journey as positively as one can be and the Universe has put Angel in my path as a mentor just at the right time. I have found myself learning to cope better with negative self talks, feeling better and lighter after every session, more in tune with my intuition and have again begun to feel a little magic in all that life has offered me and continue to do so. Highly recommended! More...

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9 February 2015

I rarely ever do reviews, but Miss Angel definately deserves one. I came to the reading with lots of questions, I wasn't sure what to expect or what I even wanted to know. Let me tell you she is amazng, and spot on , their were things she'd say and I'd think to myself " how does she know that?!". I stayed up late the night of the reading hours and hours after it ended thinking " yep, she was right about this, this, and this.." going over the reading in my head, it was amazing! She makes you feel comfortable and at ease with the reading and does her best to explain things and answer questions along the way. I left the reading feeling great and almost like a weight had been lifted off of me.If you want answers or are stuck in a fog or even just curious I would highly recommend her! I will be going back to see her! More...

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3 November 2014

So I'm writing this at 2am and doing a lot of thinking and how much my life has changed for the better within a month after seeing Angel. She really gave me the clarity I needed and answered all the questions I've been hoping someone could answer. She helped me get pass the doubt I had. If it wasn't for my friend introducing me to you, I don't know how I would be right now. Probably, still lost and unhappy. After seeing you, it was blessings after blessings.. Your intuitions didn't disappoint me at all. also made me realize that I shouldn't be a doormat and to get the control of my own life. So thank you soooo much for that, I definitely wanna come back and see you again soon. I've never been so content :)-Sincerely, Schen. More...

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12 September 2014

Angel really is an amazing person at what she does. I had been looking for a reading when I was on vacation because I felt like my life was just at a lost and I didn't know how to even guide myself as an individual. This was my first time so I didn't know what I was even getting myself into but when we started talking more she made things really comfortable. Her readings were on point and she's really good at explaining things clearly. She pointed out things about me that i didn't even realize about myself until she went in further explanation. She can be blunt, but in my opinion it's a good thing cause it gives a good wake up call. I had a lot of questions along the way but don't get me wrong I left the reading feeling very good and having a clear head. I can't express how good of a person she is inside and out, and she's really gifted at what she does. I definitely give her 5 stars. More...

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14 November 2012

I had been looking into trying a psychic reading early this past summer and emailed angel. She got back to me the next day but I ended up chickening out and never thought about it much again but last week I was at my height of stress and feeling like I needed to move my life in a different direction but clueless where to start and all of a sudden as I was pulling my phone from my purse and saw a number I didn't recognize on the screen and it had been on silent I answered it even though I never answer strange number and it was angel. She said something made her think of me and I scheduled a reading for the next day.  She was wonderful and I felt comfortable with her. And the reading was so spot on that I have no doubt of her authenticity. Sometimes fate does give you a push in the direction you need to go. Thanks angel, I look forward to meeting again soon More...

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