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Andrew Berz SEO and Digital Marketing Services offers results-driven digital marketing services with a core in optimized, elite level web design and five-star SEO expertise. We are pros in technical SEO, onsite SEO and offsite/"White hat" SEO.

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5 July 2021

I have worked with Andrew Berz for less than 6 months but his insights and technical expertise as to how to grow revenue, increase one's client base, and his results-oriented approach are exactly what I or anyone else would be looking for in an SEO provider. He is very bottom-line in his approach, having owned his own business and understanding the most fundamental needs of business owners, large and small. As many of us are aware, this field is filled with providers who promise more than they can deliver and often have little integrity. This is not the case with Andrew. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking advanced SEO services. More...

12 June 2021

Andrew is a PRO, I have worked with him for years and he always delivers. Endless energy, healthy competitive spirit, a deep desire to understand "why" and then create solutions to accomplish his clients goals. Work with Andrew, you won't look back - you will be too busy moving forward! More...

13 March 2021

The Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area (MHEIBA) contracted with Andrew Berz SEO Services in 2020 to create a new, SEO-optimized website for our Institute, which engages nationally and globally in the ethical practice of and training in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and related methods of healing. The project was very complex, with a lot of moving parts, within the context of a growing organization with a global client base. Our Institute was founded in 1994 and has more than 40 associates and our website, www.miltonherickson.com, was in need of immediate attention, changing content, revising products, e-commerce, and visibility. We began a collaboration with Andrew Berz in September, 2020, and it was clear from the outset that he understood our goals and was an excellent collaborator. We worked as a team with Andrew, and since Andrew began SEO optimization on our site, we have seen a major increase in traffic to our website. I would highly recommend Andrew Berz SEO Services to organizations seeking top quality SEO services. More...

8 March 2021

I have acquired new clients from the work on my website, www.psychoptionnsnyc.com, completed by Andrew Berz SEO Services From the outset he was focused on getting new clients--not on just getting site traffic, which has also increased significantly and stayed steady. Very focused, friendly, and not a time waster. Would highly recommend his SEO services. More...

6 March 2021

Boileau Conflict Solutions is a national dispute resolution firm with multiple offices in California and clients throughout the US. We handle a large range of complex mediation projects, offer mediation training services, and are well known in the mediation and dispute resolution field. Andrew Berz SEO Services was referred to us by a trusted colleague in 2020. Andrew designed and created a new website for us at www.boileaucs.com. We were extremely pleased with the results, which are consistent with our vision. We hired him for SEO services at the same time, and it is now obvious to us that by having Andrew design the website using his technical skill and SEO techniques, we were saving money by not having to hire a new SEO team. We are beginning to see results from his SEO work much more quickly than we had expected. On the customer service side, Andrew has been responsive and professional, and has been sensitive to our busy schedule as we focus on our own clients. In our experience, it is rare to work with an online service provider who can have a productive meeting in less than 10 minutes, but Andrew is very focused and easy to work with. We look forward to continuing our work with Andrew Berz SEO Services and would highly recommend Andrew and his team to anyone seeking growth and increased visibility for their company. More...

1 March 2021

I worked with Andrew Berz SEO Services in 2020 on technical and onsite SEO and a new website. I found him to be technically skilled, efficient and very easy to work with. Because I am an extremely busy person I also appreciated his patience. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking SEO or digital marketing services. More...

26 February 2021

I hired Andrew Berz SEO Services in 2020 specifically to address my company website, which was outdated and not performing or getting my business adequate visibility. I had modest goals and was very pleased with the work Andrew and his team did with www.courageousheartcounseling.com.

Andrew exceeded expectations and created an SEO friendly site which was consistent with my vision. I am a very busy individual and he was efficient, focused, and was exceptionally easy to work with. Prior to this experience, I had never found anyone providing online services to be so responsive and reliable. Upon reflection Andrew was very helpful even before I formally hired his SEO company, not knowing whether he was going to be hired. He just showed he cared and I could evaluate his level of technical SEO expertise with the very specific and valuable feedback he provided from the outset. I found having a chance to speak with Andrew to be a very valuable part of my initial screening process. I would highly recommend Andrew Berz SEO Services.

26 February 2021

I worked with Andrew Berz SEO Services for my website design and technical SEO work in 2020. I was very pleased with the services he provided. To my surprise, Andrew still continues to reach out and follow up and offer tips and suggestions, although time has passed since our project was successfully completed and he clearly isn't seeking additional payment or compensation. I have yet to see this in any online service provider. I would highly recommend Andrew Berz for digital marketing and SEO services. More...

25 February 2021

Andrew Berz is a top notch professional I hired to perform SEO optimization on my website. Andrew did a terrific job in increasing visibility of my site and ultimately in acquiring new clients. Andrew is highly professional, easy to work with, responsive, and has the utmost of integrity. I highly recommend Andrew Berz as someone excellent to help you promote your website. More...

21 February 2021

We began work with Andrew Berz SEO Services in the fall of 2020. My business, www.drkmcnulty.com has been successful for years without having the benefit of an optimized, top quality website. I had some negative experiences previously with online service providers and was skeptical when I contacted Andrew. He responded with a down-to-earth, friendly, and nuanced approach. As someone who doesn't need deep technical info but wants to be informed, I was comfortable that he tied SEO and each step to increasing revenue and clients, not just search traffic. He understood how to strategically map my site for search engine visibility while designing and creating a new site which. was exactly what I wanted; I then didn't have to hire a second team to do onsite or technical SEO, which he did all of. He helped correct some issues that were blocking our online growth and the ability for prospective new clients to find us. In less than 6 months I have seen over a 90% increase in organic search traffic, and am able to review the data on demand without any filter.

On the customer service side, Andrew is prompt to reply by text, phone or email. He really did make my goals his goals. I would highly recommend Andrew Berz to anyone seeking top quality SEO and digital marketing services.


11 January 2021

Andrew was a good communicator, and got the job done quickly and efficiently.

11 January 2021

We have worked with Andrew for over 10 years and he’s consistently been a reliable, knowledgeable (and fun) business partner. His level of insight and creative thinking are exemplary and always helps us to push the envelope and provide outstanding solutions for our clients. We 100% recommend him to anyone looking to design an incredible website and grow and optimize their online business. More...

11 January 2021

“Andrew’s professionalism and receptiveness to my suggestions and intentions throughout the entire SEO process were superb and significantly beyond expectations. His attention to detail, genuine concern for my satisfaction, and ongoing promptness and receptiveness during this process were invaluable. It was evident in his approach to the entire SEO project and his continuous communication and ideas to optimize the website that he was intrinsically invested in the overall goal. More...

11 January 2021

From the moment I met Andrew, he was able to understand my vision. Because I wanted to focus entirely on my practice, I asked him to take charge, and he immediately took charge. Throughout the process, Andrew was fast, responsive, and extremely thorough…I would highly recommend Andrew for any project involving marketing and media. More...

8 January 2021

We hired Andrew Berz SEO to do technical, onsite, and offsite SEO to bring us new registrants for our continuing education conferences. We have been doing it successfully for 35 years. Our marketing was by direct mail and referrals from past attendees. We tried for many years, with little success to increase our email lists and to market via the internet. We knew a little about SEO but not enough to jump, in until we came in contact with Andrew Berz. He redesigned and optimized our website, crafted and executed a keyword campaign for those seeking what we offer, and the results were both surprising and unexpected. Within a few months we began to get calls from new people who found us online for the first time. The number of conference registrations who were new to us and found us online grew by 20%. The increase in registrations and growth we experienced led us to cut our direct marketing costs by 80%, meaning an additional savings of money in printing and postage. We saved money and time. Andrew Berz's energetic and focused approach, strong communication skills, and technical expertise were something we had not experienced in any online service provider prior to that time. He is a delight to work with. We have since referred him to a number of professional colleagues and they all have given glowing reviews and found success using his services. We highly recommend Andrew to anyone seeking an SEO expert.

Barry M Panter, MD, PhD
Founder and Co-Director:
The American Institute of Medical Education


Making my clients happy by exceeding expectations--serving people with a level of service to which they are not accustomed, but all deserve.

Passion, a natural outgrowth of the creative process and a motivation for service. When my clients are happy and see an increase in their number of clients and revenue growth it makes me feel elated, as, like many of the most successful people in service industries, I take client success as an indication that I am doing my job well. It is very rewarding.

Andrew Berz SEO Services has a track record of getting our clients to Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. We have top technical skill in technical SEO, onsite and offsite SEO, "white hat" SEO, keyword campaigns specifically for new clients seeking what you offer. We provide an incomparable level of customer service, respond promptly to emails, phone calls and text messages. In addition, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't see results after we begin our work. You receive a weekly report every Monday on our progress and can see real time results any day of the week, and we have a track record of exceeding or achieving the results our clients seek. If you are considering hiring anyone, whether us or someone else, a free short phone call with Andrew Berz will be of high value to you. So give us a call or shoot us an email!

Yes, Andrew Berz SEO Services provides services online or remotely.

Zoom or other non-in person meetings, increased availability due to challenges my clients have been facing.


Andrew Berz SEO and Digital Marketing Services provides web design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, branding and logo design, and other foundational marketing services to increase your company's bottom line.

A major core of our work is in Search Engine Optimization-- technical SEO, onsite SEO, offsite (white hat) SEO, keyword campaigns, and more to get you to the top of Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing as fast as possible.

We design elite level websites for our SEO clients but do not offer web design as a separate service.

We provide the entire range of digital marketing services and like to take on as much of a marketing role as our clients need.

We work with small business and large companies who need high-level powerful and professional digital marketing that is done strategically and holistically. The owner of the company, Andrew Berz, is fully accountable and works directly with all clients, and is available 7 days per week.

We have been able to achieve #1 rankings on Google for our clients and have only 5-star ratings on Google and other search engine reviews.

We believe achieving success for you is the only way to grow our own business. There is only one metric for most company, and that is the question we ask ourselves:

Are we making our clients as much money as possible? Are we helping them reach their sales and revenue goals? We expect to be judged on these basic metrics.