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I am a young female trainer who is looking to help women find their best selves through their fitness journey. When I set goals with clients we look at every aspect to help achieve those goals (hormones, food intake, stress, etc.) I am not looking for just another client to add to my roster, I am looking for a client to grow with, build friendships, and someone I can accomplish big things with.

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5 August 2021

Very encouraging and helpful! Amazing to work with! Saw results within weeks with her programming!


I help my clients by building a relationship of trust first. I trust them and they trust me. After that, it is easy to push one another to achieve the things they once thought were impossible.

The secret to achieving big goals is to stay consistant. Things aren't going to happen over night but if we can stay consistent, while giving grace for the occasional hiccup, big changes will happen. Your journey doesn't have to be perfect to a T just keep on pushing.

I love seeing people gain confidence within the gym. The people that once were afraid to step foot in a gym are now rockin it all on their own in the gym. That growth is my favorite part.

My coach encouraged me to start this path. I saw how life changing it was to have a figure of encouragement in my life and I wanted to do the same thing. Not only was I healthier but I had a supporter in my corner and that was life changing.

I do not view clients as just another source of income. I see my clients as a story that I want to be apart of. I give my all in order to help clients through the good and the bad times of their journey. When they are in the valley I am right there with them cheering them on. When they are on the top of the mountain I'm still going to be cheering them on. I care about each and everyone of my clients tremendously.

Yes. I offer online programming. This includes online workouts, macros to follow, 24/7 support, and weekly check-ins. I am available for online chats and other online services in order to stay as connected as possible.

In order to stay safe from COVID-19, I have taken many precautious measures. The main precautions being that if needed I create at home workouts for those that are not able to go out and checking in with clients via text to ensure that there are no concerns of a COVID spread.


Online programming offers flexibility on both ends. Although you would not have in person instruction the programming used has video instruction along with thorough notes from me. Online Programming consists of weekly workouts, weekly macro nutrients to follow, 24/7 support, and weekly check-ins.
Online programming allows you to build your confidence even if we are miles apart.

1 hour sessions are times that we will be working together to meet your goals. This time is used to give instruction on certain movements, to push you, and to make improvements.
We we consistently meet for 1 hour sessions we will see massive improvement over long periods of time.