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Cambridge, MA, Middlesex

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I specialize in nutrition counseling for those with weight and eating concerns. Using evidence-based research, I assess your unique circumstances and provide you with nutrition therapy that is customized to your needs. I work with each client to create realistic goals, making incremental changes that allow for the most sustainable change.

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A healthy diet is incredibly important to overall health. The foods that we eat can have an impact on how we feel throughout the day. Some foods provide lasting energy, while others are more short-term and cause us to crash. A healthy diet is all about finding balance. Our body needs a variety of nutrients that can come from whole foods, and we can get those through many forms while still enjoying treats.

I love seeing my clients learn and grow. When they make shifts in their perspective, they recognize the value they have as individuals and the power they have to make informed decisions about food. It is amazing to see the difference it makes in many areas of their life.

It started when I had the dream of building a practice where people can integrate physical and mental well-being and learn to use food as medicine to enhance their lives. I recognized the impact prioritizing nutrition had in my own life, and hoped to engage with individuals to help them understand how nutrition can improve focus, alleviate symptoms of mental illness, and energize us throughout all of our activities.

I received clinical training at Mass General Hospital, where I developed a combination of nutrition therapy and counseling skills to best facilitate behavior change. I specialize in helping adolescents and young adults, and using my attuned knowledge I help clients navigate nutrition and use it to their advantage amidst their busy schedules.