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Beau Frail is the Principal Architect of Activate Architecture, based in Austin TX, that collaborates with communities, cities and clients to create socially engaged, sustainable, and beautiful spaces. Beau has managed multiple adaptive-reuse projects in Austin’s urban core and led public interest design charrettes for local nonprofits.

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I love collaborating with people to make their projects come to life—it's always an exciting process refining design concepts into a feasible and beautiful building.

I started Activate Architecture to be able to collaborate on projects that were meaningful and made a positive impact in people's lives. From designing a residence that will become a family's new or updated home to working with non-profits to serve the community, I have the opportunity trough architecture and design to make a meaningful impact on how and where people live their lives.

Finding the right fit for your architect and eventually your contractor are very important to the success of and your personal experience throughout your project. I have enjoyed working on every project in my career, in large part because I approach things collaboratively, with both patience and efficiency, and take time to listen to your needs as the client and main user of the space. Communicating clearly and staying organized throughout the life of a project are key to a successful partnership and I look forward to the opportunity of working together!


Let's collaborate on your new home, residential remodel or addition, retail or office space!

I am also a licensed Interior Designer and can provide interior services from helping select your project's materials and finishes to the furniture and fixtures.