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Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County

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25 May 2019

Immediately after moving into my new apartment, I felt an intense sense of negative energy, uneasiness and imbalance in my life. Something just did not feel quite right. Looking for answers, a co-worker referred me to Candace. During our initial meeting, she recommended a space clearing to remove any possible residual energy left from previous tenants. I was skeptical because how can one prove that such energy even exists? She analyzed my apartment, both outside and inside, then created a Flying Stars chart; which indicated the floor plan was good, however I had furniture placed in certain areas that did not promote harmony or balance. She redesigned my floor plan into one that was conducive to positive energy flow. She then concluded the session with a spiritual clearing and cleansing of the apartment. My new home suddenly felt so much lighter and brighter! Her Feng-Shui recommendations made my apartment look ten times bigger and more beautiful!Candace exudes warmth, wisdom, and has an uncanny ability to identify the root cause of a client's distress. Her compassion and honesty helped me to understand what I may have been doing wrong in my personal life and gave me the courage to adopt a positive attitude and face challenges head on. The changes I've made, have created a very warm atmosphere that my guests refer to as, "very cozy with a sense of positive flowing energy". Candace is a true master of Feng Shui. It was a very special and spiritual experience. My new home has now become a nurturing sanctuary. Thank you Candace for all your help, you are indeed a master at your craft! More...

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8 September 2018

My wife and I moved into a cozy apartment with a great courtyard but felt the charm and tranquility from outdoors never made its way inside our apartment. Although we loved the courtyard's old, large trees, the result was a dark, cave-like apartment interior that felt cold, cramped, and uninviting. Candace was able put her Feng Shui skills to work and walked my wife and I though her many ideas for change. What we loved most about our consultation, was how the information she provided was specific to this apartment, rather than general, generic décor tips. Although my wife was on-board, I was skeptical that rearranging and introducing new elements would actually change how we felt living there, but I trusted her and was willing to try anything to feel less trapped and weighed down in our home. Candace cleared the space, rearranged our furniture, encouraged we purchase simple, inexpensive items to keep the energy moving, and, to my wife's amazement, convinced me to declutter some areas. Soon after implementing these changes, the apartment was noticeably brighter, felt bigger, and, importantly, was a more relaxing space to be in. We actually enjoyed being in our home! During the entire process, Candace's passion for design and Feng Shui was palpable. She was professional, listened to our needs, and was able to adapt some of the recommendations toward more functional purposes (e.g., when you can't have a metal water feature in your living room). We give Candace our highest recommendation and can't wait to have her design our next home! More...

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