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Trusted Dallas-based Web Design & Development Agency, serving clients Worldwide, whether you are down the block or on the other side of the world!

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2 customer reviews

23 July 2018

Accounty is the best IT solution provider.

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23 July 2018

A smart and think outside the box company. From their project managers they are goal oriented and quit not until project on time.
They're principals are affluent and travelers to different parts of the growing economic world where they have the edge on their competitors. I highly recommend this unique company, don't hesitate on consulting with them.

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Branding is more than picking the right colors for your custom logo or the proper words for your corporate brochure. There are many steps to great branding, but when you have the right company it isn’t painful. In fact, brand management can be one of the most thrilling aspects of your company. So when it comes to building a strong online impression that carries into the real world, Accunity is where to start. In addition to custom website design, there are other professional marketing services to make your company memorable for the right reasons. To learn more, simply contact us today.

- Logo Design
- Stationery Design
- Marketing Collaterals Design
- Custom Graphics Design

The website design company you select needs to understand all facets of site creation. It can be an ecommerce web design with thousands of products or a small “brochure” responsive website that’s used as a company introduction. Regardless of how big or small, every site element your customer sees and interacts with must function correctly because your credibility is at stake. If you’d like to learn more about website design, or you want a custom web design quote, contact us today by phone or email.

- Web Interface Design
- Front-End Development
- Responsive Web Design

Web development must touch on all facets of building your website, which includes page design, content creation, web software development (client / server side coding), content management system (CMS) Development, server management and security measures. All these steps are fundamental to a successful site and that’s where Accunity helps you the most. You have trusted experts to show you the process.
Plus, as a knowledgeable services company, our MySQL and SQL team insures your databases will be performing optimally every day. You’ll also have peace of mind that your data is secure from intruders and recoverable in the event of something catastrophic. That’s why companies from all sectors depend on SQL and MySQL. Everyone from financial institutions, ecommerce, government offices, hospitality industries and social sites see the benefits. Now you can too if you contact us today.

- eCommerce
- Content Management Systems
- Web Applications
- Web Database

The biggest questions facing many businesses and even individuals are, “How do I build an app?” and “What kind of app should I build?” The kind of app depends upon your unique style and customer needs. Do you want something straightforward about your business, like a restaurant menu or a mobile version of your current site? Maybe it’s something more carefree, like a trivia game for your local music festival? That’s the wonderful part about mobile app development – you can make anything you want. As for how to build it, that’s where a professional app developer at Accunity can help. We can take your idea to create something innovative or even offer a few ideas based on your business. To learn more, contact us today.

- Android Apps
- iOS Apps
- Windows Mobile Apps

Everyone – from the novice to the expert – can benefit with the digital marketing consultant services of Accunity. Why? When done correctly, marketing online creates positive brand recognition that propels your company forward and earns revenue. It’s true that you need to spend money to make money. But you also need to know where to spend it… and that’s where Accunity helps you. Email or call us today to discuss any of the digital marketing services we offer.

- Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Web hosting sounds simple, but it’s quite complex to run these optimized servers. New techniques and changes in industry best practices are always fluctuating. And when it comes to security measures and methods, the web host you pick can matter greatly. After a problem arises is the worst time to find out you’ve picked the wrong web provider.

In addition to an exceptional team of server managers, you’ll find a number of hosting services such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed services, on-demand deployment, SSL certificates with installation, site backup, storage solutions, 24/7 online support and the industry’s top security features. If you’d like to learn more about Accunity’s hosting servers, simply contact us today.

- Shared Hosting Servers
- Dedicated Hosting Servers
- Managed Services

So how does website support and troubleshooting work? It involves examining the applications on your site by analyzing the code, reporting what’s been discovered and deploying solutions to fix the issue(s). It’s a three-step approach designed to make sure your site is working at optimal performance.

To analyze the code, tools are used to call out critical and non-critical application code changes / errors. These changes are then classified by order of importance from low (score of 1) to urgent (score of 5). From there, a plan is created that’s based on this report. A site might suffer from a multitude of symptoms, like long page load times, web security breaches and so on. The job of a website support firm involves putting the plan into action and making necessary changes to ensure web performance optimization is at its peak. If you’re wondering whether your site should run better than it does, contact us at Accunity to talk to one of our website maintenance specialists.

- Web Performance Optimization
- Website Troubleshooting
- Web Security/Audit

Because many companies have neither the resources nor the experience to provide needed technology advice, by coming alongside, Accunity can offer you that added value. We’ll provide trusted advice in helping you to make strategic technology decisions that reinforce your goals and help grow your business. Expertise from people who know what to look for, avoid pitfalls, and provide critical decision-making advice – That’s the value of custom CTO.

Accunity CTO services include:

- Discussing your business needs
- Providing technology advice to increase your company awareness
- Identifying scope and types of available technology
- Recommending suggested technology to meet your needs
- Providing your company with technology implementation
- Implementing technology policies and procedures
- Educating employees on effective use of chosen technology
- Ongoing analysis and monitoring of technology solutions