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Are you seeking ACCELERATED CHANGE in your business or personal life?

Are you:
• Feeling stress in your job, career path, or business?
• Wrestling with anxiety or phobias?
• Struggling with relationship issues?
• Frustrated with persistent bad habits?

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I love helping people through transformative experiences. People usually come because they have reached a stuck point, or even a full blown obstacle preventing them from moving forward. Most usually have specific goals that they can't achieve, and can't seem to understand why they can't just do it and make it happen. I enjoy helping people to resolve their past obstacles and move forward with clarity and freedom. I find that this work is so pivotal in people's lives, marking a before and after, a point at which they managed to steer their lives with greater focus, energy, and impact. It's very rewarding for me to see someone who seeks coaching with an intention to just be open, vulnerable, and receptive to help. I feel it is a sacred role to help guide them to a better place.

I have always believed in the idea of paying it forward, being the change, and helping others when they are in pain, lost, or confused. Over several decades I have had the good fortune of many extraordinary mentors, coaches, guides, and teachers who helped me in my personal growth, education, and professional development. My whole career has centered on helping others.

I have a breadth and depth of experience that comes from having done the work myself and having helped over 8000 clients, ages 12 to 86. I have helped business owners, contractors, and employees. I have helped clients who are single, in transitional relationships, and in committed relationships, I have helped individuals, teams and large organizations achieve Accelerated Breakthroughs.