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I am trained in both psychotherapy and family systems, which allows me to focus on understanding client symptoms in the context of the relational interactions that influence behavior. I believe that the problem does not define the client but rather is a symptom of his or her system.

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When someone trusts me enough to support them in finding that "ah ha!" moment. I enjoy challenging others in widening their lens to consider different perspectives. I thoroughly enjoy couples work and helping couples understand their partner's perceptions, as well as their partner's perspectives. In that process, I model, coach, and encourage effective communication so the client can learn to communicate effectively in other relationships.

I wanted the latitude to mold my business to fit my long-time vision. My long-time vision has been to work with people that have a desire to understand themselves, as well as the relationships they encounter, romantically or otherwise.

When working with clients that are experiencing issues in areas that, 1. more than likely I have had some type of experience with and conquered it successfully, and 2. to have the educational background and tools to support them in navigating through their issues, that motivates me even more when doing my job. I will say, however, although I may challenge one to explore their "blind spots" so to speak, I also understand that change is a process, therefore, my goal will always be to find a balance in challenging the client, but/and, support the client at their pace.