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Milpitas, California

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22 October 2019

Every time I get my carpet cleaned by a&s they do a excellent job.. I’ve been getting my carpet cleaned by them for the last 4 years..

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9 August 2019

Great ownership! They take care of all of their customers and provide the BEST carpet cleaning services in the Bay Area!

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6 July 2018

Years ago, we tried using a very inexpensive carpet-cleaning company that left soap in our carpets, causing carpet areas to attract dirt soon after the cleaning. Two years ago, I decided that I had better check Yelp reviews before deciding on another carpet cleaner. We checked Yelp reviews and decided to try A & S Chem-Dry, which had very good reviews. The employee came on time. We pointed out a half dozen stains/grease spots for him to put extra effort on, and at the end of the cleaning, we were delighted with his work.A few days ago, after lots of grandkids had traipsed through and played in the house, it was time for another carpet cleaning. Remembering our last good experience with A & S Chem-Dry, I found my old receipt with their telephone number, called and left a message (I called before they open at 8 am) requesting to make an appointment for a rug cleaning plus a tile cleaning and grout sealing, the latter which has never been done in the 14 years we have lived in the house.While waiting, I decided to check the Yelp reviews and was horrified to see several one- and two-star negative reviews and complaints. Maybe the A & S Chem-Dry franchise had changed hands?  Maybe I should not make an appointment.  Then the phone rang with someone from A & S on the line, and I instinctively blurted out my concerns about the recent bad Yelp reviews, and my dilemma as to what to do next. I spoke with Maria and Danielle, and was assured with details that several unexpected incidences had occurred, resulting in those poor reviews.  I appreciated the time each of them took to urge me, with money-back guarantees, that I would be satisfied with their work.  Well, I really wanted the appointment now, since the upcoming hot weather would help dry the carpets quickly. So, somewhat reluctantly, I agreed to use A & S Chem-Dry.  Long story short:  WHAT A FANTASTIC JOB ON THE CARPETS AND THE TILE!!!  Employee Kevin phoned me to update me on the time of his arrival. (Super practice which all companies should emulate.)  When he arrived, I walked him through the house pointing out several areas with spots I wanted special attention given to.  I believe in assisting the worker as much as I can, so all movable objects had been stacked on tables or taken outside. We have some extremely heavy furniture items that are never moved, and have always asked the cleaners to clean around them.  We turned on the house fans for air circulation.  We tried to make his job as comfortable as possible given the high temps outside and in.Kevin's work ethic and elbow grease made every spot disappear, as witnessed by his pointing out each problem area, showing that he remembered my areas of concern.  No sign of prior spots.  The kitchen grout was in multiple colors of beige to black before Kevin started.  It is still drying, and lightens as it dries, so I cannot comment yet, but the dry areas do look uniform in color.No, I'm not related to A & S.  No, I do not work there.  Yes, I am a very satisfied customer who believes in writing Yelp reviews, especially when they are needed to balance bad reviews!  Kevin, Mary and Danielle cared enough about us to do their best.  Thank you, all! More...

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18 May 2017

This is the best team of people that I have worked with, Thank you for all you guys do, Thanks

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4 March 2017

Love these guys! They are the best in the business!

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21 March 2016

Best cleaning Ever! Thank you guys !

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27 October 2015

This company is great. There are a lot of less than professional (and sleazy) carpet cleaners out there, but A & S isn't. They were on time, professional and fixed my carpet that had a pet stain on it. Unlike others I have used in the past, I would use them again. More...

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23 March 2015

Angelo,  from A and S Chem Dry,  was a total professional, explained the process, the cost, the time in would take to clean the carpeting and completed the job with wonderful results.Thank You Angelo!

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8 March 2015

You guys did a great job on our old carpets yesterday. Literally took a few years off...thank you! Our technichian was courteous and very attentive to problem areas. We will definitely use A & S again. More...

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24 May 2014

Living with two rowdy little dogs and a boyfriend can make for some carpet accidents. To make matters worse I'm hopelessly clumsy! After months of attempting to get spills and stains out I decided to just bite the bullet and pay for someone to do the handy work for us. I must have called at least 10 different carpet cleaners in the bay area. I was hoping to get something done within the week. 50% of the companies I called didn't have any sort of availability...the other 50% just didn't answer the phone.Finally I called A & S. I was immediately put at ease, as the receptionist was super kind! Overall the entire experience went off without a hitch. Our appointment was wicked fast and the results were beautiful! No more icky dog smells. We were left with gorgeous carpets and a lovely area rug! If you're having a tough time please consider A & S! I don't know why they don't have more reviews! They're fantastic. I'll probably be giving them a call in the next week or so :). More...

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12 April 2013

I've had my white, stain-magnet of a couch cleaned several times by ChemDry with amazing results. Staff was always punctual and friendly, and more importantly prepared to clean up after the somewhat messy process. I was fooled by an online deal for another company and won't make that mistake again! More...

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29 June 2012

Charles arrived and was cheerful and punctual. There was the challenge of a ( formerly) white carpet and the improvement was obvious. Nice job and a very pleasant transaction. More...

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4 March 2010

You guys were the BEST! I met Robyn at Home Depot and she offered me a special on Carpet Cleaning. I never used ChemDry before but Home Depot knows what their doing, So I thought for $119. 00 and Green and Saves water too, Sounded too good to be true. But it is true! A nice lady name Cher called and made my appointment. She was knowledgeable and kind. She made my cleaning date and time and Paul was my service technician and he did a wonderful job. He was in uniform and arrived on time and was thought full. After the completion I received a phone call from Arriane, she was touching base to see if everything was to my satisfaction. I told her Everything is Great! All the dirt is gone, It looks like a brand new carpet again. You know these guys are all great! And I think you should know that we do remember great customer service! Many Thanks. I'll call you, guys to do my mothers house now that I know She will be well taken care of. Sincerely, Raven More...

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