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How much will I pay for an Airport Transfer?

Average Price
$40 - $146

What is the average price of an Airport Transfer service?

Not sure how much a ride to the airport will set you back? Read on to find out how much you’ll pay for airport transfers based on your location, the destination, the party size, and more.

How does an Airport Transfer work?

Anyone that has caught a flight before will know that the location of an airport is far from convenient. There is usually a considerable amount of travel required before getting to an airport, which can be made even trickier for smaller regional airports where public transport is lacking in the surrounding area. 

 Airport transfers take the hassle out of the process. They’ll pick you up from your home and deposit you directly at the terminal. They are chauffeured by professional drivers who are friendly and knowledgeable, to ensure the best possible start to your trip. You can also arrange for airport transfers to take you from the airport to your hotel once you arrive at your destination, as well as to bring you back home once you land. Many airport transfer companies also serve seaports too. 

How much does an Airport Transfer cost on average? 

The cost of an airport transfer varies widely depending on the vehicle type and your location. Based on our research of local US airport transfer companies, we’ve put together the minimum and maximum average costs below: 

Minimum cost (per one-way journey)$40
Maximum cost (per one-way journey)$146

What changes the cost of an Airport Transfer service? 

There are lots to consider when choosing your airport transfer. Here are the key considerations which will inevitably have an impact on price:  

  • The destination

  • Party size 

  • Vehicle type 

  • Timing 

The destination

Destination of airport transfer (4 seater vehicle) Highest average price Lowest average price
Pasadena - Los Angeles International Airport$146$66
Dallas - Dallas Fort Worth Airport$102$53
Brooklyn - John F. Kennedy Airport$124$101
Nashville - Nashville Airport$128$40
Kissimmee - Orlando Airport$107$50
Chicago - Chicago O’Hare Airport$110$83

The three biggest factors affecting the cost of airport transfers are your destination, the location, and the vehicle type

Airport transfers to Nashville Airport are the cheapest starting at just $40

As you might expect, airport transfers in the likes of New York and Los Angeles are the most expensive overall. A transfer from Pasadena to LAX will set you back up to $146 excluding tips. 

Some flights require you to fly from an international airport, which means you’ll pay more for airport transfer compared to flying from a local airport. One way to keep costs down is to book a hotel closer to the airport and arrange for a transfer the next morning. While that may seem expensive, compared with traveling hundreds of miles it would usually still be cheaper.

Party size

If you have a large party then you’ll need a bigger vehicle to safely transport everyone as well as their luggage! Switching to a minibus rather than separate cars will probably be more valuable if your party exceeds 6 people. Keep in mind that there needs to be room for everyone’s luggage in the vehicle too. 

Vehicle type

Airport transfers come in all shapes and sizes from sleek Mercedes to a coach that the entire family could fit into. While luxury vehicles will cost you extra they are the best way to start your holiday in style. Most airport transfer companies will price their vehicles on their website before you book so that you can pick the most reasonable option based on your budget. 


Traffic can be unpredictable, to say the least! So always make sure that you leave plenty of time when you are planning your journey to the airport. There’s nothing more frustrating than unexpected road congestion or an accident preventing you from catching your flight. The driver will want to be aware of the time, as well as your expected flight arrival time when you get back. There may be additional fees for traveling at peak times. 

Getting Airport Transfer - is it worth the cost? 

Unfortunately, a stressful journey to the airport can start your holiday off on the wrong foot! 

Being stuck in traffic, missing your train connection, or simply not leaving enough time for the journey can all create unnecessary stress. Plus if you are returning after a long flight you might not even be in a fit state to drive safely. With an airport transfer, all of that hassle is taken care of for you. You’ll be taken straight to your terminal or delivered back home depending on whether you are arriving or departing. Airport transfers make for the ideal start to any holiday or business trip and so are highly recommended. 

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