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Zen Acupuncture & Herbs

Glendale, California


Zen Acupuncture & Herbs

Glendale, California


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Melody G.

18 October 2019

If you're someone like me and haven't tried acupuncture before Zen Acupuncture, Alin is your go-to person! Not only is she such a sweetheart but her treatments make a world of difference. I've been going to her for a few months and I can confidently say she's not only helped with my lower back pain but also mental clarity with her treatments. If you're thinking about acupuncture then definitely go to her, you won't regret it and you'll come out feeling like a new person! More...


Gail C.

19 August 2019

Alin Aslanian is an amazing acupunturist. She is gentle, knowledgable and thoughtful. She takes her time with you. She gets you feeling better. She is the best.


Michael G.

17 June 2019

I have come back and continue to get excellent treatment since it seems like acupuncture has been the best way to manage my pain. I plan to continue my treatment.


Herachik Mirzaians

25 September 2018

amazing instant healing! I was surprised getting out of bed, how my back was not hurting any more!


Norik Ghazalian

25 September 2018

Great treatment, all my pain is gone


Karin Ordubegian

25 September 2018

I’ve been going to her for my acute back pain and the results have been out of this world. I recommend her highly as I am her patient for life.


Lorita Davoudian

25 September 2018

I feel to born again walked in with many pains but walked out so fresh and no sign of any pain. Suggest for who has pain experience go to this amazing and professional accupancherist and release all your pain.


Sarah Khachikian

25 September 2018

Whoa,I have one word to describe my first Acupuncture Experience: EUPHORIC
So I’ve always wanted to do acupuncture but never actually have until yesterday!
I am sure everyone’s experience is different with acupuncture, but I can say that I felt a ton of movement in energy, and I felt so wonderful - even after 1 session. I have no doubt that there are great benefits to the systems of the body by this wonderful form of healing.
So if you have an inkling to try it out, looking to give a boost to your body, have any kind of body pain, etc., then I highly recommend going to see the beautiful energy and talented healer Alin Aslanian.
She is such a deep and gentle healer that you won't even think of the needles.


Paul M.

31 August 2018

Before I visited Alin, I have had neck, shoulder and arm tension, numbing and pain for 6 days. I went to a doctor and they said it was a pinched nerve and inflamed muscles. They gave me muscle relaxer and ant inflammatory pills and they did not help. I then went to a chiropractor, to try to get treatment and they would not treat me. I was able to get an appointment with my regular chiropractor and they helped with flexibility, but not the pain. I had family tell me that I should go to an acupuncture, but I am  skeptical of all eastern medicines and I hate needles. I just had to much pain and for too long I decided I am willing to try anything.I went for one session and I was laying on bed and my my pain was hurting cause of laying on my stomach. Then she started her treatment and the pain went away. I was shocked!!! I can not believe this actually works. I started to talk to her cause I was shocked it was working and her life journey alone is worth going to just hear about it. I left the shop and about 15 minutes later the pain came back, but it was not as severe.  I would come back to get more treatment, but I have to leave on a work trip. I hope its gone by the time I get back, but if not I will book another treatment.I also called three other Acupuncture places and her's was the most affordable. More...


Arpy B.

13 August 2018

I recently started going to Alin for acupuncture. My first visit I was so nervous and really don't do well with needles.  I can't begin to tell you how amazing Alin is! She inserted the first needle and she asked if I felt anything and I was like you did it already? I didn't even feel a thing.  Her mannerism her explanation of the process was so comforting.  She took her time with explaining the process and actually listened to everything I was saying. I highly recommend Alin.  She truly cares and really knows what she is doing.  She is very educated in this area and has an amazing aura about her.  100% must! More...


Zareh S.

24 May 2018

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr Aslanian through a referral and I have to say the overall experience has been superb!I have been experiencing sever back pains due to a sports related injury that I had 16 months ago and Dr Aslanian was able to manage my pain in 4 visits. More...


Larry H.

17 May 2018

Alin has been my acupuncturist for more than a year now. When I first met her I was really skeptical about it in general, but after my first session I can see that it really works. I have been to other acupuncturist and they are ok; however, I feel that Alin takes extra attention to detail and care. Depending on the symptom she can manage it the very same day!Things that she has helped me with include:Chronic painAcute painLots of acute pain as I injure myself a lot. Anger issuesSleepStressMental focusBrain fogNervousnessAnxietyShe's great because not only does she treat my symptoms she gives me great advice on how to deal with these situations when they do occur like anxiety. Highly recommended!! More...

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