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Erin Goodwin

21 September 2019

Cute studio! Really enjoyed Jill's class. I didn't know it before I got there but they have plenty of mats there to use if you don't have yours or dont want to carry it around the city. Glad I stopped in on my weekend trip! More...


Ems D.

1 August 2019

Started taking the Tuesday evening class Yoga  Basics.The instructor Kate does a phenomenal job working with each students ability. The class can be a mix of first timers and regulars. Kate does a great job giving clear instructions and positive feedback. Would recommend for any level. More...


julie benjamin

19 July 2019

Such a beautiful space. The instructor was wonderful. She was so kind and caring but still worked us REALLY hard! Sweaty and challenging. It's hot!!!! I felt welcomed and comfortable immediately. More...


rosie isaacs

19 July 2019

I love the space and every instructor has been fantastic! Definitely recommend this studio. Jill's class was amazing. Loved the flow she did.


Bianca P.

22 March 2019

I took a class here for the first time today and it was a pretty nice experience. There was a substitute teacher so I will need to update my review once I have taken some more classes.I took a Friday evening candlelight yoga class. The class was okay and the facility is very nice. More...


jonathan ROBERTS

1 March 2019

LOVE this studio!! Amazing classes and teachers. The space is beautiful and has showers - a big plus! The hot and heated classes are great for me but I also like the variety of class offerings. Convenient location right off the green line. More...


Sonja F.

28 February 2019

Such a great studio! It's warm and welcoming and the atmosphere is just overall very positive. I purchased a Groupon and was instantly hooked to the hot yoga bikram style class. I have been taking classes with Jenny and she is honestly the best! She pushes you to make sure you are improving from class to class but always puts your health and body first and encourages everyone to know their limits. She is also super positive and motivating! love taking her class! More...


Kristie S.

15 February 2019

My review is solely for the yoga classes.  Tim and Jill (co-owners) are great. Tim is always friendly and welcoming, and Jill is a really gifted yoga teacher.  Her classes are challenging but nurturing and I think she does a great job of getting the ego out of the room. The instructors teach an Ashtanga-based practice.Other instructors I have tried - Liza - also good at keeping the ego in check.  Teaches a solid, uncomplicated class and I always leave feeling more centered and at ease. She is really good at quieting the mind.Vicky - I like her and she has a good energy but her class is not as traditional and meditative as Jill's or Liza's classes.  If you like to play with variations in class you will probably like her energy.  Laura - I liked Laura's class but wasn't in love with her sequencing.  Amanda - I really like Amanda and she has trained with some really prominent Ashtanga practitioners, so she walks the walk and knows what she's doing. Obviously these are my personal preferences but I do think that Jill and Liza are the most knowledgeable and experienced teachers at the studio. Studio is clean and a nice little sanctuary in the middle of the city. They offer free water and hot tea. More...


Heather T.

11 December 2018

Really pretty, simple studio. Lots of classes from which to choose at a variety of times. The studio charges to borrow a mat, which is kind of strange from what I have seen at other places I visit when I  on business travel. Also no bolsters or blankets for us older students. The teacher - Liza - was quite good. She cued fairly well. The music was a little loud and I missed a few things, but the Vinyasa was a solid and calming workout. More...


Nikki Keltch

5 December 2018

I’m so happy to be back in Oak Park teaching traditional hot yoga. New things to come! I look forward to reconnecting and seeing new faces! Cheers, Nikki


melissa lataglia

1 November 2018

This space is beautiful and the teachers are amazing. The hot flow class on Sunday morning was awesome-challenging, very sweaty & really hard but in a great way!


Kendra Knight

2 October 2018

This studio is heaven... The space is full of light, the classes are challenging and accessible, and the teachers and owner and other students are welcoming and relatable. I feel like in every class I take, no matter the style, I get something new out of it. Vinyasa classes at Yoga Loft are vigorous and challenging - never the "same old." The Ashtanga classes are like a practice accelerator - I've improved so much since I added this to my practice. And the hot classes, although usually not my "thing", are really cleansing and refreshing. Truly, I feel lucky and grateful to have this caliber of a studio right in Oak Park. More...


Allison B.

22 September 2018

They've recently reopened, and I'm not a hot yoga person, so I go to Paige's Thursday night class. She assists (which I really need) so that I can do the poses correctly and with maximum effect. She's super knowledgeable, and I leave feeling twenty years younger. She also makes sure she knows about injuries and helps with modifications. I highly rec her and the studio! More...


Alison L.

13 September 2018

Took a vinyasa class here with Maya and I was a fan.Very nice studio with a lot of open space. I've only taken one class here with Maya so this review is for her class. She was a great instructor- challenging and dynamic flow, comes around the class to adjust students, provides some demonstration of poses and proper alignment, and was not pretentious and was very warm and welcoming overall. I would come back here again if they have more classes that fit my schedule and also try other instructors. More...


Mia Kelly

2 September 2018

Beautiful, bright and welcoming space! I love all the windows AND the mirror! So thankful I’ve this space ✨


Molly burnham

2 September 2018

OMG!! I LOVED it! Such a beautiful space and Tiffany did a great job. Can't wait to come back


Karen Castoe

2 September 2018

I’ve been to many yoga classes from IL, AZ, and CA, but this studio offers the best classes I’ve ever taken. I’m not only physically challenged, but spiritually awakened. Simply put, I feel like I’m in good hands when I’m there. More...


Emily K.

9 August 2018

Yoga Loft was my home studio for over a year, and I loved my time there! I unfortunately had to discontinue my membership as I moved, and practicing there was no longer convenient for me. The space is a relaxing, brick-walled, loft space up above the hustle and bustle of Hubbard street. The only downside is, the lobby and changing areas are a little tight, but you make it work with all the other incoming or departing students.What I enjoyed most about Yoga Loft was the ability to be able to practice yoga that was both athletic, meditative, and spiritual. The teachers, particularly Jill, Rebecca, and Vicky, all know their stuff, and are helpful in cue-ing poses. Additionally, with a membership to Yoga Loft, you are also able to switch it up and take Fit Loft classes with Tim! I primarily took yoga classes the first month or two, but when I started adding in 2-3 Fit Loft classes a week, I really noticed a difference in my body and energy levels! Fitness experts always recommend mixing up your workout routine for ideal results, and Yoga Loft allows you to do exactly that, at an affordable price for Downtown Chicago. More...


Tim Ceurv

30 May 2018

I enjoy the yoga classes immensely. Great instructors and space. For me, it is a workout, a fantastic stretch, and a stress reliever. So glad they came to this area!


Mayla Sanchez

30 May 2018

Highly recommended. Excellent teachers and classes for all levels. Beautiful, spacious studio. The owners bring with them their expertise in owning a studio and still remain very "neighborhoody" and keep the boutique studio feel. I go to their power classes regularly and I'd even go to their Restorative class whenever my schedule permits. So glad I tried it out while I was walking past the studio one weekend. I finally have my go-to spot! More...


Dawn P.

5 May 2018

I highly recommend Yoga Loft!  Forget the expensive gym memberships and join here. You won't regret it. Super affordable, unlimited classes monthly and the fitness classes will give you incredible results. And also, kick your butt! I have always hated working out and going to the gym, and am not at all athletic, but workouts with Tim are AMAZING! I am now addicted to his fun, high energy classes. He's so encouraging, and thanks his varied workouts, I have toned up, built lean muscle and am down from a size 8 to a size 2 or 4 and xs sizes in only 3 months. I feel and look better than I have in years, thanks to Yoga Loft and Tim. More...


Amy Roach Green

30 April 2018

The space itself is so soothing and beautiful. Yoga with Andrea was incredible. Looking forward to taking many more classes here!


Ioan D.

16 April 2018

I love the location and the people at Yoga Loft! Very good yoga classes for various levels and wonderful teachers and staff! I recommend this place!


Hellene D.

18 March 2018

Wonderful experience at Yoga Loft!  I recently purchased a Groupon and quickly booked a class with a friend.  We tried power yoga and it was awesome! I'm by no means a dedicated yoga person, but I'm also no stranger as I have practiced off and on for the last 16 years.  The building was initially difficult to find, but we eventually found the sign for the loft and headed up the stairs.  This recent visit had a late start to the class due to some young students practicing song and dance.  Not a big deal, but if you are used to an exact schedule you will want to start on time.  This was also the first time at a yoga studio I observed that mats had to be rented for $2.  I didn't need one, but my friend did. Add this cost to the non-covered street parking,  bottled water purchase, and actual class and you are spending a pretty penny for the experience.  Yet, when the class started in the open aired loft I was in my zone. It was a dark, rainy, and breezy evening.  The windows were slightly open with fresh air coming through and setting my own personal vibe, which I appreciated.  The occasional train speeding by also put me in a relaxed state as I love the sounds of trains.  Our instructor was great, very en pointe and informative.  She made sure to assist as needed and did some unique poses I wasn't used to.  Overall, it was a great workout.  I know classes have been good after I feel the pain the next day, which I definitely did! More...


Josh D.

3 January 2018

This studio is a wonderful addition to Oak Park! They have transformed the space beautifully. I really love the variety of classes they offer, as well as the nice contras of Fit Loft classes Tim teaches. If you get a chance to take one of Jill's classes its a really amazing experience! More...


jill barney

19 August 2017

Stopped in while traveling. Beautiful space and great class!


Kalyn S.

29 July 2017

By far the best yoga studio I've ever visited.  I am really struggling with the poor reviews I've read.  If you know this studio,  you would know the teachers that are mentioned are not permanent teachers. The full time staff is AMAZING.  I'm a person who really struggled to like or do yoga, however through a lot of urging from my doctors,  I did it.  They welcomed me with open arms and made sure I was in proper form throughout the class.  Really second to none in the second city. More...


Cynthia W.

11 July 2017

Love this studio! I've taken classes from Jill and Amanda and love them both! Tim, another owner, whom I never take class from, remembers my name! This is the best yoga studio in Chicago, if you aren't into hot yoga. More...


Adrienne Smith

10 July 2017

Beautiful space, clean, fresh and inspiring...Lucky to be a part of this yoga family.


Debra C.

9 July 2017

Yoga Loft is simply the very best.  I have been to yoga studios in Chicago and when I travel and really this is the best.  Owners Tim and Jill are terrific.  They  offer the ambience and welcome we want in a yoga studio.  I love the yoga classes and all the core workouts.  The new studio in Oak Park is also perfect!  You will not find better yoga.  The core workouts make you work and you feel so good afterwards. More...


Marilyn S.

9 July 2017

This is a wonderful studio! Jill, the owner has done a great job creating a beautiful and comfortable space. The temp is enough to encourage you to move without being uncomfortable. The classes are creative and challenging but still fun. And the teachers are first rate!. Jill has great intro deals and taken together, there's no reason to go downtown for high quality yoga for all abilities!  Try it! More...


M S.

4 July 2017

Excellent teachers and owners. Great location as well. They offer a variety of classes for different levels and different types of workout... from yin Restorative to ashtanga to HIIT-type workouts. Teachers are the best at what they do. Highly recommended! More...


Kelly Cox O'Brien

15 June 2017

I went to a class last week. Angela was an awesome instructor! I will definitely be back!


Tana R.

11 June 2017

I really like this studio. Out of the four studios in Chicago I have tried, this one is my favorite. Excellent teachers and great space. The only thing I don't like that much is the schedule... there are no classes offered between 8 - 11 AM or anything after 7 PM. Also no classes on Saturday afternoon and sometimes the classes get cancelled (especially the fit classes) or the classes are subbed by different teachers than originally scheduled which can bring different outcome of the class than your expectations... This is overall a good studio if you are an early bird, do not work until late hours and either live or work in the loop (or somewhere nearby). More...


josh darr

30 May 2017

This space is amazing and the teachers are awesome. I really love the ashtanga Flow. Kicks my ass in a good way. Classes are small.


Liz V.

4 April 2017

I highly recommend Yoga Loft if you are looking for a single stop in or a long-term community. As a 10 yr yoga practitioner who has visited a wide variety of studios in CHI, here is why:-Huge fan of the combo of yoga and strength based training classes (think bootcamp and shred). People often choose regular gyms in order to maximize a membership that has availability to both. Gym yoga is not as effective for people who are interested in advancing their practice-Jivamukti offering. If you have not taken a class with Liza or tried this form of yoga, you are missing out. -Every day that I come in to practice, I have an opportunity to share it with some of my most favorite people; from the teachers to the fellow students and the two wonderful owners Jill and Tim. From day one, they made me feel so welcomed and were supportive of my goals.-Additional shout out to Jill  (whose classes are fantastic for the athletic yogi or Ashtanga enthusiast) who lead and inspired me through my Yoga Alliance certified teacher training @Yoga Loft. If you are exploring the idea of getting your TT- know that not all studios offer a Yoga Alliance certification, which is recognized globally.They now have a second location in Oak Park and is a great deal for anyone who lives out in the west side or suburbs and works downtown during the week. More...


Kristy V.

23 February 2017

When I first moved to the city last fall, I was in search for the perfect yoga studio. After trying a few studios, I decided that Yoga Loft was the best choice for me due to price and classes. They have a 2 week introductory offer for $35 that includes unlimited yoga. They also have special deals that make the monthly membership more affordable. I love that they offer both yoga and fitness classes. You get the best of both worlds in this studio! Each yoga instructor has a different style of teaching, which is great, as you learn new and different things in every class. Liza in particular is probably the best teacher I ever had. Definitely try out her classes!My only gripe about this place is I wish they had more yin class. Boy do I miss my yin. But overall this is a fantastic and welcoming studio that's great for beginners and more advanced yogis alike. More...


Natasha C.

3 February 2017

I had such a wonderful experience here. Amanda is such a great teacher!!! I felt so relaxed and invigorated after her class.


Jewels Chappetto

1 January 2017

First time at this studio. Amazing class with Joshua


Jill W.

20 September 2016

Emily did a fantastic job waking us up for a Tuesday morning workout. She frequently gave options for you to deepen your practice or to take it a bit easier. I am so glad I dropped in for a class and look forward to the next time. More...


Shanel S.

27 August 2016

This place is an ass kicker!Did the Core Workout with Tim and he was fantastic. He keeps the heart rate up and definitely kicks your core's ass while working on other muscles. I sure did feel it most in my core and legs.He's also very patient and interactive with the class. I do like that the classes are small so it feels much more intimate. More...


amanda g.

18 July 2016

Today was my first yoga class at this location (second yoga class ever) and I did the hour long beginners course. My instructors name was Lisa and I really enjoyed her class! It moved at a comfortable pace, I feel that I learned several poses that I hadn't done before, and the class size was completely manageable (I think there were 7 of us). I signed up for their unlimited 2-weeks deal which is $35 for 2 weeks, and includes all of their fitness classes. Out of pocket the yoga classes are $19 a pop (I find this to be a bit on the pricy side but I don't know what the regular prices are in this area as I just moved here) so this is a great way to try it out, as long as you go more than once it pays for itself. The location is kind of random, right in the middle of Hubbard Street nestled between bars and restaurants but it is so quiet once you are up there. It looks like the mat rental price is $2 (I brought my own) and the man working the front desk was very friendly. Overall a very nice experience, I may try a few different local places before deciding on which studio I'll stick with long term but I was pretty impressed with this one! The one thing I would say that I liked about the only other class I have taken at a different studio was that the room had windows to let in some light. This is a brick room with no windows, dark and calm but some natural light is always nice. The other rooms in the studio may have windows, I didn't go into any of the other rooms so I am not sure. More...


Megan J.

9 May 2016

serene, pretty spacea bit hard to findif you don't know where to looktook a power flowvinyasa with rebeccammmm, so much twistingnot much adjustmentand no asks for newbies orabout injuriesfor a one-time class?great stop while on work travel(mats here are for rent!) More...


Dana Louise

8 May 2016

I took the teacher training course and had a terrific experience. Jill is so supportive and helpful with helping you understand the material and fit it into your schedule whatever life may bring you. She is a truly caring soul and genuine yogi all around. :-) More...


Amanda M.

7 May 2016

I was in town for the weekend and paid for a drop-in class this morning with Jill.  It was $19 for the drop-in plus $2 for the mat, which seems reasonable to me for River North.  I am a more experience yoga practitioner and had never been to this studio before, and I had a great experience!  The class I attended was Power Flow Heated 2.  The room was warm, but not too warm (around 80-85).  It really helped to stretch my muscles out after a long week!  Jill was great at explaining all of the poses and walked around the room the entire class to help anywhere that she could.  Studio 1 was a very nice calm atmosphere.  I also enjoy that they had mat cleaner and paper towels for everyone to use.I will definitely be back when staying overnight again! More...


Anderson J.

23 April 2016

Woah! Yoga loft Chicago is as  great as you can get with Chicago yoga studios! Not only is the inside beautiful and peaceful, but the classes are amazing. Tim's fitness classes will kick your butt in the best possible way! Overall, Yoga Loft is a place yogi's MUST go to when in Chicago! Good job Yoga Loft!! :) More...


Deb R.

21 February 2016

Hailing from the West, where its ninja warrior type yoga all the time, I am usually suspect that yoga classes outside of the Left Coast are vigorous enough for my usual practice. But power vinyasa flow today with Karin hit and exceeded all of my heat and athletic points I was looking for in my practice. Karin has a kind and fun prescribe in guiding the practice. I will be back when I return to beautiful Chicago! More...


Oliver L.

16 December 2015

Had a great experience here: I took the busy people class - jivamukti, midday today. The teacher was super!!!  I absolutely adore jivamukti yoga, and was so glad to have the chance to practice it while here for work, from D.C.


Amelia G.

7 November 2015

Yoga Loft Chicago will change your life!I've been attending Tim's fitness classes and Jill's (as well as other instructors') yoga classes for over a year, and my body is completely transformed! I grew up in the ballet world, but a few years after college, decided to take a break and try something new. I'd NEVER set foot in a gym and had only taken a few sporadic yoga classes. I was intimidated at first, but after about a month, I began to look forward to each class. I am a healthier, stronger, and happier person, all thanks to Yoga Loft Chicago. Highly recommend! More...


Carly S.

2 September 2015

Walking up 4 floors was the perfect warm up for Sunday's "Espresso" class led by Amanda Martinez. The dimly lit dark walled studio welcomed me to move "inside" even though the friendly strangers there were all willing to socialize. Amanda is a FANTASTIC instructor who provides adjustments. She led us all in sacred mantra. And, the class was perfectly paced for this practitioner who likes it semi-accelerated without over doing it. I was jazzed up the rest of the day. THANK YOU!! : ) More...


Nicholas A.

25 August 2015

I'm sad to be leaving Yoga Loft Chicago, I've been attending classes for almost two years, pretty much exclusively Tim's workout classes (Core Sculpt, Sculpt, Slow Sculpt, Fit Blast and Boot Camp). This was the best thing that happened to me in Chicago, I felt like I needed to do something to work my whole body and Tim's classes do that in a quarter the time you would spend at the gym. I encourage you all to do the two week taster then get the monthly subscription and just go as many times as you can. I loved the fact that I could just turn up 10 mins before class with only workout shorts and a top and that's all I needed for an intense session i.e. no shoes, socks, towels etc. What you can do with Tim in 30-45 mins is the same as 1-2hours in the gym, without the forward planning, without wasting time going from machine to machine, without thinking(!), just turn up, find a spot in the room and follow the instructions. Each class is different and attending a few classes a week you'll definitely get a hugely varied full body work out that includes cardio. One aspect that I loved about the place was the feeling of escape between work and home, it was my little haven. It has a calm and soothing atmosphere, no bright gym lights or heavy grunge music! It's small and boutique. It was right next to my work and I did tell some colleagues but I simply didn't want to spread the word too much, selfishly wanting to keep it to myself - sorry Tim! (I did get a couple people to join).When I had guests and family in town I loved taking them to the classes. It was fun taking my younger siblings there, sadistically I wanted to see them physically exhausted - mwahaha. My brother's like 'Nick, I could barely shower myself.'If you are looking to gain (or whatever), Tim offers private sessions. I did this when I was trying to join a modeling agency, I had three weeks before my test shoot and wanted to gain before. I told Tim my goals and he was focused on me, sending me prep texts! I thought I was eager but Tim was super eager! He quickly created a schedule and low and behold I can honestly say I've never felt so much pain after workouts for so long after! Those three weeks were a blur, but I gained more than I had hoped and I got signed! It was worth it  - thank you Tim!Jill and the yoga classes are awesome, I only attended a few yoga classes and they were all exceptional, the instructors are expert and personal.Moral of the story: you no longer need to be a gym monkey to look good- go to Tim's classes!Enjoy this space and I hope you find it provides for you like it did for me. More...


Ashley Aeri Chung

18 August 2015

I was a student here on a Groupon back in 2014, and ended up doing my 200-hr teacher training here because (a) I loved the classes -- especially the Jivamukti classes by Liza and Ashtanga-based Vinyasa classes with Jill, Emily, and Kristie, (b) the space is beautiful and location is super convenient, and (c) overall community/vibe is super welcoming and friendly. I've since moved back to NYC, but try to stop by for class whenever I visit Chicago for a weekend, and it's still a wonderful place to practice. More...


Sommer A.

10 August 2015

Great classes and wonderful teachers! A beautiful space in a convenient location. Especially love the Power Basics class with Amanda. Good for beginners but challenging for more advanced practitioners, too. Jill is am amazing teacher, and so inspiring! More...


Aimee M.

23 July 2015

Tried my first class there yesterday and went to the Fit Yoga Core Sculpt class with Tim. This class was killer. My abs are soooo sore today in the best kind of way! I liked that the room's are smaller and not crammed with people. The studio is very clean and everyone (those that work there and those attending the class) are very nice and helpful! Remember to bring a towel with you as the room was seriously hot, think like almost warm yoga bordering on hot. This is totally not a problem, however I wasn't prepared for that. I need to prepare mentally for being in a warm to hot class! Halfway through the class Tim did turn on the AC more and a classmate turned on the ceiling fan. Afterwards I asked Tim if the room was always so hot and he said it can be. Some of the girl in the class overheard me and said the room's the hottest on Tuesdays (and on days the hot yoga class is going on at the same time) as the rooms share a wall and the heat just seeps in.I will definitely start taking this class 3 times a month (max allowed through ClassPass). Give it a try, you'll be glad you did! More...


Bruce G.

25 April 2015

I'm from California and visited The Yoga Loft  based on good Yelp reviews and because it was a 15 min walk from my hotel. I was not disappointed. I took the 7am flow class with Amanda. She is a very good yoga instructor. Gorgeous boutique setting. Based on this experience I strongly recommend this studio! More...


Breanna B.

7 April 2015

LOVE! I was apprehensive about waking up early for a yoga class. Mornings are not my thing. But after the class I felt wonderful and was ready and raring to conquer the day. It was a nice space, the name Yoga Loft is quite accurate -- brick-walled and shiny wood floors with high ceilings. I feared it would feel industrial in the classroom, but it was warm and comforting once we settled in.The teacher was calmly mannered, had a soothing voice and offered a relaxing, yet suitably challenging morning workout. I felt equally strong and stretched following the class. I don't often like vinyasa classes, but this one was coupled with a variety of moves that mixed up the workout and kept it moving so as not to be stale and boring, but rather invigorating. She also challenged us to do a supported hand stand, which was terrifying as I have been out of practice. Although I felt completely supported by the blocks and felt rejuvenated following the pose. We stayed at the Kinzie Hotel and this was a short, couple block walk away. If you're local looking for a studio to try, go for it and if you're a traveler, it may be just the workout you need to shake off jetlag and start your day right. More...


J M.

24 March 2015

Yoga Loft justifiably gets a lot of raves for its yoga classes, but what not as many people might know is that it also has one of Chicago's best personal trainers: Tim Ceurvorst. I first got to know Tim when I took a couple of the fitness classes he offers at the studio, FitLoft Sculpt and FitLoft Bootcamp. Tim brings so much energy to the classes and puts everybody through their paces with really effective exercises targeting several muscle groups at once. And all that in about 45 minutes/an hour, so we can get back to work and enjoy the post-workout high for the rest of the day. It helps that YogaLoft/FitLoft has a great location, really convenient for anybody who works or lives in the Loop or River North, and for everybody else, not far from the State & Grand Red Line stop.As much as I now enjoy them, I did struggle a bit in the FitLoft classes at first, due to a regular fitness routine that had bogged down with repetition. So last fall I decided to try out a few personal-training sessions with Tim. Five months in, I couldn't be happier. Tim took the time to listen to what I wanted to accomplish, but also quickly helped me make the leap from talking about all that to actually making it happen. He is so encouraging, and he totally knows his stuff. Each week, Tim has a tough workout with fresh new exercises that he customizes according to what you want to target, but he also encourages you to keep pushing your whole body to its limit. (I've worked with personal trainers before who I felt like I had to re-introduce myself to each week, so it's a very welcome change.) In a relatively short time, I've been so impressed with how much stronger I feel and how much better I look. Seriously, you will see muscles and definition you never thought you could develop! So if you're looking for a trainer who will actually help you get where you want to go, Tim Ceurvorst comes highly recommended. More...


Alex L.

20 March 2015

I really enjoyed the yoga class my coworkers and I took here at 6:30am. The instructor was great at tailoring the class to our individual experiences and asked us how intense we wanted the class before diving in. The class itself was a series of vinyasa's and meditative movement. I don't know if she read our minds or what, but it definitely felt like just the right amount of challenge.The studio itself is beautiful, yet it takes a little bit of stair-power to get to it! I don't think it's that high up, but I remember the steps up to the studio feeling like all the warm up I needed for the yoga exercise.The coolest part of the class was the headstand that the instructor encouraged us to do! For those uncomfortable with doing a headstand on their own, she offered the supported wall position and showed everyone how supported a headstand can be.I had a blast and would definitely come back here. More...


Brittany S.

18 March 2015

Feeling pretty lucky that I had the opportunity to experience a private yoga class with coworkers during our recent stay at the Kinzie Hotel (located around the corner) for a work conference. Our class kicked off at 6:30 a.m. in the lofty, brick-walled yoga space. The vibe of Yoga Loft Chicago somehow magically tiptoes between urban and isolated all at the same time. It's the perfect spot to sneak away from the hustle and bustle below on the streets and sidewalks.Our instructor started the class out by asking what we were looking for in terms of level of difficulty and proceeded to offer a class that fit our mixed skilled levels and interests. The highlight of the class? My first headstand. More like neck stretch. Make a special request for the wall/block/headstand thingamabob - pretty cool. Given my lack of flexibility, I tend to lean towards hot yoga classes - loosens things up a bit faster. Overall, a great experience. More...


Bridget L.

10 February 2015

I've been practicing at this studio almost as long as it's been open.  Jill and Tim, the owners of the studio, offer a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes in a warm, welcoming, unpretentious way.  This is absolutely my favorite studio in the city!  It has become a second home for me.  All of the instructors are so friendly and passionate about helping your practice grow and expand.  In my experience, they have ALL been willing to spend extra time with me to answer questions, or even just talk about yoga (which I LOVE to do).  Jill, who is ashtanga trained, is amazing; I would follow her to any location to practice with her.  I love her approach to teaching, especially ashtanga.  Some of the other, long time ashtanga studios, are so strict about your practice, and holding you in one place.  As a former gymnast, I love to invert, and cannot stand when an instructor tells me I can't invert because I'm unable to reach the full expression of a different posture.  There are no instructors at Yoga Loft who would ever stop you from getting into, or even trying to get into a posture.  How can you ever learn if you're being held back by an instructor?!  Amanda, one of the new instructors, gives the best adjustments I've ever had in classes.I cannot rave about this studio enough!  Just go and try it out...they offer a new student package for local residents that is such a good deal! More...


K M.

23 January 2015

First I fell in love with the space after searching for space rental in Chicago. While I was there, I looked into the yoga teacher training after having an absolutely awful experience at another yoga studio in Chicago where I was 5 wks short of my 200ryt before leaving (with a full refund) due to the misery.After contemplating the idea for a few months, I looked back on the website to notice yoga in Japanese. Then I knew it was a perfect match for me as Japanese was one of my majors in college and I sadly don't keep up with it as I wish I did.So, I went to the teacher training Q&A session followed by a 90 minute Power Yoga class. I am a personal trainer/group exercise instructor who never quite enjoyed yoga and actually avoided it like the plague for about 10 years after trying a painful advanced video back in college with a friend. But, working in the fitness field, I knew it was time to add yoga to my repertoire. So, after worrying if I would survive through a 90 minute class when anything more than 15 minutes was often a bore to me, I was happy to come out of the class awake and intrigued.I enjoyed the short power flow and lunchtime flows when I could make them. But, my favorite class was the Tuesday night Ashtanga class taught by Jill because it is the format that really made me finally fall in love with yoga.The teacher training was such a great experience. Jill is so kind and non forceful. She exudes a peaceful nature that I found so inspiring and relaxing. Her smile and good will light up the room, and it's impossible not to adore her.I took a few of Tim's classes and thought they were great. I love how they decided to partner boot camp style fitness and yoga in the same studio. What a well rounded workout those who attend both can experience!You can't go wrong  by checking out one of the classes. I enjoyed most of the advanced classes, but if you are looking for a beginner class I highly recommend Lindsay's Wednesday evening class. Enjoy! More...


Jennifer W.

16 January 2015

Yoga loft is the best and only yoga studio I frequent in Chicago now. Jill's classes have deepened my practice and Tim's fitloft classed have chiseled my arms and abs. Classes are never crowded and classes aren't taught to the lowest common denominator. Nothing is more annoying than classes that are too easy. There's a little bit of everything here -- Jill's flow classes get you in the vinyasa mood, Muriel's yoga sculpt classes are slower with weight additions, the ashtanga classes make you stronger and Tim's fitloft (especially boot camp) classes push you to your limit. This studio provides the perfect complement to runners who may otherwise not get enough strength and stretching in. This studio isn't a RA RA RA wear your lulu type studio. No one here cares what you look like or what you're wearing. They're too busy working on improving their practice and themselves. More...


Eric Tenfelde

6 December 2014

Wonderful downtown studio and community! Intelligent, athletic flows for all levels. Also check out the sculpt classes with Tim. Great trial pricing for new students. More...


Lily P.

18 November 2014

Cute studio - loving community. Wonderful owners. Great staff. Huge variety of classes for all body types and goals. Overall, just really happy to have found such a hidden gem in the heart of River North!


Michael O.

27 October 2014

I've been to Yoga Loft several times while traveling. Really nice staff and great facilities. Classes are challenging. Overall, I would recommend them most highly. Next time, I have to try their candle light flow. Don't miss this studio. More...


Marin C.

12 October 2014

I felt very mellowed out after a Sunday afternoon class.  Getting to go to yoga at a new place is never a bad thing.


Joanna C.

22 September 2014

I am trying out Yoga Loft with their new student offer of $35 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes and it's the best $35 I have spent. Ever. I am seriously considering thinking of signing up for the monthly subscription, even if it means I may have to go without food, water or heat to help pay for it. And here's why:1. Fantastic teachers who know their stuff and are passionate about it. You will learn the correct techniques in yoga/sculpt/fitloft classes. These guys are the real deal.2. Clean comfortable studios which are a joy to work out in.3. There are a number of different class options and times every weekday evening which means there is no excuse, no matter what time you finish work.4. Huge bonus is that all the classes are done barefoot, so it means I can go straight from work without having to carry an extra pair of shoes. It's the little things in life really.Yoga Loft = Highly Recommended More...


Steph B.

30 June 2014

Yoga loft is a wonderful yoga studio. The location is great, the space itself has a very chic urban feeling and the owners are fantastic. I sincerely enjoy Jill's style of teaching. She's compassionate, motivational and her instructions are clear. The sequences are never boring, filled with creativity but also mindfulness to keep each asana and its transition true to form and principles. More...


Anneliess D.

11 June 2014

I've always thought of yoga as boring.  That was before I tried Yoga Loft Chicago.  I had been working with a nutritionist and she suggested incorporating yoga into my workout regime.  My workouts have always been very cardio and strength focused.  That's why the few times I've tried yoga, I thought it was boring.  I bought a Gilt City pass and thanks to that pass I now have a monthly membership.  I tried the beginners class, fit loft sculpt, power basics, ashtanga and yin.  Since it had been years since I "practiced" and by that I mean tried a class, didn't like it and quit after one try, I thought I wouldn't be able to get the hang of it again.  Not so with my experience here! In all honesty, the reason I've stayed with it is because of Sarah.  She teaches a variety of classes, but my favorites are her Power Basics and her Yin class.  She's a great instructor and always provides encouragement and great energy throughout the class.  I am also a big fan of Emily who teaches one of the Ashtanga classes.  She is also an excellent instructor and is always very positive.  When trying inversions, she is always willing to provide a spot and encourage you to go to the next level.  Two months ago if you would have asked me to do a headstand, I would have said no way, but now I can (with a spotter or wall) do a decent headstand!  The fit loft series of classes are a great way to incorporate a faster/higher paced cardio/strength type of workout into your workouts.  The instructor, Tim, is fantastic! The classes are high energy and go by very quickly.  A perfect blast of cardio and strength!  I highly recommend this studio for all your workout needs! More...


Amy Gowans

7 June 2014

Love this place! Although I never thought I would enjoy yoga, this place has certainly changed my mind!


Eleni E.

30 April 2014

After moving to Chicago and trying multiple studios, I became a regular here for multiple reasons: First, there are many different instructors and class types so you can find the ones that work for you. Everyone is warm and welcoming, and I was able to find instructors and classes that match my style and challenge me (I like an intense yoga class). Second, the studio is a wonderful space for practicing yoga-great natural lighting, spacious, I just get a good feel when I walk in. There is always someone at the front desk to welcoming everyone in. There is a shower, cubbies, and places to store you mat if you become a regular. I could go on and on, but I will end with one last reason why I love this place: you don't have to fit any stereotype to enjoy coming to the studio. Whether you are an intense yogi or just want a class here and there to supplement, you will feel welcome-I have never felt judged or uncomfortable here. I have been to some other yoga studios that strongly emphasize a spiritual belief system or feel cultish to me and I felt out of place. However, at Yoga Loft Chicago, you can just come and do your thing. More...


Lindsey S.

21 April 2014

I have been a member of the Yoga Loft since the day it opened. I wanted to keep it a selfish secret at first - hence the late review. It is a wonderful group of owners and instructors with a variety of classes for all levels and types of fitness. After many Monday & Wednesday Core Sculpt Classes, I can really tell a difference in definition of my muscles - I also just feel stronger! I also love Mariel's Tuesday & Thursday Morning Core Yoga classes. The facility itself is small, but makes for a friendly and intimate setting in River North. There are two showers that are usually free if you need to clean up after a lunch time session or an evening session. A hair dryer too so you don't have to lug one around. You will never feel intimidated here! Do yourself a favor, challenge yourself to one of the Sculpt Classes. Tim will make you feel comfortable and challenged at the same time. More...


Dan C.

1 March 2014

Was in town for a conference and researched to discover the Yoga Loft close to my hotel.  I had a couple mornings with enough flexibility to catch the early Yoga Sculpt class.  The instructor, Mariel, welcomed me like an old friend and led us through great "sculpt" sessions - my first time using the hand weights.  The Loft space is a wonderful setting and great vibe.  Mariel had an awesome spirit and energy.  I highly recommend checking it out if you are a local or simply in town visiting and looking to catch a class or two. More...


Julia K.

25 February 2014

Yoga loft is an amazing place.  Everyone here both staff and students are the nicest people I've ever met.  It's not just a place to work out and get in great shape, it's a community.  I am totally hooked.  Thanks Tim, Jill, Mariel and Sarah for being the best teachers and keeping me in shape. More...


Kate R.

7 January 2014

Another new student deal I did - a few months ago. The teachers, studio, and staff were all nice. I thought the teachers generally gave good instructions and taught creative and challenging classes. They were also pretty spot on about starting and finishing on time, which I hate to say matters, but it does - not because I love being uptight but because most of us have to deal with schedules and work commitments and parking or whatever.I think I would have liked to keep my mat there for the new student deal duration, but it was reserved only for regular ongoing monthly members ... my only other issue was a level 2 class I attended that was pretty basic. It was a small group, and 2 out of 4 seemed pretty new to yoga - so I don't blame the teacher for trying to do a class that was accessible to everyone - and this is probably why a lot of studios avoid offering classes "ranked" by level at all ... but I guess I'd rather know this in advance of showing up at the class.On the whole though I really liked this place. More...


Rebecca N.

5 January 2014

I really like this yoga studio! The classes are all very different, but I have enjoyed all of mine. They offer a good amount of classes each day also. For getting a deal on groupon, the class sizes are very appropriate. The space is nice, but I wish there were mirrors to check your alignment! I also wish all of the teachers played music, but I know its not everyone's style. More...


Tracy F.

9 September 2013

I really love Yoga Loft.  There are so many great things about this studio. The teachers are all very friendly and interested in you as individuals (they all take requests and confirm if anyone has any injuries before class starts). They know most people by name and introduce themselves if they haven't met you before.  The classes are mindful, even in the more aggressive sessions. I feel at peace here, even if I'm sweating like crazy.I didn't give the studio 5 stars because of two reasons.  First, the studio is so popular that classes can often be cramped to the point where we can't do certain asanas or at least not fully since you are right up against another individual. This can be frustrating. Second, I've noticed at other studios that they offer towels or large cups of water for free.  I don't believe Yoga Loft offers towels and they have only dixie cups of water for free.Overall, this is a fantastic studio, particularly because of the teachers, and I will continue to go to class here. More...


Tiffany A.

23 August 2013

I have been coming to Yoga Loft for a while now and can say with all honestly that this is the best yoga studio!  I recently moved to Chicago and have been searching tirelessly for a new studio to continue my practice.Yoga Loft is the perfect studio!  The classes are smaller and allow for more individual attention, the teachers know who I am, and the studio offers traditional yoga classes as well as FIT Sculpt classes.  This studio is exactly what I was looking for and I cannot recommend it enough!! More...


Sonia L.

17 August 2013

I just started going to yoga loft, and I love it!  I have gone to two classes so far.  What I really like most about this place is that it's intimate, peaceful and never overcrowded (at least from what I've seen).  The instructors actually talk to you and learn your name.  It doesn't feel intimidating or pretentious at all.  I plan on becoming a regular here. More...


Caroline T.

7 August 2013

After coming here for four classes a week for the past month, I think it's about time I write a review! I love this yoga studio, the teachers are amazing. The classes are very positive with a lot of encouragement, and even in the larger classes each student gets some individual adjustments and advice. I've taken classes from many of the teachers, who all have different styles, so it shouldn't be hard to find one that you feel comfortable with. The teachers also make a great effort to get to know your name, your level, and offer modifications accordingly.I haven't been to any other yoga studios in Chicago, but I don't really feel like I need to! Yoga Loft is like my second home :) More...


Anna H.

17 May 2013

I cannot say enough good things about this studio.  Classes are challenging and well-taught, the studio is beautiful, and everyone is nice and knows your name.  I recommend it to everyone, experienced and newbies alike.  I moved from Chicago last year but go out of my way to go every time I'm back in town.  This place is a gem! More...


Stephanie S.

17 May 2013

First rate local yoga studio - conveniently located on Hubbard between Dearborn and State.  All of the instructors I've had here have been excellent, particularly Mariel, Jillian, and Aya.  All of them have different styles of teaching, which keeps things interesting for people who practice here regularly.  I enjoy that they offer both heated and non-heated classes, although I have come to prefer the heated classes.  The studio is intimate and the classes are not over-crowded.  The studio offers vinyasa flow, yoga sculpt, and ashtanga classes, which is a great variety.  I will definetly keep practicing here. More...


Tamara F.

4 March 2013

This place is adorable, quaint, and not too crowded.  I love taking yoga here!  I think I came in on a (Groupon? Living Social?) deal when I was working in the area so I wouldn't have to schlep back up to Wriggly to work out.  Jill's classes on Saturday morning always made me feel like I've had a great, detoxifying workout for the rest of the day.  I will definitely be taking drop in classes occasionally! More...


Daniel L.

3 March 2013

Been meaning to write a review for a while now.  I started at the Yoga Loft because it was the most conveniently located studio for me and I just happened to luck out choosing this place.  I've been coming about 4-6 days a week for over four months now and can't say enough good things about the experience.  As others have mentioned, there's different yoga instructors every day that all run their classes a little bit differently...music or no music, different difficulty and focuses, some that are meant to be joyful and relaxed and others that are very focused for serious practice.  I had practiced yoga maybe 10 times before starting here and can't believe how far I've come since - handstands, head stands, arm balances, twists, you name it.  Falling over or messing up is perfectly acceptable and every instructor I've had (all of them by now) have been nothing but encouraging, informative, and supportive for the kind of practice I want to have.Can't talk about the Yoga Loft without talking about Tim's classes as well.  He's a personal trainer that runs the circuit training fitness classes and if you're willing, they're about as intense of a 45 minute workout as you can find.  Try pairing one of his classes with a yoga class and find out what it means to wake up sore.Anyways, great studio, great instructors, great work out, great personal development.  What more can you ask for? More...


Brittany H.

11 February 2013

Yoga loft is a hidden gem when it comes to yoga places in Chicago. It is located in the 4th floor of a building in the loop, and it offers a peaceful escape from the craziness of the city. They have yoga classes & sculpt classes, which will kick your butt into shape in no time.The staff is great. The studio is intimate, and the staff makes an effort to remember you when you go. The instructors are motivating and personable, and the classes are fun and challenging. The yoga  instructors realize everyone in the class isn't an advanced yogi, and they make an effort to improve your practice while having fun with it. The sculpting bootcamp was one of the toughest classes I've ever been to, but definitely worth it. More...


J S.

6 February 2013

Jill teaches a fantastic class- Holding poses a little longer in prep before her main vinyassa flow makes for a challenging and dynamic class.  If only they had more than 1 shower! More...


J. K.

27 January 2013

This place is great!  My girlfriend and I have been members since November.   Speaking for both of us, we have thoroughly enjoyed our membership at Yoga Loft.   I stick to the Fit Classes taught by Tim.  His classes are great.   I would call them a mix between P90x and Insanity.  They're fast moving, high intensity work outs.  Expect to be exhausted half-way through your first class.  Class sizes will vary, but despite the size you feel like you're working individually with Tim.  He does a great job keeping you motivated.  Don't be surprised if Tim calls your name out during a class.  He  does a great job learning everyone's name, even the first timers.  I highly recommend Tim's classes for anyone who wants to loose weight, create definition and gain some muscle mass. More...


Tina R.

22 January 2013

After many Groupon deals trying to find the perfect studio, I finally hit the jackpot.  I take Tim's sculpt class on a weekly basis and love it.  He doesn't allow a single minute to be wasted in his 45 minute class.  Highly recommend! More...


donna y.

5 January 2013

The secret's out on Yoga Loft.  Class sizes have grown but the room is still intimate (about 20 students max).  I enjoy coming here occasionally because of the intensity of the Power Flow class.  While I like the heat that CorePower offers and its core workout and the familiarity of the routine, Yoga Loft offers a variety of poses to fully strengthen the body. Great place! More...


Kathleen C.

21 December 2012

Ok - I am a definite yoga newbie...actually, my visits here were basically my first ever (if you don't count the one 'free' one that I did with a friend at her gym...where I had no clue what they were telling me to do...).I visited with a 5-class deal and I really enjoyed it - lack of balance and form aside.  It's a relaxing space with really friendly staff.  Also, there was a last minute cancelation of a class, which would have put me over my expiration date on my deal, and thankfully, they let me still schedule one class.  This is excellent as sometimes that doesn't work out.No one has laughed at my terrible form and I feel like it is relaxing and probably something I should do more often. More...


Katie O.

30 September 2012

Yoga loft is awesome. Mariel's sculpt class is super fun and just the right amount of challenging! Jill's power flow class is engaging and she is super knowledgable and encouraging. What a great place!


Kelsey T.

20 September 2012

I love this place! I've been going since it opened and can honestly say it's the best studio in chicago. The people are SO NICE, they remember you and really care about you during whatever class you take.This in my opinion is the best of both worlds-they offer yoga classes and fitness classes so you no longer have to pay for 2 studios. Tim and Jill are awesome.Try it you won't regret!! More...


Jamie B.

9 September 2012

I bought a Living Social deal here and am glad I was able to try out a new yoga studio.   It is a nice space and the teachers are really helpful.  I wish the schedule had more late classes is all.  Unfortunately, I don't get off work until 5:30, so more options on later classes would be ideal.  My favorite class here was with Kevin K. during a Sunday morning sculpt class-- he was so awesome, and if you get the chance, I really recommend trying to take one of his classes. More...


Barton C.

30 August 2012

I checked out the Two Weeks for $35 Special and was HOOKED at first sight! I've attended classes taught by Mariel, Jill, Rachel and Tim. The yoga classes are small & intimate, it's nice to have a teacher who can give guidance, work as an anchor amongst the mats and give real feedback & corrections. Largest yoga class has been with six people and Tim's fitness sessions pack a WHAMM-O full body workout in only 45 minutes! Friendly & well trained staff and great class mates have gotten me to invest in the unlimited monthly plan and it's worth every penny! I also like the ease of signing up for classes on-line. More...


Melissa M.

19 July 2012

Love Yoga Loft! Great location, great classes, and most importantly...great teachers! I have taken classes with Katrina, Katie, and Tim. All provided an amazing workout. I've had my month membership for just a week but I already know that I will be a client for many months/years to come! The flexible class schedule is great - early morning classes and after work classes make fitting a workout in a breeze. Yoga Loft is a very welcoming studio. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great workout and super small classes, which allows for individualized attention. Although, if they keep getting so many great reviews, the classes are sure to grow in size! More...


Neil R.

14 July 2012

Extremely happy that they opened this place!  Its in a very convenient location (well for me) and they offer a diversity of classes taught by various instructors. Everyone is very friendly and they all make the experience that much better.  I signed up for the monthly membership and definitely getting my money's worth!Highly recommended to those interested in yoga and fitness training.  And those that are not sure about yoga as a workout, try a fitness and/or power yoga class and you will feel that you just came out of a swimming pool (and yes, I am talking about sweating profusely). And for those of you that can't resist ruining the benefits of a great workout - there is ample opportunity when you step outside - tons of bars! More...


Josh D.

2 July 2012

For so long have I waited for someone to open a yoga studio in my hood..I love the fact that I can take a yoga class and work walking distance from my place. All the instructors I've met have been great especially Jill's Power Flow Lunch class which is both challenging and chill in such an amazing way..Another bonus...I got a GREAT package deal (probably only because they are new but hey, I'll take it)! The owners are super nice too and the space itself is beautiful. Awesome studio!!! More...


Tanne G.

28 June 2012

Everyone is so friendly and nice here. The classes are great and the teachers are very helpful. This was my first experience with yoga, and I thought it was a great place to begin. In


Mick B.

16 June 2012

Great new studio with fantastic teachers in convenient location.  If you're not into corporate/ chain studios, this is definitely worth visiting.


Katie L.

15 June 2012

Lovely new space in River North! I bought the You Swoop coupon and cashed it in today - I can't wait to go back!


C W.

15 June 2012

Took Tim's outdoor bootcamp class last night and WHOOO boy does he pack it all into a short (45 minute) workout. I definately felt like I got a full body workout - he switches it up so you're not bored, and keeps it moving the whole time - you don't have time to think about how long you have been busting your ass!  You're encouraged to push yourself but he offers modifications and options if you look like you're really struggling. I got a great deal on the 5 class bunch - so I will be going to more of Tim's classes in the near future! He pushed me harder than my personal trainer used to to push me - and that was a heck of a lot more expensive! More...


Kelsey H.

7 June 2012

Amazing teachers and a beautiful space. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, I highly recommend it!


Alissa M.

5 June 2012

I love that I get to say I was at Yoga Loft on opening day. The space itself is gorgeous and the staff is super welcoming (definitely don't hesitate if you're ambivalent about heading to the studio solo). There are very few studios in the city that offer a combination of traditional yoga AND core classes so, like Josh D said, it's a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. I took/recommend Cassi's Wednesday night flow and am really looking forward to going back and trying the Core Sculpt! More...


Eric T.

5 June 2012

This is a fantastic new studio with easy access from Loop and River North.They have a very diverse schedule with lots of convenient class times.  Jill leads the yoga class schedule and teaches many classes as well.  Even for a new studio, there is already a strong sense of community.  Look for great classes taught by Jill, Jenny, Rachel, Julie, Alexia, Adam, Kevin and others.  Tim leads the sculpt, core and bootcamp classes.  He is a challenging yet inspiring trainer who will push you to your limit and leave you feeling great.  Their wonderful facility includes two studios, a boutique shop, shower, changing rooms.  Come check out this studio as soon as possible and take advantage of their great new student packages! More...

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