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My name is Dan Ziegler and I’m the CEO of YCDB; a humble coach and consultant who has dedicated his life to coaching business owners with systems and solutions that improve customers overall experience, leading to repeat sales. I am part life coach;


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Dan Ziegler

5 June 2019

Authentic, Honest and no BS... Dan is the real deal..


Eddie Anisko

5 June 2019

Dan is a great source of knowledge on the affiliate industry and the performance marketing segment.


You Can Do Better

30 May 2017

I coach business owners with systems and solutions that improve their customers overall experience; leading to repeat sales

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The long-term effects of sharing perspective. The knowledge that a client was listening and taking action based on my observations and that the benefits are helping them to succeed is one the most gratifying experience any coach can have. I also take great pride in becoming friends with so many of my clients as a by-product of our interactions.

The deep desire to maintain Independence as long as possible. The knowledge that I have no limits and that anything I want in life is simply a matter of goals and execution.

With over 30 years of business experience spread across 11 different and challenging industries, my perspective in the areas I have chosen is considered by past clients as exemplary and I will work effortlessly to grow the client list.