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Xiomara's Healing Center

North Bergen, New Jersey


Xiomara's Healing Center

North Bergen, New Jersey


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Nora M.

7 March 2019

Xiomara has saved me ! She has helped me so much with the seven swords of st Michael she's is amazing and I owe her my life thank you thank thank you !


Sylvia L.

6 February 2019

I love this lady. Kind, caring, giving, knowledgeable, and ACCURATE. She is truly gifted from God and with her spirit guides is there to help you through whatever difficulties you are going through. I met her on December 3rd, 2018 and she has been a blessing in my life. If you are searching for guidance and clarity, Xiomara is the person to see. More...


Isabel C.

5 October 2018

I was really sick and I went to you for help, thanks for curing me and thanks saint Lazaro for everything!!


David M.

19 October 2015

Thank you San Expedito for helping me get financial aid so that I can get my barber license.DRM


Lissy M.

24 December 2014

I know Xiomara for 3 years now. She has helped and guided me with my health, work, love problems over this years.She is amazing, someone you can trust 100%


Musik D.

30 November 2014

I was facing a court case and Lakshmi The Indian Goddess assured me she would take care of everything, and that's exactly what she did .. So again I want to say thank you to Lakshmi The Indian Goddess!! More...


Yessi J.

24 September 2014

Xiomara is amazing! It's unbelievable of how you will feel after you go with her. I have felt amazing and am better than I ever was thanks to her.


Xiomara P.

23 April 2012

Great place for healing if you want to received a fast healing either for depression ,knees, legs, arms pain or any back pain.Good price for Therapist and Healing Services .Closed Tuesdays and Saturdays, Sundays open from 3Pm thru 10pm. Xiomara also is a Certified Therapist for the Red Croos of China under TCM knowledge,Diagnosis and Acupuncture. More...