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Bonnie Thoe Austin

27 March 2019

Absolutely life changing!!


Ellen Jakubowski

27 March 2019

I love your products!


Cesar Valencia

27 March 2019

The only product I trust with skin care/repair on any climbing trip. Love this stuff!


Katie Biehl

27 March 2019

Everything I've gotten from ClimbOn and SKINourishment have been awesome! Great ingredients, fun new products all the time, and fantastic results! I love it!


Katherine Lindley

27 March 2019

Best stuff ever! The smell is wonderful, totally edible but use it on your skin.


Becki Spaude

27 March 2019

I think I'm in love with Climb On! products. The Creme sooths my dry skin, feels and smells delightful. I use the creme and the bar to massage a scar I have from surgery last summer & it definitely helps ease the ache.


Roselyn Johnson

27 March 2019

I've used the Ridiculous spray and am just recently trying out the Cross Fix Muscle Rub. Extraordinary products both of them! Relieves pain from my torn rotator cuff as well as tendonitis in my thumb. Good for back aches, you name it, these work. Results are lasting AND they both smell really good. The lip balm is also good - I need to stock up for winter. Looking forward to trying some more Climb On products. More...


Julie Peer

27 March 2019

This INCREDIBLE product line must NOT just be reserved / used just for climbers anymore! It has healed everything I've used it on - on ME, so I know first hand. it is now a staple in my household & is used as a beauty product to a first aid! I just LOVE the Mini Tube as I don't tote purses, it fits in my lil pocket just fine! Makes a rocking lip balm too & last longer than any lip balms do! Thank you folks for making such a wonderful healing product - I am going to post my story of it healing me on ur Fbk page with a pic of proof! EVERYONE get this product ASAP More...


Kent Withers

27 March 2019

I have been using the Climb On adventure bar for years after stumbling upon it at my local REI.There was one small box of it that caught my eye when I went in for some 5mm cord for Prussiks. I had a feeling that it was a test to see how well it would sell. I don't know if REI sells it as I purchase it directly.

I like the thick waxy viscosity because it stays in place much longer than a hand cream. By keeping the skin soft around a laceration or abrasion, it promotes faster healing. My motto for it would be: "Put it on and forget about it."

I use it for cracks in my heels (apply at bedtime), splits between my toes, when my finger tips split, and for abrasions (rock rash: think what happens when an elbow jam or fist jam fails and you leave a bit of your skin behind).

Sure, it's cool to go back to school or to work with some obvious rock rash. You get to tell everyone how it happened. But you do want that to heal quickly for you next upside down whipper.

It comes in a metal container with a lid that slides off and then back on. So it's not going to explode like a toothpaste sort of tube if you sit on it on a belay ledge.

Another great use for it is when you get ancient and your skin becomes more fragile. I'm 2 months short of 75. Seems I'm always scratched and bleeding from something stupid I did at the ranch, in my shop, or around the house. I keep it in the truck, in my shop, bedside table, etc.

The sample sizes are a perfect fit for your pocket, you won't even know that they're there. When you place an order, if you request a couple of sample sizes, they will probably include them. I encourage them to sell the sample sizes because of their pocket compatibility.

And finally, the Climb On adventure bar passed the cat smell test. "What?" you say! My picky cat Qweek hates the smell of many hand creams and won't come near me if I use one. On the other hand [ literally and figuratively ;-) ] he has no problem with Climb On.

Just so you know, I don't work for Climb On and they didn't pay me to write this review.
Kent (aka The High Altitude Wanderer). Some of you are carrying my card in your pockets or wallets. Be careful up there.

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