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Alina B.

31 August 2019

The (pork) ribs are simply fantastic. Fall-of-the bone and full of flavor. The place itself is a whole-in-the-wall with not much seating space (I suspect this was a former Little Ceasar's building that got renovated), so you probably should do a take out. But oh my goodness the food is good! Well worth a trip. More...


Jamie S.

31 August 2019

The food was amazing! I ordered two party trays and extra brisket which was a perfect amount for my group. The baked beans and coleslaw were very good. It was so easy when I went to pick up the day of the event. The food was packed very nice and secure for the drive home and they helped load in my car. I would definitely recommend this place! The spicy bbq sauce was everyone's favorite. More...


Nicolas N.

13 August 2019

My favorite bbq joint is open!! Talked to Wowo himself today 8/13/2019. Call first cause they just might be open. He said for sure on the weekends.rib tip dinner is my favorite but the tri meat combo is the best. Hope you find this helpful, More...


Cyrus I.

30 July 2019

Some good old fashioned American BBQ done right. These guys hook it up, nuff said.. (also best cornbread and collard greens I've had in a minute.)


Jesse R.

26 July 2019

I still love u guys but wtf man its bin already twice I bin there on a Friday after 2pm it says on Yelp u open but when I came by both times no u were closed wats going on I'm a loyal customer just want to know wtf is going on bro I'm hungry for that bomb ass bbq bro


Shannan Lyn

28 January 2019

best bbq around, delicious!!!


Dwayn Hall

25 July 2018

A must if you love BBQ. The tri tip so smoky and tender melts in your mouth and the macaroni & cheese good for your soul.


James Whaley

25 July 2018

If you like barbecue this is definitely the place to go.. if you like spicy sauce,, get their hot spicy barbecue sauce.. it is out of this world


Loretta Acosta

25 July 2018

Omg this was smoking HOT we really enjoyed. Will definitely be going there again. Looking forward to try the peach cobbler and the fried chicken and waffles. The ribs and chicken and baked beans and colored greens were bomb. They get an A More...


Scott A. Schamber

25 July 2018

Had brisket and ribs beans slaw. Nothing phenomenal have had a lot better BBQ. Brisket over cooked ribs no flavor beans canned slaw weird taste I must admit that I am a tough critic as I used to be a chef so I know the food game .... got to try once.... one and done.


Sharon Guzman

25 July 2018

The best bbq in Whittier, the food is on another level, can’t wait to go again.


Kimberly Harpham Saucedo

5 July 2018

Wowo’s is the best BBQ you will ever have! Love all the staff!!! I use them for all my catering events!!!


Sandra De La Rosa

27 May 2018

Brisket is excellent ! Green ‘s and Mac and cheese is very good .


Delfino Perez

7 May 2018

Came here from a recommendation and I must saying the last two day I've been here they're yams and BBQ baked beans and they're ribs are so bomb I can't wait to try more of their menu goes to tell you I will be back


Yvette Buettgen Campeau

25 February 2018

Brisket, chicken and ribs so tender, tasty and juicy.


June Chenger

19 February 2018

First visit for me and it was everything I hoped for. Workers were friendly. Prices pretty pricey but I'd go back again


Sally M.

19 February 2018

Happy friendly atmosphere and owners. Food is always cooked perfectly with that home cooked feel and taste!


Todd Metzmeier

11 July 2017

The food was outstanding but I thought it was going to be a sit down restaurant , drove all the way from Marango casino to Whittier to taste the most delicious barbecue I've ever had well worth the trip going back soon


Erika Hernandez

9 July 2017

I no longer have to wait for the L.A. & Orange County Fair to have a good pulled pork sandwich cuz the best BBQ is in my own neighborhood. Wowo's BBQ is the best. Next time will try the spicy sauce. Collard greens were very tasty. Love this place! More...


Rochelle Renée

7 May 2017

Everything was delicious and on point! Will definitely return soon!


Dana Patterson

6 May 2017

Wowo's is the best I love it.... food is excellent big shout out to Womack and his staff!


Patricia Becerra

1 May 2017

Awesome place we walked straight from church the food was delish and service was womderful!


Jennifer Niren

20 March 2017

Really enjoyed it! The ribs were tender and the sauce was perfectly spiced. Will definitely eat here again.


K Eric Z. Perry

12 March 2017

I ran into this place by accident and I've fallen in love. I haven't had BBQ like this in almost a decade. The greens and the peach cobbler made me almost stomp a hole in the floor


Brian LA Compton

11 March 2017

Great food, Nice owner and good customer service. Great place to grab a bite to eat if you in the Whittier area...


Frank Rodriguez

7 March 2017

Great spot for lunch or dinner. I highly recommend !


Russell Cabbage Davis

25 February 2017

Very very good... I didn't know what to expect but daamn!!!


Erica Cano

15 December 2016

We had their BBQ today at work! AMAZING!!! Mac�


Aaron Wilson

26 November 2016

Bomb!!!!!! Falling off the BONE!!!! ���� Hands down nothing better!!!!


Ricardo Vargas

25 November 2016

Great food, great people, and great customer service. Can't get any better then that.


Carol Aguilera

18 November 2016

First time hear. Got a slab ribs my bf loved it . Cant wait to come back. Gonna try the chicken and sides. We need place like this in Whittier


James Jackson

8 November 2016

I will get out there this week. I'm proud of you Homey. It's all good Grrr.


David Perschbacher

8 November 2016

Best pulled pork and baked beans I've had in years.


Vicky Bañuelos

6 November 2016

Food is absolutely delicious, not expensive at all and the employees are all so nice!!!


Mike Flores

23 October 2016

Awesome BBQ. So Glad We Found This Place. It Is Now Our Go To Place For BBQ.. Every other place will never match up.


Guera Morris

20 October 2016

It is the bestest smoking hot BBQ IN WHITTIER....tried almost everything now. I will keep going back....resonable give you a lot it is delious. My family and I are definitely "HOOKED". More...


Ildiko Sztraka

17 October 2016

We drove from Los Angeles to Whittier today and we checked Yelp for a good local place to eat . We ordered 2 dinner menu with 3 kinda of meats and 2 sides order to go . We ordered pulled pork, brisket ,chicken and ribs, baked beans . Our order number was # 78. Ribs are blowed me away, then Chicken and beans ...but everything is excellent but somehow the ribs and the chicken and the bean got into my tasting bods. .. The place is very simple and running by a very professional couple. People are just kept coming in . Price are reasonable. Thank you for the great experience and the excellent dinner. Sorry it's no any pictures -but we walked into our home and jumped on the delicious meal right away. We will recommend this great place to our friends, family and business contacts for sure ! God Bless your hard work ! More...


Bryan Chavez

10 October 2016

I sent my lil brother to get me some B.B.Q ribs it's so good I'll definitely send him back for some more!!!!!


Gidget Duarte

22 September 2016

First time here, it was soooo delicious! Will be back! Thanks guys :) WoWo


Lilly Lara

12 September 2016

i tried the sweet and spicy ribs. so good. and really spicy. lots of food, i ate 3 times that day on 1 serving. also like the brisket, pulled pork, links, and bbq chicken is also yummy.


Antoinette Wyldestyle Henderson

6 September 2016

Talk about some ����!! & They're clean and courteous!! I'll definitely be back!!!!


Michelle Esposito-Ortega

21 August 2016

Best food ever and great customer service. Great prices!


Melissa Torres

4 July 2016

Ordered the BBQ 4th of July small party tray and it was DELICIOUS! It fed 9 people...with leftovers. Will definitely be back for more


Louie Guerrero

11 April 2016

One of the best bbq ,I've had in long time, everything is great , you get a double gift , my brother WOMACK IS such an awesome person lots of love and respect ;)


Angel Brown Carrasco

1 April 2016

I went in this evening to check it out... Everything was delicious... Reminded me of eating barbque when visiting my mom in LittleRock, AR...I'm sure the cooking here is influenced by the South... Thank you for bringing some good barbque to Whittier!!! More...


Sheila Wright

17 March 2016

The food is delicious!!! I will definitely spread the word. May God continue to Bless you!!!


Al Arevalos

2 March 2016

Mac & cheese, greens and ribs good stuff ... Loved it


Billie Hudgins

10 February 2016

Awesomeness! Tenderjuicy ribs, wish I could send some to heaven.


Camella Carpenter

8 February 2016

Im in love with this place so much Wo got some of the moist meat eva.


Norma Velasquez

1 February 2016

It's by far the best ribs! The potato salad, and beans were absolutely delicious. Wish I had some now!! I'm expecting to see people lined up to eat there.


Chris Festa

25 January 2016

Great food and a good addition to the Whittier area and the food is beyond exellent.


Desiree Hernandez

22 January 2016

Very authentic...great customer service...delicious food.


Laura Garcia Pickard

11 January 2016

Best homemade bbq around! Down home friendly. The type grandma told you about!


Lily Dale

8 January 2016

Sooo, good went for the first time on Wednesday. Do not regret it at all I got the brisket lunch with Mac and cheese. Deelish. My husband got the pulled pork sandwich,he said it was the best thing ever. They workers were very nice and amicable. Will definitely will be coming here again. More...


Gabriel Hernandez

7 January 2016

Got the small party tray for dinner and at $65 it's a steal. Bomb ribs, bomb links, bomb baked beans, bomb potato salad... Cornbread is good too. Thanks WoWo for coming to Whittier. If u love BBQ and haven't tried it you're missing out. Lucille's who More...


Melissa M. Lizarraga

29 December 2015

I'm gaining weight solely bc of their Mac n Cheese..... #deathbycheese


Albert Atilano

27 December 2015

Just had thee best St. Louis spiced barbeque pork ribs since I was in Texas! I never thought I would find smoked barbeque ribs like this here in California. If you like smoked barbeque this is the place! Blows Chris n Pitts and Lucille's out of the water!!!!! Place is called WoWo's Smokin' Hot BBQ in Whittier More...


Dianna Penrod Mullen

21 December 2015

I was here for the first time today the barbecue sauce is great, loved the baked beans & the brisket was awesome. Will be back for sure


Lysa Marie

7 December 2015

We came All the way from Memphis ..... The BBQ capital.... But this food --- oh my!!!! So tender...the sauce is seasoned perfectly. The meat melts in your mouth.... Don't forget the Koolaid! More...


Leticia Avina Moreno

22 October 2015

Wowo's is amazingly delicious! The flavors are unique and the staff is so friendly.


Son Ly

17 October 2015

Saw this place while driving home last week so decided to stop today. So glad I did cause the BBQ is on point! Ordered a full rack of St. Louis ribs, 2hot links, tri tip dinner and pulled pork sandwich for just me and my wife(wayyyy too much food) but wanted to try as much as possible. Everything was legit! Can't wait to go back in Sunday for the yams. More...


Katrina Huertero

22 September 2015

Best bbq I've ever had so delicious and workers are always so friendly definitely my new bbq spot!


Lawrence Woods

10 September 2015

I was there for the first time today. ..and I must say. ...The food is to die for. ...I'm from St. Louis. Mo. Whare the best ribs are cooked. ..this place is there with the best. .going back Saturday, More...


Ruben Hurtado

8 September 2015

They are the best ribs and there secret sauce I give them high five for bringing wowo's smoking hot to whittier


Kim Williams

4 September 2015

Came back for the brisket, greens and mac n cheese......AWESOME! Great job WOWO's :)


Dan Castorena

22 August 2015

We really like the BBQ here, Tam said it's way better then Lucilles!


Jodi Frankenbach

22 August 2015

If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out. If you live in the Whittier area and have had to drive long distances to find decent bbq, you have now won the jackpot, because you have a top quality bbq joint in your own back yard. Others will now be driving long distances to get here. Great flavors, great quality, and on top of all that, great service! More...


Matt Bradley

17 August 2015

Some absolutely amazing food... Great service we went in just before closing and they took care of all 5 of us..... Huge portions of food completely satisfied...matt bradley , and #skyvapor #deadliestcatch More...


Nachaka Davenport

10 August 2015

My hubby recently went there for some take out. I must say the food was really good, I pray they stay in business for a very long time.


Steve Zaragoza

10 July 2015

HANDS DOWN BEST BBQ RIBS I'VE EVER HAD!!!! If you're ever in the area you guys definitely have to stop by!!!! Their food is the real deal


Kelly Parker

13 June 2015

Delicious bbq! And great service. We came in with a group of 8 and Wowo not only got our food out quickly, he made sure we all had a seat and were taken care of. I'll definitely be back.


Lauren Victoria Kaplan

12 June 2015

Seriously can't wait to come back here. Amazing food, equally amazing service and overall a great time. Loved it!


Dolores Quintero

7 June 2015

Willmac, I want to thank for a fabulous meal and mama's peach cobber excellent bbq and potatoes salad thumbs up,we will see you again and again!:-)


Rj Rodriguez

27 May 2015

Best BBQ ever! the meat is smoked perfectly & the sauce is so awesome!!


Nancy Estrada

23 May 2015

Loved your peach cobbler. Delish. I'll be coming over. Good thing you guys are across the street. :)


SikOne ForEvr

14 May 2015

Deeeelicious!!! I'm so glad you guys are finally open, I gotta say the home made mac n cheese n potato salad are on point and your ribs OMG the meat literally fell off the bone I didn't have to have a tug of war with it lol oh and your rib tips Mmmmmm meaty and delicious with a tasty bbq sauce, you will definitely find me there every week, can't wait to try everything else on your menu.. Thank you wowos for an amazing dinner More...


Marin-Hernandez Bertha

30 April 2015

Love, love your food! Congratulations on your new place!,


Jerry Ramos

10 April 2015

Just had the brisket sandwich today did not disappoint. Everything I thought it maybe it was tender,hot and good to the tee...


Lupita Munguia Rodriguez

26 March 2015

We were driving eastbound on Valley Blvd in La Puente, once we smelled the delicious smokin smell we did a U-turn and enjoyed some BBQ Ribs and brisket and chicken. Soo good!


Rebecca Chavez

20 March 2015

One of the most delicious BBQ foods in a long time...Thank you guys, keep up the good work!


Jema Herrera

12 February 2015

Definitely coming back Friday night! !! I'm so glad we just happened to drive by & actually stop & try it☆☆☆☆☆


Angela Robinson

7 February 2015

I love everything, peach cobbler, the ribs, chicken..it's all delicious


Ruby Ballesteros

8 January 2015

We are going back again tomorrow! Ribs so tender, sauce hits the spot! Bake beans, going k try brisket!


Monique Flores

7 November 2014

Thank you for a great lunch and delish 7Up pound cake


Jennifer Delgado

4 October 2014

Did a great job on those turkey legs for that target event you did for us.


YvonneandHugo Correa

7 August 2014

I attended an event catered by Him. Omg I have seriously never had better BBQ. Amazing tender brisket and ribs. You need to open a restaurants ASAP


Jose 'Largo' Martinez

1 June 2014

This place is the bomb! The rib tips are amazing best barbecue iv tasted best in Whittier


Sanford Frances Springs

24 May 2014

Unbelievably delicious!


George Salazar

21 December 2013

Tri-tip is amazing....


Denisse Motts

7 January 2013


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