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9 August 2019

We had a great experience with Vani and the team at Workshop No5. They were quick to respond from the initial discussion since we were on a very tight timeline. Vani and the team assembled a few options, allowed us to react and then were able to progress our input into a final output. Additionally, what I loved most was being able to see the CAD/3D views drawings which allowed us really see our designs come to life. I highly recommend Workshop No5 if you want to get modern designs but a boutique feel firm that won't break the bank. More...

8 May 2019

Vani designed my uncle's place, and I am blown away each time I see it.

8 January 2019

Vani (Bhavani Singal) & Sarah Wigfield, the architects at Workshop No. 5 have been amazing to work with. I was afraid to build a home, thinking it would cause a great deal of stress and take up too much time. I work full-time and envisioned building a home from the ground up to be another full-time job (time I don't have). We are in the process of building a modern home and are having a great time doing it! I have worked with Vani the most and she has been receptive to my input, listening to my visions and working to bring bring them to fruition. We have easy conversations when changes are desired and I am so excited to see the final outcome. The ladies at Workshop No. 5 will make you feel like you are their only client and your home is just as much a priority to them as it is to you. Have fun building! More...

8 January 2019

We found Bhavani Singal to be very responsive to our vision for our new home. She is a delightful person as well as extremely patient and understanding of our needs. Her designer, Sarah Wigfield, has been very helpful and a great listener. Together, Vani and Sarah been fantastic to work with! More...

20 December 2018

I am so happy that I was referred to Vani and Sarah at Workshop No. 5.

I am building a modern home on a lot in Central Austin, where numerous restrictions and rules are in place. During our initial meeting, Vani went over the details of the lot and the framework that we needed to stay within, from a code/permitting standpoint. At the subsequent meeting, Vani presented an initial design. During the next several meetings, the design was updated until we came up with the perfect design!

Vani was easy to get in touch with and always available to answer questions, no matter how small or big the question was. One thing comes to mind in particular: Toward the later stages of the design process, I asked her to consider a major change in the second floor of the house. She did not get frustrated with the request. Rather, she and Sarah took the time to make the changes in a thoughtful and substantive way.

I recommend them with the highest regard, and I am sure you will enjoy working with them as much as I do.

13 December 2018

We found Bhavani Singal to be very responsive to our vision for our new home. She is a delightful person as well as extremely patient and understanding of our needs. Her designer, Sarah Wigfield, has been very helpful and a great listener. Together, Vani and Sarah have been fantastic to work with! More...

20 July 2018

Workshop No.5 has been a blessing to my remodel project. My project is an older home with sentimental value, so I was nervous about hiring a team willing to stick with me through the process.
Vani and Sarah are knowledgeable, attentive, receptive, and a joy to work with. I’m so proud to have a dedicated dream team!

11 April 2018

We collaborated with Vani and her team on several new construction homes in the Crestview neighborhood of Austin. Vani presented creative and thoughtful ideas throughout every stage of the design process and the result was flawless. It was great working with such a professional who can meet tight deadlines without compromising quality! We would love the opportunity to work with Workshop No 5 again. More...

27 March 2018

Workshop No. 5 has been incredibly helpful though our remodel. Every one I have worked with has been extremely professional. They have been wonderful at listening to our wants and needs and incorporating them into our design. I would recommend Workshop No. 5 to my closest friends. More...

7 March 2018

We have worked with Workshop No. 5 for over a year now, and they have been nothing short of stellar. They have an outstanding understanding of architecture, design, and the importance of quality and attention to detail. Apart from being great architects and designers, they are also kind, patient, and incredibly easy to work with. Anyone with experience in this business knows that a good team is essential to the success of any project, and in Workshop No.5 we have found an exceptional partner. We very much look forward to working together for many years to come! More...

4 January 2018

My wife and I hired Vani to help us with designing the remodel/addition to our home in the Rosedale neighborhood in Austin, TX. We enjoyed every aspect of her work. She took the time to get to know us, our needs, and our lifestyle and fed all she learned into her design. The result was stylish, well-thought out, and more importantly, on budget! Another added bonus is her knowledge of building codes, construction costs, and the permitting process, which was essential in getting our design approved by the city in a timely manner!. Her calm, patient, and pleasant demeanor coupled with her strong empathy, obvious experience, and knowledge of 'the process' put us at ease knowing we had a trusted partner in making our dream a reality. We could not be more pleased with the work we received from her and her team. More...

4 January 2018

I am so grateful to have found Workshop No. 5. Vani Singal has been awesome to work with throughout the project. She made us feel comfortable and was very knowledgeable about city codes. Our project includes a master bedroom and laundry room addition, as well as giving our older home a little makeover. Her design and expertise has made us very excited about what our home will become. I definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. More...

21 November 2017

Vani and team worked with us on plans for our home remodel and they were a pleasure to work with. We were very uneducated in all of the needs for permitting as it was our first remodel and they were very patient and detail-oriented with everything we needed delivered in timely manner. Highly recommended!

9 November 2017

Vani has been absolutely instrumental in helping us with our whole house remodel project. Our family purchased a fixer upper on S. 1st and she has helped illustrate the vision we have for our home. Additionally, she has gone above and beyond in guiding us through the thick and treacherous permit application process; being there every step of the way. Even walking our plans in to ensure safe delivery as opposed to a quick and easy email submission. Her knowledge, expertise, and talent have helped make our dream home come true. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a talented visionary, with the discipline for details, to help their dream home come true as well. Thank you, Vani! More...

23 September 2017

Vani and her team were wonderful to work with. They got our vision and provided us with a design that satisfied our desires 100%. An absolute pleasure to work with. She is very communicative and responsive, always on schedule and delivered within budget. Highly recommend Worshop No5. More...

6 September 2017

Bhavani has been fabulous to work with and her design for my business, Holcomb Counseling & Yoga, is outstanding. She really took the time to understand me personally and my vision for the company and also to ensure she is following city code. She exceeded my expectations with how kind she has been and the depth of thought that went into her design. I can't wait to make the design come to life. More...

31 July 2017

Workshop No.5 is design lead for our upcoming venture to transform the culture of health care, Karisha Community: Bridging Food, Medicine, and Health, for All. Bhavani Singal is kind easy to work with; highly skilled, creative and competent in her field; but why we chose her is because she puts her heart into her work. It was important for us to select an architect who can truly become a part of our team to bring our vision to fruition. I would highly recommend Workshop No.5 to anyone seeking great design and consultants they will love to work with. More...

8 June 2017

When we set out to build a custom home on our lot, we had a lot of scattered likes and dislikes, but no solid plan for what we wanted. Vani from Workshop No5 spent time getting to know our our preferences and our building site and designed a home that suits both us and the lot perfectly.As we worked through options, Vani tweaked the plans until they were perfect for us. Our home is truly one of a kind - designed specifically for us and our lifestyle--we absolutely love it. More...

2 March 2017

We are home builders in Austin, Texas and have collaborated with Vani and Workshop No. 5 in both spec and custom homes. Her vast knowledge of city building codes and regulations combined with an incredible eye for spacial relationships, functionality, and thoughtful, creative design are invaluable. She is committed to the highest level of service and complete satisfaction, aiming to make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. We recommend Workshop No. 5 for any architectural design needs! More...

29 October 2016

We have LOVED working with Vani and Workshop No. 5! Her attention to detail, thoroughness, and creativity are beyond compare. She listens to the needs and desires of the client and is able to incorporate their wishes into a thoughtfully designed, functional and beautiful home. We look forward to working on many more projects together in the future! More...

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